Monday, May 25, 2009

This is what DisneyWorld is all About

So I had four days off, a back to back that I hadnt requested so i was a bit worried about what I was going to do with all this time off. However this weekend turned out to be some of the best times i've had here. Let's start with Friday..

Friday morning I woke up absurdly early and went to Breakfast at Tusker House in the Animal Kingdom with David, Rebecca, Heather, Cale, Lindsay and Chantal. It's themed beautifully and was a character buffet! So not only was the company great, the food was great and we got to meet Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald..all dressed up in safari gear!! It was fantastic! Then some people had to go to work and the rest of us rode the safari. We saw so many animals including not only the guy lion, but the female too! and monkeys!! Then we did dinosaur and david, chantal and rebecca went in it's tough to be a bug. I can't deal with that show, i hate it and won't do it haha. then as we were leaving for hollywood it started to downpour!!! It rained so soo hard! we were totally drenched. Driving there were huge puddles that went up the side of the car and it was freaky! and the thunder! oh my goodness! the thunder is so loud and scary sometimes. We got to hollywood studios, totally soaking, and went to the American Idol Experience. Rebecca and David had signed up for it and Chantal and I were allowed to go with them. it was actually way cooler than i thought. We toured all the back areas, we were on stage singing, met some cool people, heard some crazy back stage real american idol news. I don't know if i'm not suppose to say what he told us... next we had dinner at Hollywood and Vine then we went on Toy Story Mania which is the most fun ride. I'm getting not bad at it. We drove home, changed, picked up some more people, and 11 of us went bowling! Kind of random but such good times! It was 10 pin which i think is so cool because i only grew up with 5 pin. then some of us met up with other canadians and went to Bahama Breeze! It was a nice atmosphere but the service was awful. Afterwards I went to Ashley's and her meesh and i had a sleeepover. It was such a great day! Saturday I woke up, came home, and hung out with johnny. we had to go to epcot for him to speil the menu because he started service training monday. Then we went to hollywood studios, rode rock n roller coaster in the back row (so good) and tower of terror. We went back to epcot, visited cass and jason in the store, then went and rode living with the land. It's a tour through greenhouses, and really slow! we then did finding nemo and turtle talk with crush, went outside and it guessed it...pouring!!! Crazy pouring! Walking through it it was up to my ankles at some points!!!! We got back to caanda and johnny went home with jason and i went to see michelle until it was dinner time! We had reservations at Beirgarten in Germany! It was Michelle, David, Pierre-Luc, Craig, Kristen, Kelly and I. A good group of people having a fantastic meal (yes i found things to eat in meatland) and when we finished it finally wasn't raining again!!!! I came home, so tired, tired to watch a movie but fell asleep.
Sunday morning i was up early again this time for Breakfast at the Polynesian at Kona Cafe with Heather to celebrate getting into food running! It was really delicious and i was so glad it wasn't a buffet! My puppies name is Kona though, so seeing it everywhere made me miss her! haha. Then i came back to the commons, went shopping for a special item with Michelle, then back to hollywood studios for star wars weekend with heather, rebecca and lindsay! i was pretty skeptical but i twas coo! we saw warwick (i forget his last name) but he's professor flickwick from harry potter and a ewok! it was coool. and this guy ray parks who plays darth maul was doing all these unreal martial (sp?) arts, flipping everywhere and stuff. and he was gorgeous! haha. It was awesome. I slept over at Ashley's again that night with Michelle tooo. Monday Meesh (michelle), Jaime and I went to Panera beard (jason was suppose to come but we couldn't find him!) then when we finally did get a hold of him we went to Epcot for a bit then Magic Kingdom. Jaime then proposed to Michelle in front of the castle, and Jason proposed to me! At first I said no and threw the ring at him, haha, but then he tried again and i said okay! We got just engaged buttons, (todd and alyssa came too!) and we all hung out in the park for a bit riding splash mountain and pirates. Then we hopped the monorail back to Epcot and Alyssa and I had quick service Chinese. It was sooooo yummy! I'm in love with tofu! We went back to the Commons (our housing complex) where we got ready for Girls. The theme was service industry so i dressed as a sheriff, and we partied with the Mexican guys. It was so much fun they were really nice!
That was the end of my days off but it was the most incredible time. When i pictured what it would be like down here, i didn't picture all the drama and crazy things that go on, i pictured days like these ones, in and out of the parks, hanging out with great friends doing crazy fun things:) It made me never want to leave!
Tuesday I worked in the afternoon bussing tables. We were about 200 people over booked int he restaurant because of the new reservation system so it was hectic! But of course we all pulled together and did great.
Wednesday I was pm greeter and got tricked by a lady who said they had missed there reservation and if there was anything i could do her family was going to kill her because she said the wrong time and all these things. that she would wait an hour or more. So i went and asked our assignor Frances and she said fine fine, but give them an hour wait. I did that, and then a few minutes later Frances said they tried to look her up and she never actually had a reservation! I should have looked when i was talking to her in the cleared list, but i never expect people to lie to me! I don't know why. So I told the lady we actually couldn't accommadate her party because they never had a reservation. She was not pleased! But Frances dealt with her:) So if you read this and are looking for a reservation dont lie to us!! We will realize. and most people would have checked when you are suppose to haha.
Thrusday was my last popcorn shift!! I was extra tragic floater meaning i was suppose to work until midnight just helping stock and serve. However it started raining lots and we were off at 9! But then we coudln't find the keys to the cart so we spent an hour trying to get a hold of Nykki who had been on the cart with me earlier and accidentally took home the keys! She realized though and brought them back so it was alllll goood. It wasn't too eventful of a shift but i never have to wear culottes again!
Friday, yesterday, was my last greeter shift! However i moved things around and actually just bussed again all day with David. We were both suppose to be on 11-5, but got extended through dinner until 9. After work i came home and got ready for Julia's a stretch Hummer!! We will first address the environmental issues - yes i felt awful about being in not just a hummer, but a stretch hummer limo thing. however, that's where her birthday was and i have to be a good friend:) hehe. There were 20 of us and it was sooo much fun. the hummer was realllly nice and we drove out to Cocoa Beach and most people went swimming! I didn't get in the water but had a great time at the beach! The ride home i fell asleep - we didn't get back until 4am!
Today is my last seater shift! I'm working 1130 until 830 then perhaps going to Cowboys tonight. It's this country western bar where you can be under age and they have the most insane line dancers!!!! They're soooo goood! I went once a long while ago and tonight is Cheslea's last.
There are some reallly good people leaving soon. When people leave they obviously have to do all the things they love one last time so we try and respect and go to all the lasts that we can. Unfortuantely last night i missed Allie's last bowling! She's such an incredible girl and I love that group of friends sooooo much! It's tough deciding what to do sometimes - there is so much going on!
Mum and Carrie come on Monday and I'm soooo soooo sooo excited! I can't believe i'm going to see them!!!!!! and I start food running tuesday! What a weeek!
I promise pictures this week! tomorrow perhaps? loveeee

Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the rain rain rain falls down down down..

So it's been raining like crazyy!!! Yesterday I was on popcorn so i was expecting to get a call telling me not to come in. However it never came as it was wierdly sunny in he morning. I went into work, worked for 20 minutes and then we had to close down...because of rain! We went backstage, folded napkins for a bit and then Christina, our manager, told us to close up the cart for the night. It just so happened to be pouring at this point so we got absolutely drenched!!!! Amanda and I ran around the corner to go back on stage right as a huge lightening struck the building and the kitchen lost power. it was crazy. Although we missed it all because we were getting soaked. So i clocked out about and hour and a half after i got to work which was kind of annoying. I came home hung out with cass, patricia and ashley then went to jaime's with meesh and matt and chelsea and alyssa then to buffalo wild wings with more people. I'd never been, it was alright, they had kareoke which was interesting. Today i work at 330 until 930 then have 4 days off!! It'll be nice. Anyways, just a short update but at least i did one! haha. Mum and Carrie arrive in 11 days! and i go into food running may 31st! yay!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raining & Speiling

Wow, Im' awful at this. I'm so busy! all the time Busy busy busy! I don't know why. So this past week i studied the menu a lot and then last wednesday I speiled to our manager Jeff. I was so nervous, he made me speil every single thing on the menu (except a few random things, like roasted mushrooms and asparagus, which are served just like that) so i was definately glad i studied so much. He passed me so then i just had to spiel to one more manager. Saturday I finally got the chance to speil to Janice and I was even more nervous because people said she was hard to spiel to and asked lots of tricky questions. However it wasn't soo bad and i passed her too!! So i'm going into Food running!!!!! It's really exciting. I think i'm getting put in in the first weeks of June and then you food run for 3 weeks, and then go into service training/serving! We aren't even suppose to be able to speil for 3 months so it's really exciting that im going to be serving before my 3 months even arrives. We are losing soo many incredible people in the next few months it's going to be really hard. I'm trying to spend as much time with them as i can and stay away from the crazy all consuming drama which is the Commons. Yesterday I had a class at Disney University with Heather, Todd and Ali, and on our way home we decided to eat at Le cellier. It was soooo delicious! I got the creamed spinach and put in on some plain kids noodles as the sauce (there aren't really many veggie options!) and it was absolutely fantastic!!! I'm sooo glad i caught Mercedes creating it a couple weeks ago. Today is also the first day of the new menu! We have switched out a lot of dishes, added an unreal dessert and poutine!! It'll be interesting to see how the americans react to the cheese fries and gravy thing. Although they do have chili fries everywhere here so it's kind of the same idea. I have a few days off at the end of these 9 in a row i'm working, so i'm looking forward to that. It's been raining like crazyyy lately! I was working popcorn the other day and we had to close early, so i got to clean the cart in pouring rain - just like home:) It's hilarious the army of ponchos that come out when it even just starts to look sketchy cloudy. I shoudl really take a photo. Carrie and Mum are going to be here in 13 days and i'm looking forward to it sooooo much! I made some dining reservations for us and i really hope they'll be able to eat at work so they can see what i do alll day everyday of my life here. haha. So I have to get going, but i'll try to update more. I know i type that everytime. but for reals! for reals! The beginning of 20 has been interesting so far, but i'm sure it'll just get better and better. Miss you all:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

ahh i'm so behind!

So things have been so crazy and busy lately that I'm way behind on this. But instead of trying to remember because there is no way i could, i'm just going to tell you about my birthday and then go from now. My birthday was Monday and it was pretty fun. 7 of us went out for a character breakfast at 1900 Park Fare and there was mary poppins, the mad hatter, alice, pooh bear and tigger. the food was good too although it's hard to eat a lot these days so i don't think we took full advantage haha. Then Cassandra, Alysha, Alex and I went to Clearwater beach. Alysha had rented a convertible so it was fun driving. I burnt my back and face pretty good, but that's just what i always seem to do. That night we had a big canadian party which was fun. Since then i've been working mainly and trying to learn my menu. Everyday the Disney bubble becomes more apparent and it's hard to remember what reality is like. We live here with no responsibilities, more money then you know what to do with (once you're a server) and you can lose sight of what you're here for and the fact that really when it comes down to it everyone is here for themselves. This place definately changes people. It can seem like we're in it together because we arrived together, but really we came alone, we'll leave alone and it's what you do in the middle that counts. I've been sick lately and it sucks because i can't see all the awesome people i work with everyday but i figure once it's gone i won't be sick again for a while right? and yes, i'm taking vitamins and being healthy! haha. I'll try and update more often, and i'm sorry for being so horrible at keeping in touch. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and cards btw!