Friday, April 24, 2009


Monday was really fun. I went to the bank with Cale and Heather where Cale opened an account and Heather and I went to Property Control/Cast Connection. I got a colouring book/pencil crayons for $2. it was exciting, i know i'm 19 but i like to colour! It's relaxing and i'm pretty good at it haha. Then the security gaurd wouldn't let us on the bus to MK (unfriendly!) so we walked back to Disney U (where the bank is) and this really nice cast member (heather or cale what was her name?) drove us to the front of the park!!! I couldn't believe it, a lot of cast members are kind of like Canadians, super friendly and willing to help out. It's awesome. Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we had a quick lunch (vegetarian chili yumm) and then rode heather's fav...haunted mansion. I always think someone is going to jump out at me, even though they aren't, but it happened once! ahh. lol. then Cale had to peace to work so Heather and I watched the parade.

it was so cute. Carrie called right when Mickey was going by, she has the best timing. haha. After the parade we got fast passes for big thunder mountain (my florida fav) and the cast member gave us splash mountain ones. We went and rode pirates, saw jack sparrow, looked in some shops then rode BTMR and SM. we didn't get wet and i didn't hold on. i'm getting so brave these days:) hahaha. We rode the train around the outside of the park and then did It's a Small world. I kind of maybe....fell asleep during the ride. Heather had to call my name haha. it was onlyfor a second or 2 but i was tired haha.Those sooothing child voices sang me right to sleep. and i actually like that ride! Then we met up with Sasha and Rebecca, rode pirates and buzz lightyear (Rebecca blew us all out of the water) and then had dinner at the Plaza! I had this veggie sandwich with pesto and real mozzarella and cheesy foccacia! it was so good. then i had an ice cream sundae with crushed pineapple and strawberry sauce! man, life is goood! We went to fantasyland after this and rode Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Snow White. They don't really have that many rides in fantasyland here. Oh Heather and I did philharmagic sometime earlier too. when i was raining!

Oh and Dad i found the Randy Paush plaque but it was raining so i dind't want to whip out the camera! Back on track... After fantasyland we watched the fireworks! This was the first time i actually stood and watched the whole thing and they are really good!!! They still don't compare the disneylands 50th (the ones dedicated to the rides) but they were still really amazing! Everytime i watch fireworks i think of my Mum, because she loves fireworks, and i get sad because I miss my family but incredibly happy that they supported me in coming here and that i get to watch fireworks whenever i want! It's mind blowing! Then we went home and i went to Girls. It was emotional because it was Jenn's last girls. We had fun though and hung out the the italian guys. Everyone else were playing this hilarious game called dizzy bat which is awesome to watch.
I'm going to be late for work if i type anymore, so i will do Tuesday to today later or tomorrow! It's been a crazy eventful week! and my computer is dying! ahhhh i'll add mre pics later!

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