Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of Week 1

Soooo I'm not too sure where i left off...going to Traditions? alright.
So after waking up beautifully early we got to Disney University and piled into classes. We learned so much about company history, the incredible parts of being a cast member (magical moments etc), the service basics and a lot of legal things. Overall it was pretty good, Anthony and Amanda - the trainers - were really nice and good at their jobs. It was cool getting to look at photos all around the building of young walt, different attractions, artistic renderings etc. It's an incredible building. Then 9 of us (some cans/brits) went to Universal to see Kelly! wooo! I hung out with Matt and Cassandra mainly until Matt got lost for 2 hours! it was so crazy and intense because there were thousands of people and he doesn't have a photo. Sunday we had food and beverage basics training. It was a lot of e-learning. We had to take an alcohol serving test and i passed! yeeeyah. Afterwards Heather and I went to hollywood studios were we rode a bunch of rides (TOT, rockin roller coaster, great movie ride etc) and saw some shows. It's her favourite park.
Monday we had training at epcot with our coordinator of training DJ. It was a lot of online courses.
Tuesday, we had Discovery Day at Epcot where we learned the history of the park, how it got from Walt's vision to what it is today, toured the park by foot and boat, road Spaceship earth (the ride in the huge ball), and then learned about culture a bit. After lunch we did some more safety training and got our costumes! yay costumes! haha. actually it was sooo unfun getting them. The sizes are a couple sizes bigger than you'd normally wear so it was harsh the things they made us try on. plus well, you will see a lovely picture of my costume soon i'm sure! After that cassandra heather and i went to downtown disney for a bit just looking around.
Bonus day! Yes, because I am soo bad at posting you geta bonus day to the rest of week one, the first day of week 2! and guess what?! it was my first day in the park!!
Today I started training on the popcorn cart with heather. We were trained on AM pcart by Tyler who is super nice. It went pretty well overall I think. I got into one really long conversation with a man and his daughter from Chicago. They were really nice and friendly and had an adorable puppy named buttercup who can stand on it's back legs and dance - how cool is that?! It was awesome getting to actually talk to and interact with guests and people visiting from Canada lovveeeee saying they're from Canada. And a lot of americans who live in the northern states tell you that as well. Like proximity makes them coool too haha. I kind of sunburnt the top of my forarms and because of the way the costume is it's just that little square that's bright red. awesome! A couple of us hung out at Matt's for a bit tonight and then Cassandra and I were going swimming. Tomorrow I don't start until 2 for the first time and it'll be bizzare sleeping past 6am. thank goodness!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Throw in/Magic Kingdom/Universal

Yes i truly intend to tell you about all threee of this incredible things all in one blog! whoaaa! However i'm so tired it's crazy so i may have to detail-ify this post more later when i add photos (my camera battery is at the moment charging so i can take more pics and then post them for your lovely selves). So wednesday night we new canadians were invited for pizza with Julie (julia? sorry!! i'm awful at names!) and michelle and they sort of greeted us, answered questions, and we just generally hung out. Then we went over to another apartment and.. i can't actually tell you what happens. It was really exciting though and made me really happy to be here and happy to be canadian with all these amazing people.
Thursday we didn't have to meet until 1215 so i had a nice (and much needed) lie in. I feel constantly tired here, and i know it's partically because i have low iron/b12 but it's also just that ppl here get up so early and stay up all night. it's crazy! Anyways we had some paperwork to sign, were checked that we met the disney look guidelines (i do) then Heather's big sister Janna took Heather, Cale and I to the Magc Kingdom!!!! It was Cale's first time and he was so excited it was awesome to be there with him, and i was obviously completely pumped as well! We went on the TTA, Pirates, Big Thunder, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, tea cups, mickey's philharmagic, barnstormers (or something like that) and had a character dinner with Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet!! They come around and meet you while you dine.It was so much fun! We watched some of Spectro Magic (night parade that's all lit up) and then when we were on big thunder mountain the fireworks were going and it was just unbelieveable.
Today we had off so we 8 canadians met at 8 (except jason who slept through 2 alarms haha) and went to Universal Studios/islands of adventure!!! I got a florida resident year pass for 100$ so it was a pretty good deal as usually for one day at both parks it's 119. We also bought this fast pass ticket so we pretty much rode every major ride in the 2 parks!! We started on hulk and Cassandra was not a rollercoaster person so it was really fun taking her on it. She did all the coaster and i'm pretty sure now loves them! haha. We got absolutely soaked on a few rides and were laughing so much and just had the best time together. It's crazy becoming such good friends with people so fast, but we've been thrown into this together and spent so much time together already and we all just mesh really well. It's amazing. We all have different personalities and are from different places yet I love spending time together and we get on so well! It's mindblowing to think that i'm going to be spending the next year of my life with these people in this place working, going to parks, seeing shows - and people are always up for doing things!
Tomorrow we have to meet at 615am for Traditions, this big day at Disney University, and our first official day of work! We get our name tags and main gate passes!!!! Afterwards some people are going to the Hollywood Studios and some are going to Universal to see Kelly Clarkson for freeee! I'm pretty torn because I really want to go to the park, but I also probably won't get a free chance at kelly clarkson again. So I'll let you know what I decide. Anyways sorry if this was kind of random but I really need to sleep!
loveee you all!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Helllo! So i arrived at the airport and Heather was already there, even though I'd thought i was crazy early. We talked for about 2 hours then got on the flight. It wasn't full so we ended up getting to sit together at the front of the plane so we were off fast, got our luggage quickly and got on shuttle to Vista Way where the welcome center is. We watched a wee movie then went through our packages with a guy named Mickey - no joke! He was really friendly, from texas. I guess he was just bornt o work for disney. Heather and I were both put in the Commons as are all the other arrives from our group so it's really nice we can all hang out easily. We were driven to our apartments, i'm in building 19 so it's a bit of a trek from the clubhouse/bus stop, but it'll be fine. My apartment has 6 girls in it, 2 Norwegians, 2 Japanese, a French girl and me. I am yet to met one of the norwegians and the french girl but the others I've met have been nice! It was a little overwhelming movingin with people who have been here a bit but it'll go alright I'm sure. The upside is that everything is decorated and we have a television and such. After unloading my stuff, Heather and I went to wal Mart where we ran into Cale and Jason with fullll carts! I spent almost $200 on food, bedding, pillows, toiletries, etc. It was a lot but i won't have to buy the big things again so it's all good. We met some nice english girls on teh ay back and split a cab. After that we met back up wtih Cale and Jason and the 4 of us ventured to Downtown Disney (it's a strip of shops, restuarants, shows etc) and had dinner at Raglan Road. It was delicious but really filling and they had a live band and a dancer! She was really impressive. it was an irish place and I'd definately go back. Then we wandered through the stores, the have the biggest disney store in the world and some really cool toy and clothing stores but we aren't buying anything until we have our discount! Then I just came home, rang the parents and eventually went to sleep. Although it wasn't the best sleep as it takes time getting use to sharing a room.
Today we had a meeting at 8:45am to fill out some papers then we went to Vista to get our Housing IDs. My picture is definately not beautiful, and there is a huge UNDER 21 on it haha. We were just playing guitar hero at Jaime's and then some people went for a swim. I was going to work on getting the rest of my stuff away but someone is sleeping in there so I may go relax by the pool until we have another meeting for something at 3. After I think I'm going to try and get a cell phone and then I'll send you all my number.
Things are good! The Commons are beautiful and I can't believe we're going to be here for an entire year. I just met another housemate, Julie from Norway. They get the prettiest costumess!!!! I think it'll all really hit me Saturday when we get our park passes and go to the Magic Kingdom for the first time. Cale's never been and I haven't been since I was twelve so both of us are dying to get in there!~
I'll try to upload some pictures when I can!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Canada Blog! Wow..

So i'm just going to give you a quick rundown of my weekend in Toronto/Kingston. It's been pretty busy and amazing being here. I love my TO family and getting to see my cousins grow up has been the most incredible thing these past couple years. Being the youngest I've never really been around little kids and they are just so crazy amazing. It's really good timing for me to fall in love with kids because i'm going to be surrounded by them very sooon. So on we go...
Thursday Auntie Mary and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario and it was pretty coool. Lots of interesting art and lots of creepy wierd art. :) then aly came up from St. Cathrines and we tried to find her a dress for her athletic banquet (to no avail). We saw one of the canadian idol judges at the mall which i thought was really cool just because it was like 'you are on my tv, now you're in front of me.' i'm going to have to be careful in Florida. The Chief from Grey's Anatomy ate in our resturant the other day and Britney Spears bought popcorn and if we react to their celebrity at all we can get in huge trouble/terminated!! haha. ohhh dear. I'm not actually one of those celebrity nuts, it just seems so wierd to see them in person.
Friday Aly left and i went to Kingston to visit Queen's. I met up with a couple friends and we went to ritual at clark hall pub since i'd never been. it's this engineer tradition on fridays after you finish class to drink at clark (even at 11 in the morning). I definately had my fair share, but i figure i won't really be drinking for quite a while (i'm under 21) so it was a good last effort. hehe. then we went to dinner for my really good friend Casey's Birthday. i was a surprise and she was so shocked it was really cute/exciting/made my day! Dinner was good and it was great catching up with everyone. That night i felt a little woozy so Emma and i stayed in and alison came over and we talked and watched girlie things. it was fun. Saturday we went for breakfast at Windmills with annemarie, kevin, josh, emma and casey. then i caught the train back to toronto where we celebrated my Auntie Deena's friend Jane's birthday! it was really fun and we had awesome sushi!
Sunday we went to the Ontario Science Centre. I love all those things you get to play with and the kids were having a great time. Kira has gotten so independent and Savy is just so much fun! Last night we were all playing and dancing and it was awesome. Being accepted by my cousins makes me so happy! Little kids can be brutal if they don't like you or don't want to be around you, and Savy and Kira just jump on me and want to play and hang out and its so nice.
Today I checked into my flight, went and looked for some shorts (success!) and am just going to do some laundry and repack before getting Savy from school and having a little cousin time. I can't believe tomorrow is Florida. I've been waiting forever and it's been such a rollercoaster these last 6 months I'm soo excited for it all to begin! I'll try and update on the amazingness of florida as soon as i get the chance:) I'm kind of still waiting for it to hit me. I'm about to be a Disney Cast Member!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Toronto Update

Hello hello!

I'm in Toronto currently staying with my fabulous aunties and cousins. I got in late monday night after a really long seeming day of flying. Yesterday I was a total waste and slept in most of the day then just read, caught up on emails and played with the cousins. They've changed so much in the last 4 months it's crazy! Kira just talk talk talks and Savy is soo much taller! Today I helped out at my Auntie's office for a bit then went to Spring Awakening! I saw it on broadway when I was in New York last year, and completely fell in love, so I just had to see it again! The cast was all different except for the main guy's best friend. They were all pretty amazing and it blew me away again!!! I could see it everyday and still love it. For those who don't know Spring Awakening is a musical about teenagers and there coming of age/exploration sort of thing. It's based off a play written in 1891 Germany but with more rock-ish music and is just amazing. I'm a big fan - as you can tell! After that I met back up with Auntie Mary, got the girlies from day care and we went for Sushi! It was fabulous and is always an experience dining out with kidlings. Tomorrow Aly is coming up from St. Cathrines later in the day for the night then Friday she heads back and I head to Kingston. I'm surprising Casey (one of my best ktown friends) for her champagne birthday (turning 20 on the 20th!) so we're going out for dinner and such. I'm betting that she doens't read this, but I may ruin the surprise...oh well! When I return Saturday it's one of my aunt's friend's birthdays so we're celebrating, then Sunday we're going for brunch, the science centre and Monday's my last day! I'll probably update how that all goes before I fly away Tuesday morning for Florida! I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe it's here. It's like living in a dream. As long as i can rearrange my bags so i don't have to pay for a overweight one again...i feel like i'm going to be wearing a lot of clothes on this flight to orlando...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Packed! Last BC Blog :)

I'm actually packed! I'm sure there is something i'm forgetting and some really nice shirt i'm going to wish i had. the first time through one bag was 7 pounds over and the other was 9 and that's when i was really not having fun because i didn't think there was anything i could take out! then my lovely sister Kim (modelling those Minnie ears) came and went through everything with me and we cut out quite a bit, although some not very happily. Then we had a nice break from packing for the dinner. This morning I went to brunch with a couple girlfriends, got some lovely trashy magazines for the plane and then came back home to pack again! Kim and Carrie both helped this time and it went pretty well. I think. I hope. I tried both my scale and my mum's and both said they were about 2-3 pounds under so we'll see how they do tomorrow at the airport. That's always my most stressful part of travelling! yikes. I also checked into my flights and have aisle seats for both - score! and the second flight (from calgary to toronto) is in the 5th aisle! I love being near the front. Anyways, this is my last blog from Beautiful British Columbia, so i'll update from Toronto. 8 Days until FLorida...Bye BC!

Packing is driving me crazzy!!!

but this post isnt about packing, my next one will be. this is about me last week in BC!it started with a really nice dinner ou with my 'brother' Nik because I'm going to miss his graduation in June. It was a really fun night, we dressed up and went to a pretty restuarant and then watched saving sarah marshall. I love that movie, it's just so funny! Monday and Wednesday were my last workout classes with my Mum, which is sad because it was a great time that we always knew we got to hang out together. Wednesday was also my last day at Thrifty Foods! Yay! Don't get me wrong most of the people were really nice but it's just not a job I could see myself doing forever. It helped me practise my small talk and smiling for Florida though! Not that i really need practise smiling...there is kinda of always one plastered on my face...except this week! I should be so excited but I keep thinking of what I'm leaving not what I'm going to and it still just doesn't seem completely real! I am obviously super crazy excited, but I also love being about to see my friends and hang out with my family. I feel homesickness coming on! Anyways Thrusday was my last day with Willy, we went to Moxies and just talked for hours and we get along so well. Friday Kim and Carrie, my sisters, showed up from Vancouver and Victoria for a fabulous weekend of familyness! yay! haha. We hung out, got all my banking done (got out some american and put in all the rolls of coins i`d been saving!), and went out for dinner at the Old House. The server was kinda nutty but in a hilarious way and I couldn`t stop laughing, carrie and i shared the grossest/deliciousest meal of 3 appies. Then we came home and chattered:) Saturday the whole family went to the farmer's market which was really fun. We're just so darn cute! hahah. We came home and I went out to photocopy all my important papers that I can't lose. Then I started to pack. and it is so not fun! ahh. I won't tell you how it's going (as if you can't guess) but let's just say a lot of trimming down is in order. Saturday night Grandma, Grandpa and Breeze (their pooodle!) came over for my favourite meal - homemade mac and cheese! It was awesome! Then we had ice cream cake (with a really impressive mickey on it) and watched a slideshow with pictures of me and my family and friends. It was amazing and we were all in stitches because I seem to make a lot of faces which shouldn't be kept on film. it was a great night with the whole family and I'm going to miss them so much. Florida's my dream but they're the foundation that got me there. Now I'm sitting here with Lily, my sister's amazing pug snoring on my foot and I thought I'd leave you with a cute video Kim made of Lily! enjoy:)


Sunday, March 8, 2009

3...7...15 Days!

3 Days left of work!
7 Days left in BC!
15 Days until Disney!

I'm getting soooooo excited! Oh myyyy word! The next 3 days i'm working and have my last workout classes with my Mum. It's been fun getting to spend that extra bit of time together the last couple of months. This past weekend was really fun, i spend some time with my sister, shopped with my mum, had a really fun lunch date with my grandparents, and had a great girls night with my friends. We had some bubbly and girl talk. awesome!
During lunch with my grandparents they were talking about the last time they visited Disney in 2002. My Grandma isn't too well and when they were down there she used an electric chair to get around. She told me about how when she was tired, or feeling grumpy the young cast member's smiles and excitement became contagious and she coudln't help but feel happier. My grandparents talked about how helpful they were and kind to them whenever they tried to go on a ride or watch a show and would zip them in the exits or move the chair to where she would come out. My grandma told me that some days it'll be tough and I won't feel like smiling anymore, or answering another ridiculous question, and that I should just think of her and how just the smile on a young cast members face could turn her whole day around. And to think of the incredible memories I'll be helping to create for soo many people every single day. I'm going to miss my Grandma every single day, but know that she's almost as excited about this as I am.
It's kinda of a crazy huge thing we're doing. Parents save for years to be able to afford to take their families to Florida, and kids dream about it everyday. We're the ones who welcome them once they arrive and work to make that trip more than anything they could've imagined. Yah, I'm kind of corny. But I'm so pumped to be a Cast Member!
So this next week is the end of work, some more goodbyes, packing, cleaning, more packing, a weekend with the family, brunch with friends and then flying to Toronto!
Toronto includes time with the Aunts, a night in St. Cathrine's with Aly, a night in Kingston, a dinner with Heather (hint taken!!), a goodbye dinner in TO and then flying off to DISNEYWORLD, ORLANDO, FLORIDA!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

2 weeks left in BC

Wow! I move 14 days from now! It's so crazy! I've started saying goodbye to my friends and family and it's really hard. I love them all so much and although I know we'll stay in touch, it's never the same without some in person contact. Enough sadness, I got an email from Disney via Roger! Here it is:

Congratulations, Kathryn!

We are so excited that you have accepted our offer to participate in our Cultural Representative Program at the Walt Disney World Resort! We look forward to your arrival on March 24, 2009 as a/an Canada Food and Beverage Cast Member.

Tell all your friends and family the exciting news! You are going to be working at the number-one vacation destination in the world - The Walt Disney World Resort!

We are sure that you have a lot of questions regarding next steps and your experience here in the United States and we look forward to providing you with all of the answers!

To get things started please be sure to review our website at www.disneyinternationalprograms.com.

You will be receiving a package of information in the upcoming month regarding your acceptance, complete with a booklet of information to get you prepared. You will also be receiving e-mails from our team to keep you informed of all of the things that you should be thinking of prior to your arrival. Please remember to check your e-mail periodically and let us know if your e-mail address should change between now and your arrival!

Congratulations again and welcome to the team!

I'm really excited to get the package! However I'm scared I won't get it until after I leave! Our mail is crazy slow, we get everything a week later than everyone else. Of course when it arrives everyone will know because I'll take way too many photos and post them here! I've started a packing list (which is currently 5 pages long) and my desk is heaping with clothes, shoes, and 'things' I'm preparing to pack. These last 2 weeks are going to go really fast and then it's a week in Toronto and a year in Florida.

24 days until I'm a Cast Member! unreal.

Here's a shortened version of Randy Pausch's Last Lecture. You can download the actual speech from itunesU for free!! Everyone should.