Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yah, yah, i's only been 5 months...

So I can barely remember what I did last Sunday let alone 5 months ago, but I'm going to try and break things down a bit since my return from Canada sooo long ago. Some key points and things that have happened....We'll go by month:)
August: Amy and her mum Lisa came and visited florida. They stayed at disney for a couple days then i went up to Daytona Beach with them for a couple days. It was sunny and we tanned and Lisa made some unbelieveably delicious food! I rarely cook, so having real food was fantastic. We went to go shopping after we dropped off the rental car and got crazy lost hiking around in the heat. It was quite the journey but we finally found a bus stop that took us back to where we needed to be...the hotel! We had this incredible view of the ocean.. the only thing between our room and the ocean was the pool!
In August I also started dating Barry. I wasn't going to write anything about him but 4 1/2 months later we're still together, and he's one of the main people I've done things with the last couple months. He's also Canadian from Ontario.
In the beginning of September Barry and I stayed at Animal Kingdom Lodge in a savannah room. It was sooo much fun! We sat on the balcony and watched a giraffe lay down to sleep 25 feet from us! There were tons of zebras as well and this big ox/cow like things haha. They also had really good breads and dips from room service! get it! it's yummy :)
At the end of September Barry and I went to Miami for 4 days. We left after work and drove at night and were so tired we slept on the side of the road for a bit. yikes! We were trying to maximize time there by leaving as soon as we could, but we ended up being too sleepy from work. We had so much fun though, our hotel was on a boardwalk along south beach and we slept on the beach, played in the waves, rented a skidoo! ate on ocean drive, went shopping (yay) and just hung out. We had a really high room on the ocean side so it had a great view! Probably one of the best trips i`ve been on.
I don`t really remember October...I`m sure we did something. I think we stayed at the boardwalk (resort). It was gorgeous as well. We watched the first Hockey night in canada of the year at ESPN zone on the boardwalk. We waited forever to get a booth, and when we changed the channel to hockey on our tables personal tv we got booed by the college football fans! They`re nuts!!
November we went on a Disney Cruise!!!! It was a 4 night cruise and went to the bahamas (nassau) and castaway cay - disney`s private island! The food was yummy, the cast were friendly, the sun was fantastic and we had a room with a little deck so that was cool! We met some other really nice cast members that dined at our table as well as this family from tennesse (i think) that were so funny and nice. The people from the south always seem so friendly. By south i mean georgia and tennesse and even some texans..i know, i thought i`d never say it. That doesn`t mean they all are, but i`ve never been called ma`am and thanked so many times then when i have a southern table. Although they do have their opposites who demand plenty of A1 sauce and drink unsweet tea is if it`s going to disappear off the earth any second.
December was a rough month. Some of my favourite people left the program and it was really really hard to go back to work without them. Then christmas away from the family was really tough as well. We rarely are all together, so it was tough missing a time when we could have been. I love my family so so much. I worked december 24th, 25th, and 26th so it wasn`t much of a holiday. Then i also worked dec. 31st and jan. 1st. We sat until 10:50pm on new years eve so it was a late night but luckily my last table left right as the fireworks were starting so Barry, Aliiyah, Sam, Melanie and I went out and watched them. It was crazy spectacular! They set fireowrks off from behind the different countries in the order in which they celebrated new years and then had this countdown and went crazy from when new years hit america! The amount of ppl was crazyyyy but they were all pretty happy. Guests were a lot nicer and happier New Years eve then they were Christmas day. I know i focused mainly on trips, but i've been working all this time as well, and missed lots of other things I've done too. I went to Tampa with Jadrian and Jessica for a weekend to see So You think you can dance in october (i think) and we got our fortunes told! I went to a hockey game that Kim's Dad (Brad Lazarowich) was lineman in and we went downstairs afterwards and stayed over in the presidental suite at the marriot! It was crazy huge and soooo nice! I do have pictures of most of these things, but they are all in random places. I'll put them all together when i get home.
Home. sooooo freaky of a concept. This has become home to me and going back to Canada is a scary concept. I love it here and can't believe i have only 2 1/2 short months left.
This weekend coming up i'm going to Boston with my friend Melissa, and perhaps Washington, DC the weekend after and Chicago the weekend after that! Auntie Mary and Co. are coming down the first week of February and then i'm going to Mardi Gras (New Orleans) February 15th. Then just a month until this dream is complete. Time has gone so fast, but I've done some incredible things, met people that have changed my life and still have a lot left to do! I'll attempt to write something else before i leave, haha, but knowing me you'll just have to wait and see:)