Friday, March 27, 2009

Throw in/Magic Kingdom/Universal

Yes i truly intend to tell you about all threee of this incredible things all in one blog! whoaaa! However i'm so tired it's crazy so i may have to detail-ify this post more later when i add photos (my camera battery is at the moment charging so i can take more pics and then post them for your lovely selves). So wednesday night we new canadians were invited for pizza with Julie (julia? sorry!! i'm awful at names!) and michelle and they sort of greeted us, answered questions, and we just generally hung out. Then we went over to another apartment and.. i can't actually tell you what happens. It was really exciting though and made me really happy to be here and happy to be canadian with all these amazing people.
Thursday we didn't have to meet until 1215 so i had a nice (and much needed) lie in. I feel constantly tired here, and i know it's partically because i have low iron/b12 but it's also just that ppl here get up so early and stay up all night. it's crazy! Anyways we had some paperwork to sign, were checked that we met the disney look guidelines (i do) then Heather's big sister Janna took Heather, Cale and I to the Magc Kingdom!!!! It was Cale's first time and he was so excited it was awesome to be there with him, and i was obviously completely pumped as well! We went on the TTA, Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, tea cups, mickey's philharmagic, barnstormers (or something like that) and had a character dinner with Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet!! They come around and meet you while you dine.It was so much fun! We watched some of Spectro Magic (night parade that's all lit up) and then when we were on big thunder mountain the fireworks were going and it was just unbelieveable.
Today we had off so we 8 canadians met at 8 (except jason who slept through 2 alarms haha) and went to Universal Studios/islands of adventure!!! I got a florida resident year pass for 100$ so it was a pretty good deal as usually for one day at both parks it's 119. We also bought this fast pass ticket so we pretty much rode every major ride in the 2 parks!! We started on hulk and Cassandra was not a rollercoaster person so it was really fun taking her on it. She did all the coaster and i'm pretty sure now loves them! haha. We got absolutely soaked on a few rides and were laughing so much and just had the best time together. It's crazy becoming such good friends with people so fast, but we've been thrown into this together and spent so much time together already and we all just mesh really well. It's amazing. We all have different personalities and are from different places yet I love spending time together and we get on so well! It's mindblowing to think that i'm going to be spending the next year of my life with these people in this place working, going to parks, seeing shows - and people are always up for doing things!
Tomorrow we have to meet at 615am for Traditions, this big day at Disney University, and our first official day of work! We get our name tags and main gate passes!!!! Afterwards some people are going to the Hollywood Studios and some are going to Universal to see Kelly Clarkson for freeee! I'm pretty torn because I really want to go to the park, but I also probably won't get a free chance at kelly clarkson again. So I'll let you know what I decide. Anyways sorry if this was kind of random but I really need to sleep!
loveee you all!

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Grumpy said...

Very cool! You are really getting around. Those coasters sound amazing. Not my cup of tea mind you. I think I prefer the tea cups!

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