Sunday, March 8, 2009

3...7...15 Days!

3 Days left of work!
7 Days left in BC!
15 Days until Disney!

I'm getting soooooo excited! Oh myyyy word! The next 3 days i'm working and have my last workout classes with my Mum. It's been fun getting to spend that extra bit of time together the last couple of months. This past weekend was really fun, i spend some time with my sister, shopped with my mum, had a really fun lunch date with my grandparents, and had a great girls night with my friends. We had some bubbly and girl talk. awesome!
During lunch with my grandparents they were talking about the last time they visited Disney in 2002. My Grandma isn't too well and when they were down there she used an electric chair to get around. She told me about how when she was tired, or feeling grumpy the young cast member's smiles and excitement became contagious and she coudln't help but feel happier. My grandparents talked about how helpful they were and kind to them whenever they tried to go on a ride or watch a show and would zip them in the exits or move the chair to where she would come out. My grandma told me that some days it'll be tough and I won't feel like smiling anymore, or answering another ridiculous question, and that I should just think of her and how just the smile on a young cast members face could turn her whole day around. And to think of the incredible memories I'll be helping to create for soo many people every single day. I'm going to miss my Grandma every single day, but know that she's almost as excited about this as I am.
It's kinda of a crazy huge thing we're doing. Parents save for years to be able to afford to take their families to Florida, and kids dream about it everyday. We're the ones who welcome them once they arrive and work to make that trip more than anything they could've imagined. Yah, I'm kind of corny. But I'm so pumped to be a Cast Member!
So this next week is the end of work, some more goodbyes, packing, cleaning, more packing, a weekend with the family, brunch with friends and then flying to Toronto!
Toronto includes time with the Aunts, a night in St. Cathrine's with Aly, a night in Kingston, a dinner with Heather (hint taken!!), a goodbye dinner in TO and then flying off to DISNEYWORLD, ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!!

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Heather said...

Yes to the BOOTS! I am packing my cowboy Boots! SO YES TO THE BOOTS!!!!!