Friday, March 30, 2012

Vegan Carrot Cupcakes & Pinotage

I'm sitting in my flat eating a vegan carrot cupcake, watching Winnie the Pooh and drinking a south african pinotage. I also am realizing that I have so many incredible things to share, and haven't shared any of them.  Lets recap the last week alone...Last Friday and Saturday we stayed in a Boardwalk Inn Villa for my boyfriend Kyle's birthday.  We went for dinner at Bistro de Paris in the France pavilion and had an incredible bottle of wine with a delicious meal.  We went to lunch the next day at Le Cellier and had another delicious meal (which we were all extra excited for because it was the new menu!) and I surprised Kyle with a huge intense chocolate cake! It had a huge solid white chocolate mickey on it, was painted with gold on the chocolate flakes around the edges. It was pretty! We then drank around the world, watched fireworks, went to a duelling piano bar on the boardwalk and had a bunch of friends over! It was a great celebration. Sunday I worked in the evening, Monday I worked in the evening as well.  Tuesday morning I had a wonderful shift with amazing guests, then came home and spent the evening with my fantastic Scottish roommate Lindsay pal and watched...the end of the Muppets, moulin rouge, oliver and company and tangled with yummy wine and beer and pizza! Wednesday I worked in the morning again and then went with Kyle to Wonderworks..a silly "science world'-esque place where we saw how long we could keep our hands in titantic temperature waters, felt what the shakes of an earthquake are like and the winds of a hurricane. We found our respective homes and high schools on google earth and walked through a spinning tunnel that made you feel like you were falling everywhere! The highlight was actually the huge bubbles! We were able to pull them over out bodies and be INSIDE the bubbles! It was pretty fun! haha.

Thursday was my day off and I ran some errands, sent my school some papers and then met a friend for a glass of wine by the water in Celebration. We sat outside and people watched before heading for dinner at Jiko in Animal Kingdom Lodge. It was so delicious! They have an entire vegetarian AND vegan menu! Score! I don't know how I've never been here before! (Also may be where the pinotage is from...) we ended up in the pool and hot tub and spent the night thanks to my fantastic friend! So much fun!

We got late check out this morning (sleeping in until 12:30 in the comfiest huge bed ever? YES PLEASE!) and I went shopping at...Whole Foods! They sell soygurt which is my favourite breakfast! I bought some things for a cute dinner as well.  I cooked dinner for Kyle and I tonight...burgers (meat for him, veggie for me) and green beans and got a little dessert even (raspberry sorbet...yum!).  We watched a lousy movie too! haha. I remember being excited to see Couple's Retreat in the theatre..I'd forgotten being disappointed in it.

Tomorrow I work at 1015 and then six of us are going to Tampa for the Lightning vs. Jets Hockey Game!! I will never be a Jets fan, but I can tell you soo many things about them haha. But can you believe that that's just one week of life! Of course most weeks aren't this full of crazy fun, but a lot are.  There was one week where we hit all the different parks in one week not long ago and it's just so fantastic and wonderful. It really makes you sit back and realize how incredibly special it is here.

I love Disney. Can't wait to make magic tomorrow :)