Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Bad!

So food running makes you crazy. You work all day, get crazy tired, then try to have a life as well, and pretty much end up not being able to talk to anyone or get anything done that you need to! I moved in with my french-canadian friend Patricia a while ago and still haven't unpacked because i've been working or visiting with Mum and Carrie or trying to have some fun with friends! Things have been going pretty great. I've gotten so crazy behind I'm going to shorten things, but here goes.
So Carrie and Mum came to visit the same week I started food running. Food running you work about 10 hours a day constantly running entrees, desserts, apps, drinks, bread, spoons, bussing tables, setting them, putting bread in and out of the ovens, putting away dishes and doing anything else asked by a server or cook or manager. It was a bit stressful at first trying to "carrie" (hehe) the big dinner plates but by the second or third table it's all good. I've never dropped anything yet and only delivered one kids fruit salad to the wrong table. My bad! I think it's been going pretty well besides that. I have to be honest and say the best part of food running is definately the money. In one day you make more than you would in a whole week on podium/popcorn so it makes the tired feet, stressful guests and angry servers nearly worth it.
Carrie and Mum's visit was amazing! It was so great to be able to get a mini vacation from the Commons and get to hang out with the family! Unfortunately i worked a bunch of the days they were here, but we still got time in the mornings and evenings, and my friends and managers helped out and got me an extra day and a half off to spend with them! We ate a character breakfast at Crystal Palace with Whinnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger, but unfortunately we were sat half and hour past our reservation time and only got to eat for 30 minutes. Good food though! We also got to eat at work, which i really wanted, because I wanted Mum and Carrie to see where i was everyday and i got to point out who a lot of people were so they could put names to faces! I know i talk about people a lot with just there names, but it'd be so hard to try to explain everyone. sorry!!! It was so hard each morning hanging out with mum and carebear for a short time and then having to leave them to go to work. Mum also got really sick while she was down here, but man, what a trooper! She did so much with us anyways and was amazing! We went to Cirque de Soleil's La Nouba and it was unbelieveably amazing! They are such talented people and i can't wait to go again sometime. it's really good! everyone should go! We also ventured to SeaWorld one day and Carrie and I rode Manta! Sooooo good! it's a rollercoaster that you go face down in and is so much fun! The next day we did Universal Studios and islands of Adventure! We only got to ride the mummy once but it's definately my favourite ride there.
All in all their trip here was amazing and I'm so sooo glad they came! I love both so much and it's hard not knowing when you'll see the people who matter the most to you. All the rest of my family - i miss you sooo mmuch!
Since then i've just been food running like crazy. I've had a couple pretty amazing days off including mini golf, shopping, dining in the UK pavilion, general hanging out and craziness!
I'm sorry this update is sooo bad and quick. I say it all the time but I really feel like i'll have a bit more time to actually update now. Today I unpacked most of my things finally, went to walmart with Jessica and am trying to make the apartment not look like a train wreck. It's crazy hot out so i might go swimming in a bit too.
Thats all for now:) Sorry again and I'll try!!

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Kimmmmmmmmber said...

Hi Katie! Congrats on your progression up the DisneyWorld ladder!! Glad you had a nice visit with Carrie and Mummy. I think your blogs are great. You should save them into Word docs and collect them and one day write a book! I'm experienced at memoirs now :) Love ya. -Kim