Saturday, April 4, 2009

Popcorn Close Plus

Hey! So 2 days ago I trained on closing popcorn along with Heather again. Tyler trained us and it was so much fun! Kristen, Craig and Kelly were also working, so there were a lot of us and we got to have fun because of it. We danced to marching bands that went around the world showcase and gave out lots of stickers. Illuminations started at 9 and there I was standing beside a wonderfilled 3 year old boy and his dad watching this incredible fireworks and it hit me that this is my job! It blows my mind. I'm so greatful and happy right now! I know there are going to be long days but right now it's all good. After work we went out to Bennigan's and had a great time with a bunch of people.
Yesterday Cassandra, Matt and I went to Typhoon Lagoon. I burnt my shoulders pretty nicely. It was really fun though, they have this crazy wave pool that every 60 or 90 seconds or something like that it lets out this huge wave! It's pretty unreal! haha. It also has this crazy waterslide rollercoaster thing that you sit on the tube but and go down the slide but then it also pushed you up hills as well. It was really fun and cool because the 3 fo us could go together. Then we snorkeled through a reef with lots of fishes and sharks and mantarays. Overall a good time except Cassandra lot her sunglasses. Afterwards Matt got to go to a Magic game (basketball for those who don't know their sports teams) playing the Cavaliers (sp?) and Cass and I went to Cici's for dinner. It's this $5.99 all you can eat pizza buffet and I felt so sick afterwards! We ate tooo much! lol. Afterwards we went to Magic Kingdom, rode Space Mountain because it's closing soon, then went to Downtown Disney because the Virgin store is closing so apparently thre are crazy deals (we didn't see too much we wanted on our budget hah) and then we got some ice cream, came back to the Commons, went to Cale's for a bit then home. Lise (my roommate) had just gotten back from Daytona so we talked for a bit then went to sleep as she had to work at 7 this morning. She's leaving in a month and we get along really well. It'll be wierd living with someone else, she's so easy going and nice! Today I think we're going to check out some Animals at the kingdom then to epcot then to universal to see MC Hammer! Yes that's right, im' going to MC Hammer. wow. I have tomorow off as well, but will probably take it easy then work Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and have next sunday/monday off.

I haven't taken any photos lately so those were just some randoms. The guy in the picture with me is Cale, it was his first trip to the Magic Kingdom. I'll try to bring the camera today!

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