Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday to Saturday

This is going to be short and fast because i don't have too long but i want to get it done.
Tuesday I had off. I went to the pool with Cassandra, then went to Kristens and the three of us plus Craig all hung out. We went to wendy's then came back and watched Laguna Beach for way too many hours. Megan and some other people came home afterwards and we all hung out until we went to Jenn's throw out. I'm pretty sure I've talked about Throw outs, but it's when the person is leaving and they give things and titles away. It was really sad because it was unexpected. Jenn's an incredible girl and was so vivacious and fun and I really wish I'd gotten to know her better. She threw down the best friends title to Cassandra and I, symbolized by stuffies of the characters from Madagascar. So i guess we have to be friends now. haha. It was definately an emotional night.
Wednesday I worked until 5 seating and then it was Craig's birthday so we went to McDonalds and then to Kristen's. Then from there we had Throw In where I was flag girl. I don't really know the point of it, except that i waved a Canadian flag. The real flag girl, Chelsey was in New York. I got a little sister Sam at the Throw in too. Mainly I just help her out if she has questions and advise her in her life choices. haha. I've never had a little sister - exciting.
Thrusday I didn't work until 4:30 which was good because I wasn't feeling so hot. I was popcorn stocking and since the regular cart is getting reno-ed it was kind of wierd stocking the new one. It has an unreal front row view of Illuminations though as well as a few of Off Kilter, the canadian celtic rock band, so that's amazing. After work i hung out at matt's with some canadians.
Friday, yesterday, I was PM seating. It seemed kind of rushed and sketchy and the computers went down for a bit, but by the end everything was caught up and good so it was fine. when I got home I just cleaned my room (it was awful) and then started to learn my menu for serving. We have to be able to speil the entire thing! Then Lise, my roommate, came home and we talked for a while before sleeping.
Today was my culinary day so i spent it in the Kitchen. It was nice getting to know the kitchen cast members a bit better plus they were really impressive. they work sooo hard! I got to taste anything I wanted and had way too much foood! Lots of desserts and sides. I got lipped for being a vegetarian working in a steakhouse. It was good times though.
Now i'm just chatting with Amers, Jenn and Kelly on Skype. Amazing.

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