Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Helllo! So i arrived at the airport and Heather was already there, even though I'd thought i was crazy early. We talked for about 2 hours then got on the flight. It wasn't full so we ended up getting to sit together at the front of the plane so we were off fast, got our luggage quickly and got on shuttle to Vista Way where the welcome center is. We watched a wee movie then went through our packages with a guy named Mickey - no joke! He was really friendly, from texas. I guess he was just bornt o work for disney. Heather and I were both put in the Commons as are all the other arrives from our group so it's really nice we can all hang out easily. We were driven to our apartments, i'm in building 19 so it's a bit of a trek from the clubhouse/bus stop, but it'll be fine. My apartment has 6 girls in it, 2 Norwegians, 2 Japanese, a French girl and me. I am yet to met one of the norwegians and the french girl but the others I've met have been nice! It was a little overwhelming movingin with people who have been here a bit but it'll go alright I'm sure. The upside is that everything is decorated and we have a television and such. After unloading my stuff, Heather and I went to wal Mart where we ran into Cale and Jason with fullll carts! I spent almost $200 on food, bedding, pillows, toiletries, etc. It was a lot but i won't have to buy the big things again so it's all good. We met some nice english girls on teh ay back and split a cab. After that we met back up wtih Cale and Jason and the 4 of us ventured to Downtown Disney (it's a strip of shops, restuarants, shows etc) and had dinner at Raglan Road. It was delicious but really filling and they had a live band and a dancer! She was really impressive. it was an irish place and I'd definately go back. Then we wandered through the stores, the have the biggest disney store in the world and some really cool toy and clothing stores but we aren't buying anything until we have our discount! Then I just came home, rang the parents and eventually went to sleep. Although it wasn't the best sleep as it takes time getting use to sharing a room.
Today we had a meeting at 8:45am to fill out some papers then we went to Vista to get our Housing IDs. My picture is definately not beautiful, and there is a huge UNDER 21 on it haha. We were just playing guitar hero at Jaime's and then some people went for a swim. I was going to work on getting the rest of my stuff away but someone is sleeping in there so I may go relax by the pool until we have another meeting for something at 3. After I think I'm going to try and get a cell phone and then I'll send you all my number.
Things are good! The Commons are beautiful and I can't believe we're going to be here for an entire year. I just met another housemate, Julie from Norway. They get the prettiest costumess!!!! I think it'll all really hit me Saturday when we get our park passes and go to the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Cale's never been and I haven't been since I was twelve so both of us are dying to get in there!~
I'll try to upload some pictures when I can!

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Grumpy said...

Wow! Sounds awesome. How is the weather? Must be pretty nice if you're lounging at the pool! Inquiring minds want to know.