Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Soooo I had service training last week. During training you work an AM, then 2 PMs then a last AM and during that AM you have an assessment. So my first day of training i had Mariah as my trainer. We got there for 915 and started did folders. For all training except food running you have to do folders reviewing what you've learned and such. The frist day Mariah did all the greeting of tables and i just helped bring drinks out, bus, watched how the computers worked, all those type of things. We were training in Nova Scotia. The second day I had Mariah as well and this time I had to have my own table the whole night! We were in Ontario and I was suppose to have a 4 top and a 2 top, but they kept making the whole middle section a 10 top so i only had the one table. I was soooo nervous, I tried to make Mariah greet at least the first one then i would go, but she said no dice and made me do it all. I was so nervous and sped through my greeting spiel. But as the night went things got a lot easier and less freaky and i even kind of enjoyed a few of the people. Mariah helped me plug everything into the computers and held my papers until it was time to bank out. The next morning I was with Emily in Saskatchewan. Sask. is two 4 tops and a 6 top. I was in charge of the 6 top and one of the 4s, until they turned the two 4s into a 7 and i had the whole section! The day went pretty well and Emily helped me out a lot. The next morning i was so sooo nervous for. It was not only my assessment day, i had to have my whole own section, but i was also training with Lauren. Lauren is a perminent server who is married to Jason (Jay) one of our expeditors. She is very to the point and some may say at times, harsh. So I got to work extra early to make sure there was no way i could be late. When i got there Lauren was on the phone a lot as was Jay and it turns out he had dropped his wallet the night before so they were trying to freeze all their banking. Lauren also had to train me, and open the whole restuarant at the same time. Then someone called in so Lauren had my section, plus a whole other 4 table section! Then for my assessment it started off as one manager, Janice, then 2 chefs came, then our area manager kept coming around, then our other manager, it was freaky! Overall it went okay and i passed!!!! Lauren was incredible and i really appreciated everything she did for me. She pushed me to be beyond perfect so that every day afterwards would be so much easier. I have so so much respect for her. So i became a server! That day a food runner also called in, so they extended me to food run that afternoon. Friday i had off, but can't actually remember what i did! yikes! haha. I'm sure it was something good... anyways then Saturday i had to food run again because of people on vacation etc. Sooo Sunday was my first service shift! Greg was otherwise occupied (in key west) so we had traded shifts so i was a mid, meaning i work all day! It was really stressful and people were mainly really helpful and great. However there was one server who works here all the time that is so full of himself and things he runs the place that wasn't so friendly. It's really frusterating when people who could do their job in their sleep won't be nice or even empathetic to someone who is brand new and freaking out and then talks about team spirit. Anyways, everyone else was fantastic and really I can't do anything about this guy so i just try to stay far away from him and not let him get under my skin. The next day i was only suppose to be an AM, but not extended to work all day. It went alright but i felt like my section was empty alot. Each day gets litle easier and goes a little smoother. Tuesday went really well and i felt good about it and today was good too. I was a PM in Northwest Territories. I had some good tables that were interesting to talk to.
Wednesday was Canada Day and was sooo much fun! i actually took my camera out for once so i have pictures! i'll update all about my adventures yesterday soon. I'm now working until next wednesday and then i have 2 days off and am staying at Coronado Springs with Michelle and Ashley!!!! I'm sooo excited!!! Tomorrow I'm a 1015 though, so i should get to sleep.
love you family, miss you lots!

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