Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of the Week

Wednesday started off sketchy because I got a text from my Francis at work saying apparently i was really late. Then Jeff, our manager, called me and said i was suppose to be in at 2:30. However I checked the hub (where our schedules are online) and had checked the printed out schedule the day before and they both said 4:30 so i didn't know how i was suppose to know that I was in at 230! I started to panic a lot and had to get a cab to work because the bus was going to take tooo long. I was freaking out thinking horrible things about being so late, once i got to the park i ran all the way back stage. When I got there I talked to Jeff and it ended up that one of the other managers had put in my time wrong on the daily sheet and I was actually suppose to be there 4:30. So i ended up out $20 and half an hour early. It wasn't my favourite moment. Then since it was busy Jeff decided to set up a second beer/drinks only cash, which was me! There were a lot fo us on the cart and it ended up going pretty well. After I cashed out I went back up and helped David close everything down and he drove me home. Dave's one of those really genuinely nice people that you can just tell right away he's a good guy. He told me all about the cool things he's done so far and where he's gong next.
Thursday was Social Security Day so we got up at the lovely hour of 5:30am and trudged to the bus to take us. We just had to apply for numbers so it didn't take long but there were quite a few of us. After that Cassandra, Cale and I picked up our cheques from Epcot and rode Test track then Mission Space. Mission Space is the coolest ride ever. It simulates going to mars and feels like you're going forward but really it's so good. Cassandra didnt agree as she felt really sick afterwards. I'll definately do it again:)
Then we went home, got a wee bit of sun until Matt and I went to Florida Mall to get something for his girlfriend Brittany. Apparently they don't have Abercrombie in Nova Scotia. It was a HUGE mall and there was even a store that had this big wave thignin it that you could boogey board on. crazzzy. I didn't really buy anything (had some really good veggie chili though!)
Afterwards we went home and chilled with some other canadians for a bit. Good times.
Friday, yesterday, I opened the popcorn cart all by myself. hah. It was good, Dave came in not long after, then Sasha and Heather and Todd and it was pretty quite (as it was good friday) so it was pretty chill. I hadn't worked with Sasha before, she's really awesome too. Once i got home I chatted with my family for a bit (they speaker phoned me!) then Cassandra and I went all the way to downtown disney for ice cream. I dont know why haha. But it was really yummmy! Then we went and hung out with canadians again who'd just had a BBQ.
Today was my first day in the restaurant training as an AM seater. Heather and I were trained together again, and we had Rebecca! She's so nice too! Pretty much everyone is awesome haha. I was so nervous seating because you have to spiel a greeting and say a fact about the province/territory that you seat the party in. My first couple weren't so good but as the day progress I got better at it I think and sat quite a few tables in BC which is fun. They always seem to come out best:) haha. Tomorrow I have the day off so I'm debating between getting up and going to a park really early (bad idea because of lots of ppl) or sleeping in and tanning and chilling for a bit. I was suppose to have Monday off as well but picked up a popcorn shift doing PM cash, which means I get to watch Illuminations :D I love it. and i love all the happy people watching it too.
Happy Easter Weekend! I hope you're all having an incredible time, and to my fam - I miss getting to be with you this weekend, but I hope you have the best time anyways and know that I'm thinking about you :)

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