Sunday, August 9, 2009

Canada, My Canada...

Yes! I'm in Canada! Well to be exact i'm at my grandpa's house on his crazy nice MAC because coming home i have learned i clearly don't update my blog enough! I arrived here on Wednesday around 330pm and got picked up by my Mum, Dad, Sister Carrie, Uncle Sean and cousin Arek. It was a shock to see so many people there, and after travelling about 10 hours i was kind of tired and out of it. Then we drove over to my grandparents house where i surprised my Aunties/cousins!!! I somewhat live with them when i'm at school in ontario and we're super close and they had no idea i was coming so it was really fun to see their shocked expressions! We all hung out and had a big dinner. Then i went home and got to see my puppies! It was so nice to see the house and sleep in my own bed. The more i sleep in a real bed the more i'm tempted to buy one in florida. haha. we'lll seeeee. Thursday we tanned by the pool, swam and generally just hung out. it was good times! Friday we got some things done like going to the bank, and getting everything ready for the reunion the next day! Oh i got to see my friend carly thrusday as well and then Friday i saw Jaquelyn on break at MudSharks so that was exciting tooo!!! I didn't really tell many people i was coming home, mainly because i wanted to see my family and all the relatives that were visiting and kinda lay low. Saturday we went tot eh farmer's market in the morning, which is always so much fun. I loveee the market! Such a great vibe. Then we came back and got ready for the big BBQ. We had all the family that travelled in, plus all the family from the valley for a huge dinnner outdoors. There was soooooo much foood and drinks and it was fun. It was really nice having everyone together:) Once most of the guests left carebear, kimmers, mummm and i played scattegories (so much fun!) and the felllas drank outside listening to tuness. Being here has made me realize how im never really around adults anymore, and even though i have a tendency to misplacing things, i've become a lot more independent and in charge of my own life. which is goood i'm thinking. haha. Today we had a huge brunch at grandma and grandpa's which brings me to now. Auntie Barb and John left to head back down island and Kimmy and Gareth have to leave later as well. Tomorrow i'm spending most of the day with different friends, tuesday a mix of family, friends and getting things together, and wednesday i head back to vancouver to hang out with Amy! perhaps Lara, and then Kimmy and Gar for dinner and the airport! Visiting home is definately wierd, but also fantastic.
Thinking back to where i left off with work, things have gotten better. We're still working crazy amounts of days and MIDs, but people seem to be getting better at helping out and being kind. There are some great new people arriving and i'm getting to know the ones that arrived in the last month or so a lot better. It's hard to get to know all the new people when you're a server because you don't really get to spend time with them at work and then there isn't that much time outside of work to do things. So it took a bit longer but i love them! My roommmate Patricia left on wednesday and i just found out that my friend Courtney is moving in! She's from Barrie, Ontario, is underage like meeee, and also a vegetarian like me! Seems like things could go pretty well:)
I'll be sad to leave home, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of florida life. I know in like a week i'll be missing my family again! Loveeeeeeee u guys:)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much to sayyy

Well all i've really been doing is serving, serving and serving. I work all the time and it's kind of frustrating sometimes because the morale isn't the best at the restuarant. It's been a bit better lately except one certain person, but people don't really help each other as much as they should. Also i had a bunch of money stolen from work, which is my fault for having it there, but still sucks. I guess that was the small town girl coming out, trusting people. Anyways i have now bought a really big lock. I'm really really excited for a upcoming trip though!!!! I have 6 MIDs, 2 1015s and a PM and then i get to go!! I'm not really sure what else to talk about, i've been pretty sick lately, i have the worst cough that won't go away for the life of me. Because of that i've been taking it easy lately, not really going out much and trying to take care of my health. We had a really fun Christmas in July gathering last night though that my husband Craig and sister Kelly put on with their friend Emily. It was fun but made me sad about what real christmas will be like. It'll be tough being away from my family and our traditions and all the little things we usually do together. But we'll make the best of it here. I'll probably work. haha. Anyways, that's all i really have, i went and watched the beauty and the beast musical the other day and the indiana stunt show then it was alyssa's last day so i went and met her jaime and jadrian at magic kingdom and we rode big thunder mountain (my fav!), pirates and then went to the Polynesian resort and had dinner at Kona Cafe. After dinner we watched the magic kingdom fireworks, Wishes, on the beach at the resort with the music playing. It was really nice. Alyssa is from Qualicum Beach, and is an amazing girl i'm really going to miss. From the very start we kind of had this island connection and got along so well. I'm hoping i'll get to see her when i get back to Canada.
I'm off to downtown disney for dinner and a movie and a wee bit of you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Canada Day! plus...

Happy Canada Day!!!!
So it was probably my favourite Canada day ever, which we all thought was kind of funny as we were celebrating in the States, although that could have added a lot to it. It was so cool being with Canadians from all over the country celebrating how much we love our country in another country. It made me feel really close to everyone. So in the morning we started off with pancakes and mimosas (for those of age) at Julie and Alyssa's apartment! It was so much fun and really got everyone in the spirit!! Then we caught the bus/a cab to Epcot and started our journey around the world in Canada. We watched the movie and then had Mercedes and Cherish's sing out at the restuarant.

Then Julia and i had dinner at Le Cellier, aka work, and were served by Spencer, Julia's boyfriend/a super cool baller. Both Julia and Spencer have been unreal to me since i started serving and help me out alot/give me pep talks haha. Julia had the filet and i had spinach gatinee with plain elbow pasta and mixed them together - yum! Then Ju went hom eand i joined up with all the other Canadians who had been drinking around the world. After hanging out in Mexico for a bit some of us went back to Canada to watch Chris' last speil in the attraction. Chris is this super brilliant, really great guy who is leaving early to go to university (western! yike! haha. i look past that) and it's sd because he's such an important part of our pavilion. He did the I Am Canadian speil outside the theatre and then this incredible speil inside. For attractions they can say anything they want in there last speil and Chris was no let down.

He said some really important things, plus a lot of things you wish you could say to guests everyday but definately can't lol. It was fantastic. Next we caught the end of Off Kilter (the canadian celtic rock band) and caught up with the rest of the Canadians. We caught a bus/cab home and later went out to Sun on the Beach. There was a hilarious michael jackson competition between presidents of the different countries drinking teams and Michelle, Canada's president, won!! Exciting! She gets to have a VIP party sometime or something. haha. It was just a really fun day with some incredible people. Oh! and we met up with a lot of Canadians that work in other parks (on the International college program) and one of them was this guy Kyle that i went to Queen's with and he lived 2 floors down from me in first year!! It was so crazy running into him and then realizing who he was and how i knew hiM! it was awesome!!!
Since then I've worked a couple more AM shifts and have made no money! It's really frusterating going in there, working hard and then coming out with nothing! I'm going to trya dn work a bit more, pick up some PM shifts (if they'll let me become mids, they're trying to not have as many) and hopefully start saving some real money.

Yesterday, July 4th (America's Independence Day), i worked an AM. When i got off, with Chantal and Heather, we went home, changed (well i fell asleep on Heather's couch for a bit) and then we came back to the park with Ashley brown. We went to Morrocco then ate at work - again! We had Lindsay and it was her first day! At 10 we went out to watch the fireworks. They had Illuminations like normal,and then a special American fireworks show. It was the first time i've really stood and watched Illuminations while i've been here (besides half watching while working popcorn/seeing parts of it canada day) and it made me really homesick and miss my Mum a lot. She's in love with fireworks so whenever i watch them i think of her anyways, but Illuminations is all about coming together and how even though we're from all different places and speak all different languages and believe different things and think differently we are all one in the end, and share one earth. It makes me emotional haha. I loveee it.
But I am definately feeling the distance from the Family right now. Gareth's mum is visiting from England meeting the family and I just wish so much that i could be there too. I miss the famiy afternoons by the pool swimming laughing and having a good time together. I'm so glad I'm here, and I love it here, but I definately miss my family. I love you guys!!
Anyways, tomorrow I work in the morning then have to try and find an outfit for girls. It's 80's neon which isn't the easiest, but it'll make me think. I'll let you all know if i come up with something good!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Soooo I had service training last week. During training you work an AM, then 2 PMs then a last AM and during that AM you have an assessment. So my first day of training i had Mariah as my trainer. We got there for 915 and started did folders. For all training except food running you have to do folders reviewing what you've learned and such. The frist day Mariah did all the greeting of tables and i just helped bring drinks out, bus, watched how the computers worked, all those type of things. We were training in Nova Scotia. The second day I had Mariah as well and this time I had to have my own table the whole night! We were in Ontario and I was suppose to have a 4 top and a 2 top, but they kept making the whole middle section a 10 top so i only had the one table. I was soooo nervous, I tried to make Mariah greet at least the first one then i would go, but she said no dice and made me do it all. I was so nervous and sped through my greeting spiel. But as the night went things got a lot easier and less freaky and i even kind of enjoyed a few of the people. Mariah helped me plug everything into the computers and held my papers until it was time to bank out. The next morning I was with Emily in Saskatchewan. Sask. is two 4 tops and a 6 top. I was in charge of the 6 top and one of the 4s, until they turned the two 4s into a 7 and i had the whole section! The day went pretty well and Emily helped me out a lot. The next morning i was so sooo nervous for. It was not only my assessment day, i had to have my whole own section, but i was also training with Lauren. Lauren is a perminent server who is married to Jason (Jay) one of our expeditors. She is very to the point and some may say at times, harsh. So I got to work extra early to make sure there was no way i could be late. When i got there Lauren was on the phone a lot as was Jay and it turns out he had dropped his wallet the night before so they were trying to freeze all their banking. Lauren also had to train me, and open the whole restuarant at the same time. Then someone called in so Lauren had my section, plus a whole other 4 table section! Then for my assessment it started off as one manager, Janice, then 2 chefs came, then our area manager kept coming around, then our other manager, it was freaky! Overall it went okay and i passed!!!! Lauren was incredible and i really appreciated everything she did for me. She pushed me to be beyond perfect so that every day afterwards would be so much easier. I have so so much respect for her. So i became a server! That day a food runner also called in, so they extended me to food run that afternoon. Friday i had off, but can't actually remember what i did! yikes! haha. I'm sure it was something good... anyways then Saturday i had to food run again because of people on vacation etc. Sooo Sunday was my first service shift! Greg was otherwise occupied (in key west) so we had traded shifts so i was a mid, meaning i work all day! It was really stressful and people were mainly really helpful and great. However there was one server who works here all the time that is so full of himself and things he runs the place that wasn't so friendly. It's really frusterating when people who could do their job in their sleep won't be nice or even empathetic to someone who is brand new and freaking out and then talks about team spirit. Anyways, everyone else was fantastic and really I can't do anything about this guy so i just try to stay far away from him and not let him get under my skin. The next day i was only suppose to be an AM, but not extended to work all day. It went alright but i felt like my section was empty alot. Each day gets litle easier and goes a little smoother. Tuesday went really well and i felt good about it and today was good too. I was a PM in Northwest Territories. I had some good tables that were interesting to talk to.
Wednesday was Canada Day and was sooo much fun! i actually took my camera out for once so i have pictures! i'll update all about my adventures yesterday soon. I'm now working until next wednesday and then i have 2 days off and am staying at Coronado Springs with Michelle and Ashley!!!! I'm sooo excited!!! Tomorrow I'm a 1015 though, so i should get to sleep.
love you family, miss you lots!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Bad!

So food running makes you crazy. You work all day, get crazy tired, then try to have a life as well, and pretty much end up not being able to talk to anyone or get anything done that you need to! I moved in with my french-canadian friend Patricia a while ago and still haven't unpacked because i've been working or visiting with Mum and Carrie or trying to have some fun with friends! Things have been going pretty great. I've gotten so crazy behind I'm going to shorten things, but here goes.
So Carrie and Mum came to visit the same week I started food running. Food running you work about 10 hours a day constantly running entrees, desserts, apps, drinks, bread, spoons, bussing tables, setting them, putting bread in and out of the ovens, putting away dishes and doing anything else asked by a server or cook or manager. It was a bit stressful at first trying to "carrie" (hehe) the big dinner plates but by the second or third table it's all good. I've never dropped anything yet and only delivered one kids fruit salad to the wrong table. My bad! I think it's been going pretty well besides that. I have to be honest and say the best part of food running is definately the money. In one day you make more than you would in a whole week on podium/popcorn so it makes the tired feet, stressful guests and angry servers nearly worth it.
Carrie and Mum's visit was amazing! It was so great to be able to get a mini vacation from the Commons and get to hang out with the family! Unfortunately i worked a bunch of the days they were here, but we still got time in the mornings and evenings, and my friends and managers helped out and got me an extra day and a half off to spend with them! We ate a character breakfast at Crystal Palace with Whinnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, but unfortunately we were sat half and hour past our reservation time and only got to eat for 30 minutes. Good food though! We also got to eat at work, which i really wanted, because I wanted Mum and Carrie to see where i was everyday and i got to point out who a lot of people were so they could put names to faces! I know i talk about people a lot with just there names, but it'd be so hard to try to explain everyone. sorry!!! It was so hard each morning hanging out with mum and carebear for a short time and then having to leave them to go to work. Mum also got really sick while she was down here, but man, what a trooper! She did so much with us anyways and was amazing! We went to Cirque de Soleil's La Nouba and it was unbelieveably amazing! They are such talented people and i can't wait to go again sometime. it's really good! everyone should go! We also ventured to SeaWorld one day and Carrie and I rode Manta! Sooooo good! it's a rollercoaster that you go face down in and is so much fun! The next day we did Universal Studios and islands of Adventure! We only got to ride the mummy once but it's definately my favourite ride there.
All in all their trip here was amazing and I'm so sooo glad they came! I love both so much and it's hard not knowing when you'll see the people who matter the most to you. All the rest of my family - i miss you sooo mmuch!
Since then i've just been food running like crazy. I've had a couple pretty amazing days off including mini golf, shopping, dining in the UK pavilion, general hanging out and craziness!
I'm sorry this update is sooo bad and quick. I say it all the time but I really feel like i'll have a bit more time to actually update now. Today I unpacked most of my things finally, went to walmart with Jessica and am trying to make the apartment not look like a train wreck. It's crazy hot out so i might go swimming in a bit too.
Thats all for now:) Sorry again and I'll try!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

This is what DisneyWorld is all About

So I had four days off, a back to back that I hadnt requested so i was a bit worried about what I was going to do with all this time off. However this weekend turned out to be some of the best times i've had here. Let's start with Friday..

Friday morning I woke up absurdly early and went to Breakfast at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom with David, Rebecca, Heather, Cale, Lindsay and Chantal. It's themed beautifully and was a character buffet! So not only was the company great, the food was great and we got to meet Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald..all dressed up in safari gear!! It was fantastic! Then some people had to go to work and the rest of us rode the safari. We saw so many animals including not only the guy lion, but the female too! and monkeys!! Then we did dinosaur and david, chantal and rebecca went in it's tough to be a bug. I can't deal with that show, i hate it and won't do it haha. then as we were leaving for hollywood it started to downpour!!! It rained so soo hard! we were totally drenched. Driving there were huge puddles that went up the side of the car and it was freaky! and the thunder! oh my goodness! the thunder is so loud and scary sometimes. We got to hollywood studios, totally soaking, and went to the American Idol Experience. Rebecca and David had signed up for it and Chantal and I were allowed to go with them. it was actually way cooler than i thought. We toured all the back areas, we were on stage singing, met some cool people, heard some crazy back stage real american idol news. I don't know if i'm not suppose to say what he told us... next we had dinner at Hollywood and Vine then we went on Toy Story Mania which is the most fun ride. I'm getting not bad at it. We drove home, changed, picked up some more people, and 11 of us went bowling! Kind of random but such good times! It was 10 pin which i think is so cool because i only grew up with 5 pin. then some of us met up with other canadians and went to Bahama Breeze! It was a nice atmosphere but the service was awful. Afterwards I went to Ashley's and her meesh and i had a sleeepover. It was such a great day! Saturday I woke up, came home, and hung out with johnny. we had to go to epcot for him to speil the menu because he started service training monday. Then we went to hollywood studios, rode rock n roller coaster in the back row (so good) and tower of terror. We went back to epcot, visited cass and jason in the store, then went and rode living with the land. It's a tour through greenhouses, and really slow! we then did finding nemo and turtle talk with crush, went outside and it guessed it...pouring!!! Crazy pouring! Walking through it it was up to my ankles at some points!!!! We got back to caanda and johnny went home with jason and i went to see michelle until it was dinner time! We had reservations at Beirgarten in Germany! It was Michelle, David, Pierre-Luc, Craig, Kristen, Kelly and I. A good group of people having a fantastic meal (yes i found things to eat in meatland) and when we finished it finally wasn't raining again!!!! I came home, so tired, tired to watch a movie but fell asleep.
Sunday morning i was up early again this time for Breakfast at the Polynesian at Kona Cafe with Heather to celebrate getting into food running! It was really delicious and i was so glad it wasn't a buffet! My puppies name is Kona though, so seeing it everywhere made me miss her! haha. Then i came back to the commons, went shopping for a special item with Michelle, then back to hollywood studios for star wars weekend with heather, rebecca and lindsay! i was pretty skeptical but i twas coo! we saw warwick (i forget his last name) but he's professor flickwick from harry potter and a ewok! it was coool. and this guy ray parks who plays darth maul was doing all these unreal martial (sp?) arts, flipping everywhere and stuff. and he was gorgeous! haha. It was awesome. I slept over at Ashley's again that night with Michelle tooo. Monday Meesh (michelle), Jaime and I went to Panera beard (jason was suppose to come but we couldn't find him!) then when we finally did get a hold of him we went to Epcot for a bit then Magic Kingdom. Jaime then proposed to Michelle in front of the castle, and Jason proposed to me! At first I said no and threw the ring at him, haha, but then he tried again and i said okay! We got just engaged buttons, (todd and alyssa came too!) and we all hung out in the park for a bit riding splash mountain and pirates. Then we hopped the monorail back to Epcot and Alyssa and I had quick service Chinese. It was sooooo yummy! I'm in love with tofu! We went back to the Commons (our housing complex) where we got ready for Girls. The theme was service industry so i dressed as a sheriff, and we partied with the Mexican guys. It was so much fun they were really nice!
That was the end of my days off but it was the most incredible time. When i pictured what it would be like down here, i didn't picture all the drama and crazy things that go on, i pictured days like these ones, in and out of the parks, hanging out with great friends doing crazy fun things:) It made me never want to leave!
Tuesday I worked in the afternoon bussing tables. We were about 200 people over booked int he restaurant because of the new reservation system so it was hectic! But of course we all pulled together and did great.
Wednesday I was pm greeter and got tricked by a lady who said they had missed there reservation and if there was anything i could do her family was going to kill her because she said the wrong time and all these things. that she would wait an hour or more. So i went and asked our assignor Frances and she said fine fine, but give them an hour wait. I did that, and then a few minutes later Frances said they tried to look her up and she never actually had a reservation! I should have looked when i was talking to her in the cleared list, but i never expect people to lie to me! I don't know why. So I told the lady we actually couldn't accommadate her party because they never had a reservation. She was not pleased! But Frances dealt with her:) So if you read this and are looking for a reservation dont lie to us!! We will realize. and most people would have checked when you are suppose to haha.
Thrusday was my last popcorn shift!! I was extra tragic floater meaning i was suppose to work until midnight just helping stock and serve. However it started raining lots and we were off at 9! But then we coudln't find the keys to the cart so we spent an hour trying to get a hold of Nykki who had been on the cart with me earlier and accidentally took home the keys! She realized though and brought them back so it was alllll goood. It wasn't too eventful of a shift but i never have to wear culottes again!
Friday, yesterday, was my last greeter shift! However i moved things around and actually just bussed again all day with David. We were both suppose to be on 11-5, but got extended through dinner until 9. After work i came home and got ready for Julia's a stretch Hummer!! We will first address the environmental issues - yes i felt awful about being in not just a hummer, but a stretch hummer limo thing. however, that's where her birthday was and i have to be a good friend:) hehe. There were 20 of us and it was sooo much fun. the hummer was realllly nice and we drove out to Cocoa Beach and most people went swimming! I didn't get in the water but had a great time at the beach! The ride home i fell asleep - we didn't get back until 4am!
Today is my last seater shift! I'm working 1130 until 830 then perhaps going to Cowboys tonight. It's this country western bar where you can be under age and they have the most insane line dancers!!!! They're soooo goood! I went once a long while ago and tonight is Cheslea's last.
There are some reallly good people leaving soon. When people leave they obviously have to do all the things they love one last time so we try and respect and go to all the lasts that we can. Unfortuantely last night i missed Allie's last bowling! She's such an incredible girl and I love that group of friends sooooo much! It's tough deciding what to do sometimes - there is so much going on!
Mum and Carrie come on Monday and I'm soooo soooo sooo excited! I can't believe i'm going to see them!!!!!! and I start food running tuesday! What a weeek!
I promise pictures this week! tomorrow perhaps? loveeee

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the rain rain rain falls down down down..

So it's been raining like crazyy!!! Yesterday I was on popcorn so i was expecting to get a call telling me not to come in. However it never came as it was wierdly sunny in he morning. I went into work, worked for 20 minutes and then we had to close down...because of rain! We went backstage, folded napkins for a bit and then Christina, our manager, told us to close up the cart for the night. It just so happened to be pouring at this point so we got absolutely drenched!!!! Amanda and I ran around the corner to go back on stage right as a huge lightening struck the building and the kitchen lost power. it was crazy. Although we missed it all because we were getting soaked. So i clocked out about and hour and a half after i got to work which was kind of annoying. I came home hung out with cass, patricia and ashley then went to jaime's with meesh and matt and chelsea and alyssa then to buffalo wild wings with more people. I'd never been, it was alright, they had kareoke which was interesting. Today i work at 330 until 930 then have 4 days off!! It'll be nice. Anyways, just a short update but at least i did one! haha. Mum and Carrie arrive in 11 days! and i go into food running may 31st! yay!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raining & Speiling

Wow, Im' awful at this. I'm so busy! all the time Busy busy busy! I don't know why. So this past week i studied the menu a lot and then last wednesday I speiled to our manager Jeff. I was so nervous, he made me speil every single thing on the menu (except a few random things, like roasted mushrooms and asparagus, which are served just like that) so i was definately glad i studied so much. He passed me so then i just had to spiel to one more manager. Saturday I finally got the chance to speil to Janice and I was even more nervous because people said she was hard to spiel to and asked lots of tricky questions. However it wasn't soo bad and i passed her too!! So i'm going into Food running!!!!! It's really exciting. I think i'm getting put in in the first weeks of June and then you food run for 3 weeks, and then go into service training/serving! We aren't even suppose to be able to speil for 3 months so it's really exciting that im going to be serving before my 3 months even arrives. We are losing soo many incredible people in the next few months it's going to be really hard. I'm trying to spend as much time with them as i can and stay away from the crazy all consuming drama which is the Commons. Yesterday I had a class at Disney University with Heather, Todd and Ali, and on our way home we decided to eat at Le cellier. It was soooo delicious! I got the creamed spinach and put in on some plain kids noodles as the sauce (there aren't really many veggie options!) and it was absolutely fantastic!!! I'm sooo glad i caught Mercedes creating it a couple weeks ago. Today is also the first day of the new menu! We have switched out a lot of dishes, added an unreal dessert and poutine!! It'll be interesting to see how the americans react to the cheese fries and gravy thing. Although they do have chili fries everywhere here so it's kind of the same idea. I have a few days off at the end of these 9 in a row i'm working, so i'm looking forward to that. It's been raining like crazyyy lately! I was working popcorn the other day and we had to close early, so i got to clean the cart in pouring rain - just like home:) It's hilarious the army of ponchos that come out when it even just starts to look sketchy cloudy. I shoudl really take a photo. Carrie and Mum are going to be here in 13 days and i'm looking forward to it sooooo much! I made some dining reservations for us and i really hope they'll be able to eat at work so they can see what i do alll day everyday of my life here. haha. So I have to get going, but i'll try to update more. I know i type that everytime. but for reals! for reals! The beginning of 20 has been interesting so far, but i'm sure it'll just get better and better. Miss you all:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

ahh i'm so behind!

So things have been so crazy and busy lately that I'm way behind on this. But instead of trying to remember because there is no way i could, i'm just going to tell you about my birthday and then go from now. My birthday was Monday and it was pretty fun. 7 of us went out for a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and there was mary poppins, the mad hatter, alice, pooh bear and tigger. the food was good too although it's hard to eat a lot these days so i don't think we took full advantage haha. Then Cassandra, Alysha, Alex and I went to Clearwater beach. Alysha had rented a convertible so it was fun driving. I burnt my back and face pretty good, but that's just what i always seem to do. That night we had a big canadian party which was fun. Since then i've been working mainly and trying to learn my menu. Everyday the Disney bubble becomes more apparent and it's hard to remember what reality is like. We live here with no responsibilities, more money then you know what to do with (once you're a server) and you can lose sight of what you're here for and the fact that really when it comes down to it everyone is here for themselves. This place definately changes people. It can seem like we're in it together because we arrived together, but really we came alone, we'll leave alone and it's what you do in the middle that counts. I've been sick lately and it sucks because i can't see all the awesome people i work with everyday but i figure once it's gone i won't be sick again for a while right? and yes, i'm taking vitamins and being healthy! haha. I'll try and update more often, and i'm sorry for being so horrible at keeping in touch. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and cards btw!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday to Saturday

This is going to be short and fast because i don't have too long but i want to get it done.
Tuesday I had off. I went to the pool with Cassandra, then went to Kristens and the three of us plus Craig all hung out. We went to wendy's then came back and watched Laguna Beach for way too many hours. Megan and some other people came home afterwards and we all hung out until we went to Jenn's throw out. I'm pretty sure I've talked about Throw outs, but it's when the person is leaving and they give things and titles away. It was really sad because it was unexpected. Jenn's an incredible girl and was so vivacious and fun and I really wish I'd gotten to know her better. She threw down the best friends title to Cassandra and I, symbolized by stuffies of the characters from Madagascar. So i guess we have to be friends now. haha. It was definately an emotional night.
Wednesday I worked until 5 seating and then it was Craig's birthday so we went to McDonalds and then to Kristen's. Then from there we had Throw In where I was flag girl. I don't really know the point of it, except that i waved a Canadian flag. The real flag girl, Chelsey was in New York. I got a little sister Sam at the Throw in too. Mainly I just help her out if she has questions and advise her in her life choices. haha. I've never had a little sister - exciting.
Thrusday I didn't work until 4:30 which was good because I wasn't feeling so hot. I was popcorn stocking and since the regular cart is getting reno-ed it was kind of wierd stocking the new one. It has an unreal front row view of Illuminations though as well as a few of Off Kilter, the canadian celtic rock band, so that's amazing. After work i hung out at matt's with some canadians.
Friday, yesterday, I was PM seating. It seemed kind of rushed and sketchy and the computers went down for a bit, but by the end everything was caught up and good so it was fine. when I got home I just cleaned my room (it was awful) and then started to learn my menu for serving. We have to be able to speil the entire thing! Then Lise, my roommate, came home and we talked for a while before sleeping.
Today was my culinary day so i spent it in the Kitchen. It was nice getting to know the kitchen cast members a bit better plus they were really impressive. they work sooo hard! I got to taste anything I wanted and had way too much foood! Lots of desserts and sides. I got lipped for being a vegetarian working in a steakhouse. It was good times though.
Now i'm just chatting with Amers, Jenn and Kelly on Skype. Amazing.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Monday was really fun. I went to the bank with Cale and Heather where Cale opened an account and Heather and I went to Property Control/Cast Connection. I got a colouring book/pencil crayons for $2. it was exciting, i know i'm 19 but i like to colour! It's relaxing and i'm pretty good at it haha. Then the security gaurd wouldn't let us on the bus to MK (unfriendly!) so we walked back to Disney U (where the bank is) and this really nice cast member (heather or cale what was her name?) drove us to the front of the park!!! I couldn't believe it, a lot of cast members are kind of like Canadians, super friendly and willing to help out. It's awesome. Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we had a quick lunch (vegetarian chili yumm) and then rode heather's fav...haunted mansion. I always think someone is going to jump out at me, even though they aren't, but it happened once! ahh. lol. then Cale had to peace to work so Heather and I watched the parade.

it was so cute. Carrie called right when Mickey was going by, she has the best timing. haha. After the parade we got fast passes for big thunder mountain (my florida fav) and the cast member gave us splash mountain ones. We went and rode pirates, saw jack sparrow, looked in some shops then rode BTMR and SM. we didn't get wet and i didn't hold on. i'm getting so brave these days:) hahaha. We rode the train around the outside of the park and then did It's a Small world. I kind of maybe....fell asleep during the ride. Heather had to call my name haha. it was onlyfor a second or 2 but i was tired haha.Those sooothing child voices sang me right to sleep. and i actually like that ride! Then we met up with Sasha and Rebecca, rode pirates and buzz lightyear (Rebecca blew us all out of the water) and then had dinner at the Plaza! I had this veggie sandwich with pesto and real mozzarella and cheesy foccacia! it was so good. then i had an ice cream sundae with crushed pineapple and strawberry sauce! man, life is goood! We went to fantasyland after this and rode Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Snow White. They don't really have that many rides in fantasyland here. Oh Heather and I did philharmagic sometime earlier too. when i was raining!

Oh and Dad i found the Randy Paush plaque but it was raining so i dind't want to whip out the camera! Back on track... After fantasyland we watched the fireworks! This was the first time i actually stood and watched the whole thing and they are really good!!! They still don't compare the disneylands 50th (the ones dedicated to the rides) but they were still really amazing! Everytime i watch fireworks i think of my Mum, because she loves fireworks, and i get sad because I miss my family but incredibly happy that they supported me in coming here and that i get to watch fireworks whenever i want! It's mind blowing! Then we went home and i went to Girls. It was emotional because it was Jenn's last girls. We had fun though and hung out the the italian guys. Everyone else were playing this hilarious game called dizzy bat which is awesome to watch.
I'm going to be late for work if i type anymore, so i will do Tuesday to today later or tomorrow! It's been a crazy eventful week! and my computer is dying! ahhhh i'll add mre pics later!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Bad...a Week at Once

So this week has been really crazy and full so I will do my best to remember everything.
Sunday - Sunday was my day off and it was nice. I slept in then went to the pool to suntan. Unforunately I suntanned too long and burnt my back pretty badly. Oh and the lovely behind the legs area which makes bending of any kind really nice. Oh dear. Then I went to Epcot with Cassandra (she was going to work) and I watched O Canada the movie. It's so good I don't get tired of it, but it does make me miss home. They show Victoria and Cathedral Grove and then i get emotional haha. Afterwards I started walking around the world but felt really sick so I got a some water and sat, I think i got a bit of sunstroke because then I was crazy tired, ill and just wanted to sleep. However sleeping hurt alot because I have really cheap sheets that were like sandpaper against the burn. lesson of the day: wear sunscreen. or flip over.
Monday - I picked up a overtime shift working PM cash on the Popcorn cart. I just remember there being a lot of drinkers around the world ending in Canada that night. A younger looking guy also came up and asked if we ID'd, I said yes, and he walked away. haha. If you ask it's the first thing we're going to do silly boy. Of course I would have ID'd him anyways, but that was just a bit ridiculous. When I got home I went to Girls and we had a pirate scavenger hunt. It was fun and I get to know some of the canadians better.
Tuesday - I trained as PM seater with Heather again being trained by Rebecca. We were alot moer on our own this day and I started to get more comfortable speiling. I forget what I did in the evening, probably went to Matt's or something like that. Nothing fancy!
Wednesday - I was trained by David as Greeter. This is teh person who checks in all the reservations and gets to say 'Unfortunately we are fully booked for the evening' about 10 thousand times. It's not the guests faults they don't know, but Canada is known as the second best restuarant in Walt Disney World after Victoria and Albert's which is an intensely posh/expensive dress code restuarant at the Grand Floridian, so we book up 90 days in advance - the farthest ahead you can make reservations. So as a tip for any of you coming to Florida - if you want to eat here book ahead! We do take some walk ins sometimes but it's totally random and luck of the draw. Also I would encourage not showing up until your reservation time because we often run a bit behind in the busy times (some people sit forever after dessert) and even if someone with a reservation time 20 minutes after yours has checked in 30 minutes before you, you're still going to be sat according to reservation time. However if we're running on time or ahead people could be sat ahead - so really it depends on the time of day. Did that make sense? haha. Just make a reservation so I don't have to kindly reject you. Greeter is also the position that people get mad at when there reservation time comes and goes and they are still waiting. At Disney it's apparently suppose to be Priority Seating not a reservation, so that your name is put in line at your reservation time, not that you will be sat at that time. Something like that. Anyways teh day went okay except I had one angry guest because his firt name was Alan, and another partys last name was Allen, so when it was called out the other family answered. Not knowing this we thought he had been sat and he waited longer. In the end everything worked out fine, but you're definately the first line of assault when anything goes wrong or the wait gets too long.
Thursday - I was Stocker trained by Tyler. He tried to pawn me off to all the other trainers before finally accepting that he had to do it. Stocking isn't very many peoples favourite positions and I can definately see why. The beginning half of teh shift is awful and you want to cry and go home. But by the end it's a lot better and you feel kind of better about it all. Pretty much your duty is to keep the side stations stocked with cutlery, napkins, and plates (wine glasses in the evening) and to prepare the bread. It sounds really easy but if the dishwashers aren't going as fast as you'd like or you're bussing a table as something runs out or there aren't any clean wine glasses it is all your fault. It's not really, but it's where the blame goes first. It actually wasn't so bad with Ty because there were two of us doing everything. However
Friday - I stocked by myself. The first half wasn't going so well and i really felt like I wasn't doing a good enough job. I tried to bus as many tables as I could inbetween cultery runs, bread and dishes, but it kind of really got to me. When I went on break I was pretty unpleased with life, but after a break/some food I was feeling a little better about things. The last half of the day went pretty well I think and by the end I almost tricked myself into thinking i didn't mind stocking. Its the only job of the one's i've done that actually has you doing things constantly. It also makes you plan out what you're doing and what's next and then what. Plus I'm getting to know some of the servers better by being in the resturant which is nice because they make up a huge part of our staff and on popcorn i would only ever see them walk by.
Today and Yesterday I was a seater. yesterday I worked until 5 then came home and kind of just took it easy. It was really nice to get some sleep. Today I traded shifts with Robyn so she could spend the day with her boyfriend who is visiting from Canada. She took my Tuesday shift. I was seating from 11:30 until 8:45 so pretty much through both meal periods. I feel comfortable seating every province now except my PEI fact is a little bland still. If anyone from there reads this tell me something cool about your province! Some of the facts they have for us to say aren't the most exciting so I like to branch out:) It was a pretty good day though a bit long and after working 7 days straight I'm soooo excited to have a few days off! yessssss. Tomorrow I think I'm going to MK with Heather (after the bank and property control) then Rebecca and Sasha are meeting us there for dinner at the Plaza. Sounds like good times to me. I haven't beeen to MK for more than a few hours in the evenings so far so it would be nice to see the day time parade or something like that.
I'll try to update more frequently so I can remember more of what I did. It's all just a big blur! I'm having so much fun though. I love it here:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of the Week

Wednesday started off sketchy because I got a text from my Francis at work saying apparently i was really late. Then Jeff, our manager, called me and said i was suppose to be in at 2:30. However I checked the hub (where our schedules are online) and had checked the printed out schedule the day before and they both said 4:30 so i didn't know how i was suppose to know that I was in at 230! I started to panic a lot and had to get a cab to work because the bus was going to take tooo long. I was freaking out thinking horrible things about being so late, once i got to the park i ran all the way back stage. When I got there I talked to Jeff and it ended up that one of the other managers had put in my time wrong on the daily sheet and I was actually suppose to be there 4:30. So i ended up out $20 and half an hour early. It wasn't my favourite moment. Then since it was busy Jeff decided to set up a second beer/drinks only cash, which was me! There were a lot fo us on the cart and it ended up going pretty well. After I cashed out I went back up and helped David close everything down and he drove me home. Dave's one of those really genuinely nice people that you can just tell right away he's a good guy. He told me all about the cool things he's done so far and where he's gong next.
Thursday was Social Security Day so we got up at the lovely hour of 5:30am and trudged to the bus to take us. We just had to apply for numbers so it didn't take long but there were quite a few of us. After that Cassandra, Cale and I picked up our cheques from Epcot and rode Test track then Mission Space. Mission Space is the coolest ride ever. It simulates going to mars and feels like you're going forward but really it's so good. Cassandra didnt agree as she felt really sick afterwards. I'll definately do it again:)
Then we went home, got a wee bit of sun until Matt and I went to Florida Mall to get something for his girlfriend Brittany. Apparently they don't have Abercrombie in Nova Scotia. It was a HUGE mall and there was even a store that had this big wave thignin it that you could boogey board on. crazzzy. I didn't really buy anything (had some really good veggie chili though!)
Afterwards we went home and chilled with some other canadians for a bit. Good times.
Friday, yesterday, I opened the popcorn cart all by myself. hah. It was good, Dave came in not long after, then Sasha and Heather and Todd and it was pretty quite (as it was good friday) so it was pretty chill. I hadn't worked with Sasha before, she's really awesome too. Once i got home I chatted with my family for a bit (they speaker phoned me!) then Cassandra and I went all the way to downtown disney for ice cream. I dont know why haha. But it was really yummmy! Then we went and hung out with canadians again who'd just had a BBQ.
Today was my first day in the restaurant training as an AM seater. Heather and I were trained together again, and we had Rebecca! She's so nice too! Pretty much everyone is awesome haha. I was so nervous seating because you have to spiel a greeting and say a fact about the province/territory that you seat the party in. My first couple weren't so good but as the day progress I got better at it I think and sat quite a few tables in BC which is fun. They always seem to come out best:) haha. Tomorrow I have the day off so I'm debating between getting up and going to a park really early (bad idea because of lots of ppl) or sleeping in and tanning and chilling for a bit. I was suppose to have Monday off as well but picked up a popcorn shift doing PM cash, which means I get to watch Illuminations :D I love it. and i love all the happy people watching it too.
Happy Easter Weekend! I hope you're all having an incredible time, and to my fam - I miss getting to be with you this weekend, but I hope you have the best time anyways and know that I'm thinking about you :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday - Tuesday

So Sunday doens't really get to be talked about because I didn't really do much. I had the day off so I slept in, cleaned my really messy room, put up some pictures, caught up with a bunch of people from home and generally didn't do much. When Cassandra got off work we hung out for a while.
Monday I trained on stocking with Ty again. Heather trained too so there were a lot of us on the cart. It was really fun though because Craig and I were handing out stickers, finding out what people know about Canada (apparently we're socialist), and just generally having a grand time. We did do some popcorn shovelling, keg runs and such as well. When you bring the keg through people stare at it and salivate it's funny. and they make witty comments such as 'you can just leave that here and i'll watch it for you,' it's kind of like at Thrifty's when people would say that if something doesn't scan it's free. To them hilarious, to me the 100th time i've heard that in the last hour:) No its an incredible job and i can't really believe that i get to do it.
Today was my first day on my own (i've earned my popcorn ears) and i was PM cash. The parks are crazy busy at the moment because of Easter so we had lots of lines, and the usualy rush right before Illuminations was nuts. and we didn't have enough popcorn made in the beggining to keep up with the rush so it took a bit to get through, well and for some reason people kept ordering multiple buckets - that's a lot of popcorn. I think lots of people leave tomorrow so they were trying to finish up their dining plans.
Oh Monday night was also my first girls which was nice because I got to hang out with a lot of canadians that I haven't had the chance to yet. Then it was an international party at SOB (sun on the beach) so most of the countries were all there including most of my roommates:) It was fun. I got a free box of truffles at the end (i don't know why they were giving them away..and don't worry they were fully wrapped lol) so that was cool until we opened them and they were gross. lol. always the way it goes:)
I love it here. i love it here. i love it here. For every crazy guest or luny cast member there is an incredible child (i heard the best donald duck impression by a 6 year old girl) or funny joke (craig kills me) or friendly face that makes it all completely amazing. I'm meeting some awesome people and really feeling at home. Today I've been here two weeks...but really it feels like so much longer, in the good way. The only thing missing is all my family/friends from come visit!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half of yesterday in Pictures...and words.

Yesterday I locked myself out of the house for the first time. No one was home. The front desk gave me a key for an hour so at least now I know the procedure for when I do it again...unfortuantely there are no pictures of this endeavour.
This is the Commons Clubhouse. I know I should take pictures of my apartment I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So for now...the outside of the Clubhouse including the bus stop that takes us everywhere:

First Cassandra and I went to Animal Kingdom:

Where we went through Asia:

To Everest:

Then we were hungry and went to Resturantosaurus in Dinoland. I had a veggie burger and the smallest drink they had. It was GINORMOUS! It's like if you go to Wendy's and order a Biggie. We were both in shock of the size so i took a picture:

Next we met Pooh:

And Tigger:

then we found lilo and Stitch:

Then we went on a few adventures:

We found some Bears at Camp Minnie Mickey:

Then headed over to Epcot:

We saw a few dancing princesses in the gardens:

Then met up with Matt to ride some segways:

We then toured the world stopping to say hey to our fabulous Canadian friends. Afterwards we had dinner, hung out and then went line dancing at Cowboys. yeeeehaw.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Popcorn Close Plus

Hey! So 2 days ago I trained on closing popcorn along with Heather again. Tyler trained us and it was so much fun! Kristen, Craig and Kelly were also working, so there were a lot of us and we got to have fun because of it. We danced to marching bands that went around the world showcase and gave out lots of stickers. Illuminations started at 9 and there I was standing beside a wonderfilled 3 year old boy and his dad watching this incredible fireworks and it hit me that this is my job! It blows my mind. I'm so greatful and happy right now! I know there are going to be long days but right now it's all good. After work we went out to Bennigan's and had a great time with a bunch of people.
Yesterday Cassandra, Matt and I went to Typhoon Lagoon. I burnt my shoulders pretty nicely. It was really fun though, they have this crazy wave pool that every 60 or 90 seconds or something like that it lets out this huge wave! It's pretty unreal! haha. It also has this crazy waterslide rollercoaster thing that you sit on the tube but and go down the slide but then it also pushed you up hills as well. It was really fun and cool because the 3 fo us could go together. Then we snorkeled through a reef with lots of fishes and sharks and mantarays. Overall a good time except Cassandra lot her sunglasses. Afterwards Matt got to go to a Magic game (basketball for those who don't know their sports teams) playing the Cavaliers (sp?) and Cass and I went to Cici's for dinner. It's this $5.99 all you can eat pizza buffet and I felt so sick afterwards! We ate tooo much! lol. Afterwards we went to Magic Kingdom, rode Space Mountain because it's closing soon, then went to Downtown Disney because the Virgin store is closing so apparently thre are crazy deals (we didn't see too much we wanted on our budget hah) and then we got some ice cream, came back to the Commons, went to Cale's for a bit then home. Lise (my roommate) had just gotten back from Daytona so we talked for a bit then went to sleep as she had to work at 7 this morning. She's leaving in a month and we get along really well. It'll be wierd living with someone else, she's so easy going and nice! Today I think we're going to check out some Animals at the kingdom then to epcot then to universal to see MC Hammer! Yes that's right, im' going to MC Hammer. wow. I have tomorow off as well, but will probably take it easy then work Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and have next sunday/monday off.

I haven't taken any photos lately so those were just some randoms. The guy in the picture with me is Cale, it was his first trip to the Magic Kingdom. I'll try to bring the camera today!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of Week 1

Soooo I'm not too sure where i left off...going to Traditions? alright.
So after waking up beautifully early we got to Disney University and piled into classes. We learned so much about company history, the incredible parts of being a cast member (magical moments etc), the service basics and a lot of legal things. Overall it was pretty good, Anthony and Amanda - the trainers - were really nice and good at their jobs. It was cool getting to look at photos all around the building of young walt, different attractions, artistic renderings etc. It's an incredible building. Then 9 of us (some cans/brits) went to Universal to see Kelly! wooo! I hung out with Matt and Cassandra mainly until Matt got lost for 2 hours! it was so crazy and intense because there were thousands of people and he doesn't have a photo. Sunday we had food and beverage basics training. It was a lot of e-learning. We had to take an alcohol serving test and i passed! yeeeyah. Afterwards Heather and I went to hollywood studios were we rode a bunch of rides (TOT, rockin roller coaster, great movie ride etc) and saw some shows. It's her favourite park.
Monday we had training at epcot with our coordinator of training DJ. It was a lot of online courses.
Tuesday, we had Discovery Day at Epcot where we learned the history of the park, how it got from Walt's vision to what it is today, toured the park by foot and boat, road Spaceship earth (the ride in the huge ball), and then learned about culture a bit. After lunch we did some more safety training and got our costumes! yay costumes! haha. actually it was sooo unfun getting them. The sizes are a couple sizes bigger than you'd normally wear so it was harsh the things they made us try on. plus well, you will see a lovely picture of my costume soon i'm sure! After that cassandra heather and i went to downtown disney for a bit just looking around.
Bonus day! Yes, because I am soo bad at posting you geta bonus day to the rest of week one, the first day of week 2! and guess what?! it was my first day in the park!!
Today I started training on the popcorn cart with heather. We were trained on AM pcart by Tyler who is super nice. It went pretty well overall I think. I got into one really long conversation with a man and his daughter from Chicago. They were really nice and friendly and had an adorable puppy named buttercup who can stand on it's back legs and dance - how cool is that?! It was awesome getting to actually talk to and interact with guests and people visiting from Canada lovveeeee saying they're from Canada. And a lot of americans who live in the northern states tell you that as well. Like proximity makes them coool too haha. I kind of sunburnt the top of my forarms and because of the way the costume is it's just that little square that's bright red. awesome! A couple of us hung out at Matt's for a bit tonight and then Cassandra and I were going swimming. Tomorrow I don't start until 2 for the first time and it'll be bizzare sleeping past 6am. thank goodness!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Throw in/Magic Kingdom/Universal

Yes i truly intend to tell you about all threee of this incredible things all in one blog! whoaaa! However i'm so tired it's crazy so i may have to detail-ify this post more later when i add photos (my camera battery is at the moment charging so i can take more pics and then post them for your lovely selves). So wednesday night we new canadians were invited for pizza with Julie (julia? sorry!! i'm awful at names!) and michelle and they sort of greeted us, answered questions, and we just generally hung out. Then we went over to another apartment and.. i can't actually tell you what happens. It was really exciting though and made me really happy to be here and happy to be canadian with all these amazing people.
Thursday we didn't have to meet until 1215 so i had a nice (and much needed) lie in. I feel constantly tired here, and i know it's partically because i have low iron/b12 but it's also just that ppl here get up so early and stay up all night. it's crazy! Anyways we had some paperwork to sign, were checked that we met the disney look guidelines (i do) then Heather's big sister Janna took Heather, Cale and I to the Magc Kingdom!!!! It was Cale's first time and he was so excited it was awesome to be there with him, and i was obviously completely pumped as well! We went on the TTA, Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, tea cups, mickey's philharmagic, barnstormers (or something like that) and had a character dinner with Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet!! They come around and meet you while you dine.It was so much fun! We watched some of Spectro Magic (night parade that's all lit up) and then when we were on big thunder mountain the fireworks were going and it was just unbelieveable.
Today we had off so we 8 canadians met at 8 (except jason who slept through 2 alarms haha) and went to Universal Studios/islands of adventure!!! I got a florida resident year pass for 100$ so it was a pretty good deal as usually for one day at both parks it's 119. We also bought this fast pass ticket so we pretty much rode every major ride in the 2 parks!! We started on hulk and Cassandra was not a rollercoaster person so it was really fun taking her on it. She did all the coaster and i'm pretty sure now loves them! haha. We got absolutely soaked on a few rides and were laughing so much and just had the best time together. It's crazy becoming such good friends with people so fast, but we've been thrown into this together and spent so much time together already and we all just mesh really well. It's amazing. We all have different personalities and are from different places yet I love spending time together and we get on so well! It's mindblowing to think that i'm going to be spending the next year of my life with these people in this place working, going to parks, seeing shows - and people are always up for doing things!
Tomorrow we have to meet at 615am for Traditions, this big day at Disney University, and our first official day of work! We get our name tags and main gate passes!!!! Afterwards some people are going to the Hollywood Studios and some are going to Universal to see Kelly Clarkson for freeee! I'm pretty torn because I really want to go to the park, but I also probably won't get a free chance at kelly clarkson again. So I'll let you know what I decide. Anyways sorry if this was kind of random but I really need to sleep!
loveee you all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Helllo! So i arrived at the airport and Heather was already there, even though I'd thought i was crazy early. We talked for about 2 hours then got on the flight. It wasn't full so we ended up getting to sit together at the front of the plane so we were off fast, got our luggage quickly and got on shuttle to Vista Way where the welcome center is. We watched a wee movie then went through our packages with a guy named Mickey - no joke! He was really friendly, from texas. I guess he was just bornt o work for disney. Heather and I were both put in the Commons as are all the other arrives from our group so it's really nice we can all hang out easily. We were driven to our apartments, i'm in building 19 so it's a bit of a trek from the clubhouse/bus stop, but it'll be fine. My apartment has 6 girls in it, 2 Norwegians, 2 Japanese, a French girl and me. I am yet to met one of the norwegians and the french girl but the others I've met have been nice! It was a little overwhelming movingin with people who have been here a bit but it'll go alright I'm sure. The upside is that everything is decorated and we have a television and such. After unloading my stuff, Heather and I went to wal Mart where we ran into Cale and Jason with fullll carts! I spent almost $200 on food, bedding, pillows, toiletries, etc. It was a lot but i won't have to buy the big things again so it's all good. We met some nice english girls on teh ay back and split a cab. After that we met back up wtih Cale and Jason and the 4 of us ventured to Downtown Disney (it's a strip of shops, restuarants, shows etc) and had dinner at Raglan Road. It was delicious but really filling and they had a live band and a dancer! She was really impressive. it was an irish place and I'd definately go back. Then we wandered through the stores, the have the biggest disney store in the world and some really cool toy and clothing stores but we aren't buying anything until we have our discount! Then I just came home, rang the parents and eventually went to sleep. Although it wasn't the best sleep as it takes time getting use to sharing a room.
Today we had a meeting at 8:45am to fill out some papers then we went to Vista to get our Housing IDs. My picture is definately not beautiful, and there is a huge UNDER 21 on it haha. We were just playing guitar hero at Jaime's and then some people went for a swim. I was going to work on getting the rest of my stuff away but someone is sleeping in there so I may go relax by the pool until we have another meeting for something at 3. After I think I'm going to try and get a cell phone and then I'll send you all my number.
Things are good! The Commons are beautiful and I can't believe we're going to be here for an entire year. I just met another housemate, Julie from Norway. They get the prettiest costumess!!!! I think it'll all really hit me Saturday when we get our park passes and go to the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Cale's never been and I haven't been since I was twelve so both of us are dying to get in there!~
I'll try to upload some pictures when I can!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Canada Blog! Wow..

So i'm just going to give you a quick rundown of my weekend in Toronto/Kingston. It's been pretty busy and amazing being here. I love my TO family and getting to see my cousins grow up has been the most incredible thing these past couple years. Being the youngest I've never really been around little kids and they are just so crazy amazing. It's really good timing for me to fall in love with kids because i'm going to be surrounded by them very sooon. So on we go...
Thursday Auntie Mary and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario and it was pretty coool. Lots of interesting art and lots of creepy wierd art. :) then aly came up from St. Cathrines and we tried to find her a dress for her athletic banquet (to no avail). We saw one of the canadian idol judges at the mall which i thought was really cool just because it was like 'you are on my tv, now you're in front of me.' i'm going to have to be careful in Florida. The Chief from Grey's Anatomy ate in our resturant the other day and Britney Spears bought popcorn and if we react to their celebrity at all we can get in huge trouble/terminated!! haha. ohhh dear. I'm not actually one of those celebrity nuts, it just seems so wierd to see them in person.
Friday Aly left and i went to Kingston to visit Queen's. I met up with a couple friends and we went to ritual at clark hall pub since i'd never been. it's this engineer tradition on fridays after you finish class to drink at clark (even at 11 in the morning). I definately had my fair share, but i figure i won't really be drinking for quite a while (i'm under 21) so it was a good last effort. hehe. then we went to dinner for my really good friend Casey's Birthday. i was a surprise and she was so shocked it was really cute/exciting/made my day! Dinner was good and it was great catching up with everyone. That night i felt a little woozy so Emma and i stayed in and alison came over and we talked and watched girlie things. it was fun. Saturday we went for breakfast at Windmills with annemarie, kevin, josh, emma and casey. then i caught the train back to toronto where we celebrated my Auntie Deena's friend Jane's birthday! it was really fun and we had awesome sushi!
Sunday we went to the Ontario Science Centre. I love all those things you get to play with and the kids were having a great time. Kira has gotten so independent and Savy is just so much fun! Last night we were all playing and dancing and it was awesome. Being accepted by my cousins makes me so happy! Little kids can be brutal if they don't like you or don't want to be around you, and Savy and Kira just jump on me and want to play and hang out and its so nice.
Today I checked into my flight, went and looked for some shorts (success!) and am just going to do some laundry and repack before getting Savy from school and having a little cousin time. I can't believe tomorrow is Florida. I've been waiting forever and it's been such a rollercoaster these last 6 months I'm soo excited for it all to begin! I'll try and update on the amazingness of florida as soon as i get the chance:) I'm kind of still waiting for it to hit me. I'm about to be a Disney Cast Member!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Toronto Update

Hello hello!

I'm in Toronto currently staying with my fabulous aunties and cousins. I got in late monday night after a really long seeming day of flying. Yesterday I was a total waste and slept in most of the day then just read, caught up on emails and played with the cousins. They've changed so much in the last 4 months it's crazy! Kira just talk talk talks and Savy is soo much taller! Today I helped out at my Auntie's office for a bit then went to Spring Awakening! I saw it on broadway when I was in New York last year, and completely fell in love, so I just had to see it again! The cast was all different except for the main guy's best friend. They were all pretty amazing and it blew me away again!!! I could see it everyday and still love it. For those who don't know Spring Awakening is a musical about teenagers and there coming of age/exploration sort of thing. It's based off a play written in 1891 Germany but with more rock-ish music and is just amazing. I'm a big fan - as you can tell! After that I met back up with Auntie Mary, got the girlies from day care and we went for Sushi! It was fabulous and is always an experience dining out with kidlings. Tomorrow Aly is coming up from St. Cathrines later in the day for the night then Friday she heads back and I head to Kingston. I'm surprising Casey (one of my best ktown friends) for her champagne birthday (turning 20 on the 20th!) so we're going out for dinner and such. I'm betting that she doens't read this, but I may ruin the surprise...oh well! When I return Saturday it's one of my aunt's friend's birthdays so we're celebrating, then Sunday we're going for brunch, the science centre and Monday's my last day! I'll probably update how that all goes before I fly away Tuesday morning for Florida! I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe it's here. It's like living in a dream. As long as i can rearrange my bags so i don't have to pay for a overweight one again...i feel like i'm going to be wearing a lot of clothes on this flight to orlando...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Packed! Last BC Blog :)

I'm actually packed! I'm sure there is something i'm forgetting and some really nice shirt i'm going to wish i had. the first time through one bag was 7 pounds over and the other was 9 and that's when i was really not having fun because i didn't think there was anything i could take out! then my lovely sister Kim (modelling those Minnie ears) came and went through everything with me and we cut out quite a bit, although some not very happily. Then we had a nice break from packing for the dinner. This morning I went to brunch with a couple girlfriends, got some lovely trashy magazines for the plane and then came back home to pack again! Kim and Carrie both helped this time and it went pretty well. I think. I hope. I tried both my scale and my mum's and both said they were about 2-3 pounds under so we'll see how they do tomorrow at the airport. That's always my most stressful part of travelling! yikes. I also checked into my flights and have aisle seats for both - score! and the second flight (from calgary to toronto) is in the 5th aisle! I love being near the front. Anyways, this is my last blog from Beautiful British Columbia, so i'll update from Toronto. 8 Days until FLorida...Bye BC!

Packing is driving me crazzy!!!

but this post isnt about packing, my next one will be. this is about me last week in BC!it started with a really nice dinner ou with my 'brother' Nik because I'm going to miss his graduation in June. It was a really fun night, we dressed up and went to a pretty restuarant and then watched saving sarah marshall. I love that movie, it's just so funny! Monday and Wednesday were my last workout classes with my Mum, which is sad because it was a great time that we always knew we got to hang out together. Wednesday was also my last day at Thrifty Foods! Yay! Don't get me wrong most of the people were really nice but it's just not a job I could see myself doing forever. It helped me practise my small talk and smiling for Florida though! Not that i really need practise smiling...there is kinda of always one plastered on my face...except this week! I should be so excited but I keep thinking of what I'm leaving not what I'm going to and it still just doesn't seem completely real! I am obviously super crazy excited, but I also love being about to see my friends and hang out with my family. I feel homesickness coming on! Anyways Thrusday was my last day with Willy, we went to Moxies and just talked for hours and we get along so well. Friday Kim and Carrie, my sisters, showed up from Vancouver and Victoria for a fabulous weekend of familyness! yay! haha. We hung out, got all my banking done (got out some american and put in all the rolls of coins i`d been saving!), and went out for dinner at the Old House. The server was kinda nutty but in a hilarious way and I couldn`t stop laughing, carrie and i shared the grossest/deliciousest meal of 3 appies. Then we came home and chattered:) Saturday the whole family went to the farmer's market which was really fun. We're just so darn cute! hahah. We came home and I went out to photocopy all my important papers that I can't lose. Then I started to pack. and it is so not fun! ahh. I won't tell you how it's going (as if you can't guess) but let's just say a lot of trimming down is in order. Saturday night Grandma, Grandpa and Breeze (their pooodle!) came over for my favourite meal - homemade mac and cheese! It was awesome! Then we had ice cream cake (with a really impressive mickey on it) and watched a slideshow with pictures of me and my family and friends. It was amazing and we were all in stitches because I seem to make a lot of faces which shouldn't be kept on film. it was a great night with the whole family and I'm going to miss them so much. Florida's my dream but they're the foundation that got me there. Now I'm sitting here with Lily, my sister's amazing pug snoring on my foot and I thought I'd leave you with a cute video Kim made of Lily! enjoy:)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

3...7...15 Days!

3 Days left of work!
7 Days left in BC!
15 Days until Disney!

I'm getting soooooo excited! Oh myyyy word! The next 3 days i'm working and have my last workout classes with my Mum. It's been fun getting to spend that extra bit of time together the last couple of months. This past weekend was really fun, i spend some time with my sister, shopped with my mum, had a really fun lunch date with my grandparents, and had a great girls night with my friends. We had some bubbly and girl talk. awesome!
During lunch with my grandparents they were talking about the last time they visited Disney in 2002. My Grandma isn't too well and when they were down there she used an electric chair to get around. She told me about how when she was tired, or feeling grumpy the young cast member's smiles and excitement became contagious and she coudln't help but feel happier. My grandparents talked about how helpful they were and kind to them whenever they tried to go on a ride or watch a show and would zip them in the exits or move the chair to where she would come out. My grandma told me that some days it'll be tough and I won't feel like smiling anymore, or answering another ridiculous question, and that I should just think of her and how just the smile on a young cast members face could turn her whole day around. And to think of the incredible memories I'll be helping to create for soo many people every single day. I'm going to miss my Grandma every single day, but know that she's almost as excited about this as I am.
It's kinda of a crazy huge thing we're doing. Parents save for years to be able to afford to take their families to Florida, and kids dream about it everyday. We're the ones who welcome them once they arrive and work to make that trip more than anything they could've imagined. Yah, I'm kind of corny. But I'm so pumped to be a Cast Member!
So this next week is the end of work, some more goodbyes, packing, cleaning, more packing, a weekend with the family, brunch with friends and then flying to Toronto!
Toronto includes time with the Aunts, a night in St. Cathrine's with Aly, a night in Kingston, a dinner with Heather (hint taken!!), a goodbye dinner in TO and then flying off to DISNEYWORLD, ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 weeks left in BC

Wow! I move 14 days from now! It's so crazy! I've started saying goodbye to my friends and family and it's really hard. I love them all so much and although I know we'll stay in touch, it's never the same without some in person contact. Enough sadness, I got an email from Disney via Roger! Here it is:

Congratulations, Kathryn!

We are so excited that you have accepted our offer to participate in our Cultural Representative Program at the Walt Disney World Resort! We look forward to your arrival on March 24, 2009 as a/an Canada Food and Beverage Cast Member.

Tell all your friends and family the exciting news! You are going to be working at the number-one vacation destination in the world - The Walt Disney World Resort!

We are sure that you have a lot of questions regarding next steps and your experience here in the United States and we look forward to providing you with all of the answers!

To get things started please be sure to review our website at

You will be receiving a package of information in the upcoming month regarding your acceptance, complete with a booklet of information to get you prepared. You will also be receiving e-mails from our team to keep you informed of all of the things that you should be thinking of prior to your arrival. Please remember to check your e-mail periodically and let us know if your e-mail address should change between now and your arrival!

Congratulations again and welcome to the team!

I'm really excited to get the package! However I'm scared I won't get it until after I leave! Our mail is crazy slow, we get everything a week later than everyone else. Of course when it arrives everyone will know because I'll take way too many photos and post them here! I've started a packing list (which is currently 5 pages long) and my desk is heaping with clothes, shoes, and 'things' I'm preparing to pack. These last 2 weeks are going to go really fast and then it's a week in Toronto and a year in Florida.

24 days until I'm a Cast Member! unreal.

Here's a shortened version of Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. You can download the actual speech from itunesU for free!! Everyone should.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Close!!!

Wow, 24 days until I leave home, and 32 until I start in Florida! So crazy and exciting!! I've been getting things together and am handing in my resignation to Thrifty's on Monday. I have already let them know, but they need the paper to be formal and official. I've been chatting with a really nice girl named Holly from the UK and she's also under 21 so it would be awesome if we get to live together!!! Her arrival date is March 10th though so it's probably unlikely. I'm really excited I'm going to Vancouver this weekend to visit my oldest sister Kimmy! And I get to see my friend from uni - Lara! Yay! When I get back I'll be leaving in just 20 days! Woooo!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Discovery Commercial

Hey! So the original Discovery channel commerical is awesome, but then they made a disney version and it got sooo much better! 35 days until I leave home and 42 until Florida!! Enjoy:)

Original Discovery Version:

Disney Version:

Thursday, February 5, 2009

little things

I got my visa papers!!! Which means I can actually go to the US and work! So exciting! They are very official and say 'Homeland Security' all over them. whoaa.

I also got my insurance today!!! I went with BCAA and it was around $175.00 for the 4 months which I think is good? It covered everything I needed, including my contacts/glasses. and they'll ship my remains home if something details are so lovely aren't they....

Police check was faxed out the other all that is left is paying my housing fee the shopping/list making/packing/waiting another 38 days!

disney musical chairs...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random random random...

So I got really really excited today because I thought it was 50 days until I started all day! and I told a bunch of people. Then I realized it's actually 50 days until I fly out to Toronto, and 57 until I actually get to Florida. Which is still exciting, however the nerves are somewhat starting to sink in. Or not nerves, but homesickness even though I haven't left yet? I've lived away from home before of course but it seems different. I was at my grandparents today hanging out with my Grandma having hilarious girl talk and it just hit me how much I'm going to miss getting to just pop over there and hang out, have dinner, watch random odd television and talk. And it of course then made me think of how much I'm going to miss my parents (lets not even get started on my sisters!). We're just all really close. It's a really big time of change for everyone as well, and it just seems like everything will be so different. It's like they should stay the same while I go away, but of course they can't. So it's homesickness before I've even left! However my fam is so supportive and they are all going to come and visit and we'll talk constantly and I'm sure I'll be soo busy most of the time they'll be getting annoyed at me for not keeping in contact well enough! 50 days! or 57. I just read Heather's blog and she had a lovely to do list so I'm going to steal her genius and pop one up too!
But before that here's a little lookies at my schedule for the next couple weekends (mainly so I can see that there will be good things inbetween the shifts at my current job!
Jan. 23 - Went to Shane Philips with Holly and Co. It was awesome!
Jan. 31 - Going to Kuba Oms!!!! Soooo excited! He's unreal!! same crew:)
Feb. 6/7/8 - Victoria!!! to see Carebear, Emmers, Pye-o, Amers, Jackoff and the rest of the fabulous ppl in Vic.
fEB. 13 - Caylen's going to Europe leaving yet sad! we won't see each other for ever!
Feb. 20/21/22 - Vancouver! to see Kim and Gareth and Lily and Gareth's brother visiting from the UK!! How cool?!
March 1 - Goodbye Dinner with Nik, Bill and Erica
March 6/7/8 - Vic Weekend..i think! (and celebrating Amy's 20th!)
March 11 - LAST DAY OF WORK! (if i have my way...)
March 12/13/14/15 - array of packing, hysteria, goodbyes, good food and lovely friends & family

Now everyone should be able to sufficiently stalk me. not too long now:)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Flying Away in an Airplane..

I booked my flights! I actually booked them back on january 9th. I'm flying from Comox thru Calgary to Toronto on March 16th, staying in Ontario for a week, and fly on WestJet to Orlando on March 24th getting in at 1:20pm! and here's the really cool part - Heather is on my flight! I met her at the interviews and we actually sat together throughout the presentation. So we're going down together and will hopefully be in the same complex (come on commons!). She's over 21 so we won't be living together, plus we'll have more roommates which means more people to meet!
Other than that not too much has been going on, I emailed my flight info to Kristen and Disney and Disney emailed back saying I'd be getting emails from them throughout March. Sweet. I've started working at my old job I had this past summer as a cashier at a grocery store. The people are nice but I haven't told them that I'm leaving in 58 days (yay!) because they probably wouldn't have hired me for such a short time. It's hard though because all I ever can think about is Florida and I can't say anything about it for 8 hours a day! and old friends/parents/teachers I knew in high school keep coming in and asking what I'm up to and I so much want to tell them I'm moving and I can't because there is usually a co-worker about. It'll be sooo nice once the secret is out!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Florida Life!

So I thought that I would give a little run down of the living situation, the job, the perks and all that sort of goodness because I keep getting asked and that way people can just read it. I'm going to do a mix of what the Disney papers/sites say plus my take on it from talking to people who have done it before. Also I may steal from wiki.


I am going to be working in the Canada Pavilion which is part of the World Showcase in Epcot at Walt Disney World. My program runs from March 24th, 2009 until March 19th, 2010 and then I have one month to get out of the country. I will live in Disney World in cast member apartments. I'm going down on a Q-1 cultural visa which means they are basically getting me into the country by saying I'm going to be educating guests on my Canadian culture. Because of the type of visa I can't work in any other parts of the parks except for the American theatre which is also in Epcot. A little terminology: I'm a cast member not an employee, it's a role not a job, it's a costume not a uniform, it's onstage and backstage, because we are all a part of a big show because Disney is in the 'entertainment business'.


I'm doing Food and Beverage for the year. There were 3 options in Canada: merchandise, F&B, or Attractions (running the 'Oh Canada' 360 movie). You can't switch between areas. I chose F&B because the resturant is a full service steakhouse which I think will give me good experience for when I come back/travel. The resturant is called Le Cellier and provides sit down restaurant service. The interior is designed to give the impression of a wine cellar as its name suggests. Food offerings include seafood and steaks, along with popular Canadian wines and beer. It's located in the main building of the pavilion, Hotel du Canada modeled after the Ch√Ęteau Laurier hotel in Ottawa. The resturant has been designed to appear as a wine cellar, with simulated stone arches and dark ambient lighting. (that was definately wiki speaking). I'm not completely sure, but I think I start as a greeter/seater, popcorn/beer cart girl, then become a food runner then a server. Something along those lines. Once a server you apparently can make some pretty good money which will be helpful as I tend to be a big of a shopper... Here's a link to the resturant menu


I just recently relearned that the pavilions are sponsored by each countries governments and they are in fac thte awesome people who picked the Canadian costumes. They are based back in the olden days, traditional Canadian clothing dontcha know. I am kind of pumped to sport the plaid, the high necked burgundy is another thing. The Canada pavilion is designed to remind the guest of the Canadian outdoors. The pavilion is decorated with a canyon, a waterfall, gardens, a pool with fountains, and totem poles. The main attraction at the Canada Pavilion is "O Canada!", a Circle-Vision 360° movie of Canada's cities and scenery. This pavilion also includes Le Cellier Steakhouse and the semi-permanent home of the Celtic rock band Off Kilter. The Victoria Gardens which are adjacent to the Hotel du Canada are inspired by the Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia. The gardens are the largest (and most labour intensive) of all the national pavilions. At one time during the planning stage, the pavilion was to have been divided by a main street of shops and restaurants, with one side representing French Canada and the other English Canada. At Christmas time each pavilion has their countries version of Santa Claus. Even though the North Pole is clearly in Canada, making Santa clearly Canadian, the US gets the Red-coated Coca-Cola Santa, while Canadian's get story time with Papa Noel, who wears green plaid and carries an axe. Because lumberjack Santa has a lot of trees to chop down at the north pole.... moving on.


There are 4 Disney apartment complexes - Vista Way, Chatham, The Commons and the new Patterson Court. Vista Way and Chatham are mainly college program, the Commons is mainly internationals and Patterson seems to be sporting all types of people right now. I'm really hoping to move into the Commons - we shall see how lucky I get. The apartments are 1-4 bedrooms, with each room having two people. Yes, it's like having a double room in Res. I loved my roommate at uni so why should it be any different in florida? Plus this one is a lot easier to change. The housing is between 80 and 100$ a week depending on your apartment and is taken right off my pay cheque. i will not spell cheque the american way. or any words for that matter. what do they have against the letter 'u'? (favoUrite, coloUr, etc). anyways, here is what disney says our rent covers: fully funished apartment, kitchen utensils/appliances, local phone and a central phone, maintenance including pest control (ew), all utilities, computer lab access, high speed internet in our apartment, fitness centres, basketball volleyball and racquetball courts, laundry, pools and hot tubs, 23-hour security, cable, and transportation to a bunch of places. They also hold a bunch of events like pool parties, bbqs, beach trips, formals and such for us. There are 2 types of aparments, wellness and normal. Wellness apartments are where us lucky under 21 year olds get to live. If we have alcohol in our apartments we are terminated. It's kind of like going to rehab. Except no one really wants to kick the habit and apparently you come back a lot worse then when you left.

Odds 'N Ends

With the job come some pretty sweet perks. We get free admission into all 4 disney parks all year. Whenever our little hearts desire we can pop in for some fireworks, a churro, parade, whatever whenever because it's always free:) We get access to Mickey's Retreat which is a Disney Cast Member recreation complex on Little Lake Bryan. It features a lake, beach, two pools, beach volleyball, basketball, tennis, barbecues, an activities pavilion, a soccer pitch and a baseball diamond and i heard paddle boats. 50% off water parks, 20% off merchandise and food, although as a xmas gift word on the street is that disney gave cast members 50% off merch in december. Oh and crazy good discounts of disney hotels. Around 40-60% off hotels depending on some factors (like if I'm staying with the people or not). All they offer their employees (cast members) is pretty great and kind of makes up for the $7.78 I will be working at until I become a server...when it goes down to something like $3.65. Yes I am leaving Canada and moving across the continent to work for $3.65 - and I am soo excited for it! (You get tips on top of the $3, and the food isn't exactly cheap if you catch my drift....) In that map our apartments are around lake Bryan, which I am pretty sure is right near where the arrow is pointing with the writing that says 'to Orlando and international drive.' 74 days!