Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Canada Day! plus...

Happy Canada Day!!!!
So it was probably my favourite Canada day ever, which we all thought was kind of funny as we were celebrating in the States, although that could have added a lot to it. It was so cool being with Canadians from all over the country celebrating how much we love our country in another country. It made me feel really close to everyone. So in the morning we started off with pancakes and mimosas (for those of age) at Julie and Alyssa's apartment! It was so much fun and really got everyone in the spirit!! Then we caught the bus/a cab to Epcot and started our journey around the world in Canada. We watched the movie and then had Mercedes and Cherish's sing out at the restuarant.

Then Julia and i had dinner at Le Cellier, aka work, and were served by Spencer, Julia's boyfriend/a super cool baller. Both Julia and Spencer have been unreal to me since i started serving and help me out alot/give me pep talks haha. Julia had the filet and i had spinach gatinee with plain elbow pasta and mixed them together - yum! Then Ju went hom eand i joined up with all the other Canadians who had been drinking around the world. After hanging out in Mexico for a bit some of us went back to Canada to watch Chris' last speil in the attraction. Chris is this super brilliant, really great guy who is leaving early to go to university (western! yike! haha. i look past that) and it's sd because he's such an important part of our pavilion. He did the I Am Canadian speil outside the theatre and then this incredible speil inside. For attractions they can say anything they want in there last speil and Chris was no let down.

He said some really important things, plus a lot of things you wish you could say to guests everyday but definately can't lol. It was fantastic. Next we caught the end of Off Kilter (the canadian celtic rock band) and caught up with the rest of the Canadians. We caught a bus/cab home and later went out to Sun on the Beach. There was a hilarious michael jackson competition between presidents of the different countries drinking teams and Michelle, Canada's president, won!! Exciting! She gets to have a VIP party sometime or something. haha. It was just a really fun day with some incredible people. Oh! and we met up with a lot of Canadians that work in other parks (on the International college program) and one of them was this guy Kyle that i went to Queen's with and he lived 2 floors down from me in first year!! It was so crazy running into him and then realizing who he was and how i knew hiM! it was awesome!!!
Since then I've worked a couple more AM shifts and have made no money! It's really frusterating going in there, working hard and then coming out with nothing! I'm going to trya dn work a bit more, pick up some PM shifts (if they'll let me become mids, they're trying to not have as many) and hopefully start saving some real money.

Yesterday, July 4th (America's Independence Day), i worked an AM. When i got off, with Chantal and Heather, we went home, changed (well i fell asleep on Heather's couch for a bit) and then we came back to the park with Ashley brown. We went to Morrocco then ate at work - again! We had Lindsay and it was her first day! At 10 we went out to watch the fireworks. They had Illuminations like normal,and then a special American fireworks show. It was the first time i've really stood and watched Illuminations while i've been here (besides half watching while working popcorn/seeing parts of it canada day) and it made me really homesick and miss my Mum a lot. She's in love with fireworks so whenever i watch them i think of her anyways, but Illuminations is all about coming together and how even though we're from all different places and speak all different languages and believe different things and think differently we are all one in the end, and share one earth. It makes me emotional haha. I loveee it.
But I am definately feeling the distance from the Family right now. Gareth's mum is visiting from England meeting the family and I just wish so much that i could be there too. I miss the famiy afternoons by the pool swimming laughing and having a good time together. I'm so glad I'm here, and I love it here, but I definately miss my family. I love you guys!!
Anyways, tomorrow I work in the morning then have to try and find an outfit for girls. It's 80's neon which isn't the easiest, but it'll make me think. I'll let you all know if i come up with something good!

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Grumpy said...

Hey Ms Patriotic!

Sounds like you had an awesome Canada Day. I've enjoyed your recent blogging and pictures. Keep up the good work!

We all miss you very much here,as well. All the guests are gone, now, and we're back to our usual quiet ways until next weekend when Kevin and Sherry will be here for MusicFest.

Our great weather has moved on, as well, at least for now. Last evening the clouds rolled in and we were woken up in the night by brilliant flashes of lightning and booming crashes of thunder. The rain was torrential. It's supposed to rain all week and clear up for the weekend, so we have our fingers crossed.

You take care now, you hear!

The Grumpster