Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 5/Top 10/Canada Day Eve!

Top 5 Things I will Miss about Orlando:

5. My own space! I’m not going to lie, it’s hard going from living alone (or with roommates) to living with your parents again. I love them to death and am so excited to see them, but it is an adjustment.
4. Earl of Sandwich, Panera Bread & CafĂ© Tu Tu Tango! I didn’t go often, but having the chance to go if I really wanted to made me happy! They’re soooo good!
3. Sunshine! I know it’s going to be warm eventually in BC (it’s warmish, just cloudy) but I will miss walking out the door and feeling the intense warmth on my skin
2. School! I loved going to Rosen College so much and I cannot wait to return!
1. Disney! Could number one be anything else? I cannot wait to start again! I love love love my Mouse boss!

Top 5 Things I won’t Miss about Orlando:

5. Humidity! When you walk outside and automatically look like a hot sweaty mess
4. Thunderstorms! Mainly while wearing white
3. Tourists! It’s nice having a little break from some certain tourists who overwhelm Orlando in the summer
2. Thin Walls! Yelly noisy music at 9am isn’t my opportune wake up call
1. Skype! It’s an incredible creation, but I’m so excited to get to see my friends and family IN PERSON!!

Top 10 Things I’m excited about in Courtenay:

10. Being in Canada! I’m so excited to not have every time I say ‘eh’ pointed out to me and not have to explain to people that Canada is NOT always cold!
9. Running Outdoors! It has been way too hot in Orlando, so I’m very eager to hit the pavement in Courtenay because treadmills just don’t cut it.
8. Farmer’s Market! Courtenay has a fantastic farmer’s market that I absolutely love!
7. Weddings! 3 weddings in 4 weeks? Yeeeyahhh buddy!!
6. Canada Day Weekend!! My family plus some family friends will all be together for the whole weekend to hang out, swim, laugh, drink and have a merry ole time!
5. Wedding Planning! I’m so excited to get waist deep in planning, organizing, and creating for Kimmy!
4. Relaxation! I’m so exited to lay out by the pool, bake, cook and read.
3. Kona and Lily! A German Shepard and a Pug walk into a room – Kate’s heart melts.
2. Friends! I have the most amazing friends, the more I travel and live far away the more I realize just how incredibly rare a connection like ours is from a young age.
1. Family! Oh course!! These people make my life complete <3

It’s my goal to also try and learn the Canadian Anthem in French while I’m home, and try to put together some ‘Canadian’ things for when I’m down south.  Here’s hoping for some mad huge Canadian garb discounts after July 1st! This is my first time in 3 years not celebrating the Fourth of July.  Last year I got to set off fireworks with my fantastic cousins in Muskoka which was fun! I also just recieved this email from Kristen at Yummy Jobs: 

We here at Yummy Jobs would like to wish you a wonderful Canada Day tomorrow! 
And just think… next year you will be able to join in the celebrations at the Canadian Pavilion on this special day for Canada.

We hope you have a great holiday and are looking forward to being your country’s ambassador for Walt Disney World and being able to share with the guests of Disney why Canada Day is special!

Happy Canada Day Eve Everyone!!

I'm going strawberry picking :D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I have arrived in CANADA! 

I love being home!


Also Neil Patrick Harris has been announced as the narrator December 10-12th for Candlelight and I have a feel those nights are going to be CRAZY FULL!

I know I will be going FOR SURE! I love love love him!

I also plan to tweet him until he agrees to come eat in Le Cellier!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

50 Days!

Hippogriff at Universal!!!
It feels like a week ago I was so excited there were only 100 days until I start at Disney again.  Well now there are only 50 days and it's crazy!  Today is also the day that I fly home to Canada for 6 weeks of family, friends, happiness and fun (well and maybe work! I'll keep you posted)!! I am super excited.  I clearly love it down here in Sunny Florida, but my family will always be the most important thing to me, and any time I get to spend time with them I'm super stoked! What is that saying, distance makes the heart grow fonder? Something like that :)
Out for Yelitza's Birthday!
I will back it up a bit though and return to last week when I was a little stress cadet.

We can all take a collective exhale as everything worked out with my presentations and exams! Somehow things always do turn out, we just can't always see that when we're in the thick of it.  After going in and talking to my accounting teacher, we fixed the miss-posted presentation (the girl in my group I guess somehow had a wrong extra couple letters at the end of the link so it wouldn't open, she sent it to me and I posted it). My accounting teacher let me sweat all day though by not responding to my email about posting it, or making it, until 12 hours later! Man did I celebrate when I saw that it was graded!
Beautiful Rosen College
So Wednesday (the big test day!) we started with our presentation for Entertainment, Arts & Events.  We had to create a gala for NACAS (the National Association of College Auxiliary Services) in October.  Ours was a reDiscovering Florida theme where guests would be able to go between the thrill of South Beach, the relaxing Space Coast and the Everglades! We worked pretty hard on the project, and although groups can be frustrating, we ended up with a great product.  Our professor agreed as we got 100% on the project! (Myself and a great girl Stephanie were the team leaders so we actually got 105%...yup I'm a keener! haha).

Next up was my financial accounting final.  We had 89 questions and some people were finished in 15 minutes! I couldn't even click through all the answers (it was on the computer) in 15 minutes, let alone read the questions! I ended up doing alright though so that's good! Our professor is pretty good at marking (minus that presentation problem) so we got our grades the next day which was awesome! I don't think I will become any kind of accountant, but I have a lot of respect for them.  It's a tough tedious job! The slightest error, or misreading of a figure can lead to a whole trail of mistakes that can lead to big issues. I did enjoy journalizing though, it was kind of peaceful haha.
Port Orleans: French Quarters! 
Next up was my Human Resource Exam! (Busy day eh?) It was harder than the other two exams we've had in that class, however I did all the extra credit assignments in the class so I feel like it's all okay.  Although Human Resources is another area that I don't see myself heading into (except maybe Disney college/international recruiting!) I also garnered a huge respect for Human Resource employees. You need a bit of knowledge about a ton of different things, and policies aren't the most thrilling read.
I AM running Disney in 2011! Getting into food running gift? (eventually, hopefully!)
Next up was my meeting with the visa advisor!! She was actually SO nice and SO helpful!! I found a lot of the people I've asked for help throughout the school process haven't always given the best answers or advice, but Daren Caine was incredible!!! If you're an international student and need help, talk to her!! She's funny, thoughtful and fully informed about everything!!! Being able to sit and talk to someone who knows the answers to all your questions is amazing and made me feel so much better about returning to school after my CRP. YAY!
Let the Memories Begin!
Wednesday night I studied with my roommate Emily for our Entertainment, Arts and Events exam on Thursday morning. We also baked! Emily's boyfriend is moving back to town so she made him a chocolate cake and I had been itching to create something, and made Margarita cupcakes!! With a home made lime tequila buttercream icing! I'm not going to lie, these were amazing! I'm usually not a fan of cupcakes as they're too cakey (I know I'm weird) but the flavour was perfect on these! They weren't dried out at all and the icing was incredible.  I'm definitely tooting my own horn here, but they're the best cupcakes I've had in about as long as I can remember.
Margarita Cupcakes!
Thursday morning came and went so quickly! My exam took half an hour tops and I was done my first semester back at university!! Going back I was really scared of how it would be, but I absolutely love Rosen College, I love being a part of UCF, and I'm so excited to return to school and finish my degree here.

The rest of Thursday was spent in the true Floridian summer spirit - suntanning and reading by the pool :D

I'm so not a fan. Although I would definitely be happy to
photograph someone wearing this shirt and eating a Turkey Leg.
So odd.
Friday was fun! I caught the Lynx Bus to Downtown Disney and from there resort hopped! Even before going to work at Walt Disney World the first time I always through Port Orleans was the exact resort I wanted to stay at! The pictures always looked so pretty and I throughout my contract I wanted to stay there, but just never did! So it was fun finally getting to go around and check the place out! I also went to Old Key West.  I was going to go to Animal Kingdom Lodge but there was a huge storm on the way and I was getting hungry.  As a celebration for doing so well at school, I treated myself to one of my favourite restaurants ever - Earl Of Sandwich! This place is SO GOOD! If you haven't been immediately google your closest EofS and GO! You're doing yourself a favour, I promise! They have the most delicious sandwiches and their Earl Grey Lemonade is just better than everyone elses! After dinner it really started to downpour and I hoped from store to store when it let up for a bit.
I LOVE that they actually have a shirt of this!
This question gets asked so often!

My friend Poldi is in Orlando on vacation with his Mum from Germany! Poldi was a cast member during my first contract and I haven't seen him in over a year so it was nice to get to hang out! We decided to go to the movies.  The only problem was the extreme downpour that wasn't letting up and the distance between myself and the theatre.

I was at the long yellow trimmed building to the right of the big boat, and had to get to the large brown building by the fountain and blue globe to the left of center.  So I got to run through Downtown Disney without shoes (I had flip flops and would have died!) in a white t shirt in pouring rain.  It's an ongoing theme in my Disney life that everytime I wear white it pours.  Every. single. time.  I looked like a drowned rat by the time I got there! But the movie was hilarious (though I still liked Bridesmaids more!!) and it was fun seeing Poldi.  I had been planning on going to Disney the next day as my fantastic friend Yelitza said she would let me and Poldi in!
It's raining, it's pouring

How cool are these!! Ipod/Ipad/Iphone covers!
Lego Woody!!!

Saturday morning Poldi and his Mum picked me up and we headed to the Boardwalk as Yelitza was meeting us as the World Showcase entrance.  Being the only one who didn't speak Spanish I apparently missed out on a hilarious conversation between Poldi, Yelitza and the security guard checking bags.  I need Rosetta Stone!!! We headed to Soarin' first and then Mission Space! Poldi's old manager Nicholas is now the area manager in Canada so we went to see if he was working, but alas, he was off! We headed over to Hollywood Studios and rode the Tower of Terror and Rockin Roller Coaster! We tried to get a fast pass for Toy Story Mania but at 1230pm they were sold out for the day! I know it's a popular ride, but the park was open until 9 or 10! We also watched an American Idol show which was really fun.  I like seeing them sing - they're usually pretty good!
Kate. Belle. Poldi
We headed back to Epcot and travelled around the world a bit! We watched the show in the Beirgarden and rode the Mexico Boat Ride, which is and will always be my favourite Epcot ride! It's SO fun! haha. We also got to meet Belle, Goofy and Duffy! We decided to watch the UK players tell the story of King Arthur which was fine and good until they made me be in the Show!!! I was the witch who turned herself into a pretty lady and had the holy grail they were looking for.  I had to say some interesting lines and couldn't stop laughing.  It was a little embarrassing but fun to be in the show! They gave us 'honourary World Showcase players' pins but mine fell off at some point later in the day and I didn't notice!! It was pretty sad!
Beer/Cider Sampler at the UK Pub
We had dinner in Germany because Poldi really wanted to.  It was pretty delicious and we got to have hilarious conversation with the two American families at our table. And the food was yummy! All the Germans kept coming to talk to Poldi so I got to meet some girls that will be there when I arrive in a month and a half. The band leader also came over for a chat, and as I find him to be quite the celebrity it was exciting!

After dinner we watched Illuminations and headed for the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  I'd never down it before, but we arrived right near the end of Magic, Memories and You and then watched Wishes! It was so cool seeing Illuminations and Wishes in the same night! Then we rode Big Thunder Mountain and The Haunted Mansion before watching the Main Street Electrical Parade!
How incredible was that day!!!

We took the lynx bus back to I-drive, where Poldi's Mum said I couldn't walk 2 miles home alone (thank goodness!) so invited me to stay at their hotel suite with them! I got my own big comfy double bed, brand new clean jammies and fell asleep right away! It was sooooo nice! My apartment mattress is the same as the Commons ones - plasticy blue uncomfortableness! A real bed was such a treat! Then in the morning they got a free continental breakfast so I got to have waffles!!! Man o' Man! Could life get any better? Then Poldi's Mum was reading/teaching me some German language and about what is going on in their country through magazines she had brought for the plane!! So much fun!!! The scandals are fantastic over there!
Goofy's Candy Co. Rice Krispie Cake!

The Mickey Counterpart!
Yesterday (Sunday) was a pretty relaxing day! I packed everything up, took a final stroll around the school and did more packing.  I was suppose to go out to Howl at the Moon with some friends however it didn't work out. Ashley had some crazy bank issues arise (plus had the longest day known to man) so we didn't go out but we had a great catch up chat.  She is storing a bag for me while I'm at home so I can pack more!! (Friend award!) So she came over to grab my things and we had a great chat about our weekends. I can't wait to be able to work everyday with her again, and all my other Disney friends - and all the new ones I'll make! Fun!!
Baby Ducky in Canada (Pavilion)!
Today is Monday, aka flight home to Canada Day!!  My friend Nick is driving me to the airport and hopefully everything will go smoothly.  I'm flying through Houston and arrive in Vancouver at 2:30am my time.  Amy is picking me up in Vancouver and it will be sooo great to see her!! I'm excited!
Random people trying to brake into the Cottage in Canada!
You aren't allowed to hop fences :)
There will be some changes to the blog happening soon! I start my marathon training on July 1st (Canada Day! Yay!) and will be tracking workouts and posting training tips etc on a separate page.  Also I have been getting a ton of questions on the blog as well as in person about how as an international student, and specifically as a Canadian, how the process of getting into and coming to Rosen College went.  I'm going to create a separate page all about Rosen as well to try and help answer those questions and help people out who also want to go to school down here!! So stay tuned! I'm always willing to answer questions and do whatever I can so let me know if you have any questions about me, working for Disney, attending Rosen College or UCF or on Disney/Orlando vacation planning! The email is !!

On a random note, my purse has finally met it's end.  I got this purse at a throw out from Miss. Alysha Adcock a reallly long time ago.  Like in May or so of 2009.  I have used it religiously and it started to fall apart...a bit.  It got to the point where some friends said they wouldn't hang out with me if I didn't get a new purse.  So, I finally gave in and it met it's demise! RIP Purse!!
You can see about half of the outer layer had fallen off...

Until next time!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Al Weiss Announces Retirement

Orlando Sentinel article: Click Here
disZine article: Click Here
ABC News article: Click Here

Here is the link to the Disney Blog article shown below: Click Here!

and here is the letter to Cast Members from Al Weiss via the Disney Parks Blog:

Fellow cast members,
After careful thought and consideration, it is with both pleasure and sadness that I announce after 39 long and wonderful years I will be retiring from The Walt Disney Company. Thanks to all of you who have been part of my unforgettable career with this amazing company.
I began my time with the Walt Disney World Resort as a teenager doing “z runs” in Magic Kingdom park. After many years and much hard work, I am proud to finish my career as president, Worldwide Operations, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. There are very few companies like Disney that give individuals an opportunity to grow and develop so much in their careers. Disney is truly an organization that promotes from within and allows our talented cast members to follow their dreams.
Over my long history with Disney, I have seen the opening of so many exciting things: theme parks, resorts, attractions, shows and now even cruise ships. I have had the great pleasure and honor to work beside such great talent and leadership, and I feel confident the company will continue to thrive and do magical things for many years. The best is yet to come …
While I will miss the great people, exciting projects and stellar vision of Disney, I am very excited to begin the next chapter of my life. I will not miss my weekly Monday morning commute to California, but I will look forward to spending time with family, grandchildren and friends and traveling this great big world in which we live.
Thank you for almost four decades of fun, challenges, good times and bad. Most of all, I thank you for the magic that I know each of you and Disney will continue to create for our cast and guests every day.
It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.
~Walt Disney
Best wishes and God bless,
Al Weiss
President, Worldwide Operations
Walt Disney Parks and Resorts

Crazyness!!  His last days with the company (officially) will be in November.  I wouldn't be suprised if he was still a consultant.  I wonder who will replace him?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We interupt regular programming to bring you this...

Little known fact about Kate: When I get stressed out, it's no good. haha. Usually I handle everything pretty darn well (in my own humble opinion) and can juggle (literally) super well. But sometimes, that extra straw of hay makes me hit: Stress Level 94!
That is where I am currently residing. I was fine with having an assignment, a class presentation, 2 two hour final exams and a meeting with a visa advisor tomorrow all before studying for another final exam the following morning, but it's the incorrect submission of a group project leading to me currently having no marks for it (even though I finished my part 4 days early) that is making me teeter on the edge.
Me in my Fun and Fancy Free days of joyous stress free living :D

When I was 14 I had my first job interview at a Wendy's and the manager asked me how I handle stress. I answered that "I drink tea." Yup, actually said that. Then I probably giggled, and corrected my answer talking about taking a step back, organizing everything by priority in my head, taking a deep breath, and going at it.  (The manager called and hired me before I even got home by the way! Yeeyah first job!)

So following my 14 year old self's very wise advise, I first made myself a steamy cup of Chai Tea (which is also nice because air conditioning is INSANE in Florida) and then I sat down, took a deep breath and organized everything in order of importance/things I can fix now.  I can't make my teacher mark our assignment, or email me back, so I just have to give it a bit more time.  I can however study my little life away and ace my finals tomorrow.  I have to give up a little control on our presentation and believe my group can do the tasks laid out for them, and I pretty much know exactly what I need to tell the visa advisor. I can do the final assignment (he only told us about it yesterday, it's extra credit and not due until Thursday at 2pm) on Thursday after my 8am exam.  See....stress level back down to a 52 :D

Stress isn't what you all want to read about...and I have to get back to analyzing financial statements and figuring out the purpose of cash flow statements per each group of interested investors and creditors, but here are so great links that I love to check out, oh you know, daily:

Peanut Butter Fingers: Julie Fagon is a realistic healthy food blogger, Orlando-ite, and writes my favourite blog!!

Oh She Glows: Angela Liddon makes the most incredible vegan cooking/baking and I want to make every recipe!

Disney Things: If you have Disney friends on facebook, you've probably seen one of these pictures.  They are all the 'simple' things about Disney we love

The Wonderful World Of Disney: Louisa was on her second UK pavilion contract when I went on my first contract.  She has done a J1 program (as a Jungle Cruise Skipper!), 2 CRPs and currently works on the Disney Cruise Line. Pretty much she knows everything!

Another Amazing Summer at Disney: Devon works at the Magic Kingdom turnstiles and the Town Square Theater where you can meet Mickey (and Co) & the Princesses! I don't know him, but I like his blog and if I ever spot him will going in MK I'll probably tell him I read his blog and he'll be either creeped out or shocked :) (If someone who reads my blog ever comes up and tells me I'll be the happiest person in the world, and then maybe we could have a Dole Whip together ;) )

The Disney Food Blog: I feel like this blogger and I are kindred souls. Especially when I saw together was a round the (Disney) world trip of Margaritas!! Soooo yummy!

The Disney Parks Blog: Oh course the official blog of Disney, they had a really good read about father/son Imagineers Rolly and Chris Crump.

Hope something in there keeps you a little entertained, of course there are also my favourite to read all the time Disney blogs featured in the "Check-check-check it out!' roll to the right of this post!! They are even listed for most recently updated on (I'm kind like that!! does it itself), but Ariella just started her Canadian Cultural Representative Program over at My Year At Disney, Lisa at Disney ICP Summer 2011 just finished training in Tomorrowland (Congrats!), and Vicky is letting you all know about her cultural representative application process over at Another Disney Cultural Rep Blog (Vicky and I share an arrival date!).

If you want your blog featured on here let me know and I'll pass on the good word about your exciting blog! Or if you have any good ones that you know I'd love, please let me know!!

Enjoy the rest of your days! Remember: 
Adopting the right attitude can convert a negative stress into a positive one. 

-Hans Selye 

This has nothing to do with anything really...but I watched Star Wars this week and
realized that Anakin Skywalker slaughters all of these guys! Plus their wives and children!
Now instead of being totally creeped out by them, I'm both creeped out and feel like telling them
not to kidnap his Mother and they could have saved the whole galaxy a huge mess.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day!!

A very special Father's Day message to my Daddy 3000 miles away! I hope you have a cold beer in the sunshine, a big piece of Roast Beef for dinner and some kind of delicious dessert that I wish I could have made! I hope you know everyday, but today specifically just how much I love you and appreciate everything you've done for me over the years. Here's to you Dad, enjoy yourself today.
Happy Father's Day....
To the Father who introduced me to the magic, wonder and amazement of Disney

To the Father who gave me a passion for books by reading to me in
his "reading voice" before bed.

To the Father who taught me a love of cooking, and who gets just as excited
about made up recipes that work out as I do!

To the father who we always wanted to go on the teacups with, because no one
else could make them spin so fast!
To the father who taught me to appreciate music, of all kinds, even 'steak music'
To the Father who I will call Daddy no matter how old I am.

To the father that I hope knows how much I truly appreciate what he's done
To the Father that has been there at all the big moments in my life.

To the Father that loves us for our flaws and always just encourages our best.
Plus he loves animals ;)

To the Father who whisked me off the the Happiest Place on Earth when
I was going through the hardest time in my life.

To the Father who has spend hours upon hours organizing hundreds of thousands
of photos and videos of our lives for us!
To the Father who taught me the worth of the intangible things in life.

To the Father who has to take some credit for my love of posing

To the man who taught me to be brave, by leading by example..

To the man who taught me just because you're growing up... don't have to lose the child within you.
To the father who taught me to face my fears head on...

To the father who encourages me to follow my dreams, always.

A very special Happy Father's Day to the man who helped turn this:
 into this:

I love you Daddy! Have an incredible Father's Day!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vice President Job Swap!

Big Management News on the Walt Disney World Parks front today! Here is the article from "The Disney Blog" reposted.  I have added my own opinions are the end + other exciting things ;) 

Cockerell and Carter to switch VP roles at EPCOT and DHS

Some interesting news (via @Figgy999 on Twitter) coming from Walt Disney World’s theme park management today. Rilous Carter, the current VP at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be moving to the same position in EPCOT and Dan Cockerell, the current VP at EPCOT will be moving to the same position at DHS.
I’m not sure what inspired this shake-up, but if it’s true, I have a few ideas about what it might mean.
Rilous took over as VP at Disney’s Hollywood Studios shortly after it changed its name from Disney MGM-Studios. He effectively managed that transition. Rilous was previously the general manager for food and beverage at EPCOT. As it turns out that is one area where EPCOT has made some great strides (excellent Food & Wine festivals and two new restaurants), but also has some serious deficiencies. Rilous might be just the guy to make sure EPCOT continues on the right path.
Cockerell started working in the parking lot at EPCOT and later went to help open Disneyland Paris. His father was longtime WDW Operations manager Lee Cockerell. So expectations were high when he took over EPCOT from much loved Jim McPhee. Cockerell’s reign has been generally well received and Cockerell stewarded EPCOT’s two main festivals through economic tough times with minimal damage.
Cockerell is the only park Vice President I’ve spotted regularly walking through the parks, both in his official capacity and as a guest visiting with his family. That sort of attention to the guest experience had distinguished Cockerell as park VP.
Disney’s Hollywood Studios also has a couple of festivals, but I think there’s room for improvement there. It’s also the park most likely to have a massive expansion once the Magic Kingdom’s Fantasyland is finished. Putting Cockerell in charge of improving the festivals, improving the maintenance of the park, and a possible expansion is a good idea.
While Cockerell wasn’t responsible for removing the giant EPCOT sign from Spaceship Earth. He’s seen the power of restoring a park icon. So there’s hope that the Mickey Hat at DHS will be removed from its current location, that obscures the park’s Chinese Theater icon, to the front of the park, where it was originally intended. (Of course, I might win the lottery too.)
Disney parks has a long history of moving Vice Presidents around, so this move is really no surprise. It provides new experiences for the manager and gives them the chance to shine in a new area when a vertical move may not be available anytime soon.

So Dan Cockerell has always been a favourite of mine.  When we met him during an Epcot tour he was so approachable and kind, and while working I often saw him around the park - both while working and I even spotted him in casual clothes once! This reminded me a lot of Walt, as well as the fact that I hold his father's career in high esteem (I know fathers and sons are very different people, it just got him bonus points to start).  I don't know that much about Rilous Carter besides what I just learned from this article.  I think Disney's Hollywood Studios is the park that needs the most help right now, and if Disney thinks Dan's the man to do it, then he will.  I hope that Mr. Carter can have a positive impact at Epcot, and keep expanding the Food & Wine Festival because it's amazing! I also hope he's very open and friendly to his cast like Dan was.  We shall see soon!
Speaking of Food and Wine Festival, if you are a fan check out THIS POST over at The Disney Food Blog. It talks about the new food and drinks to be offered at the Hawaiian (Seven Tiki Mai Tai!), Caribbean (Frozen Rock Coconut Mojito), Portugal (Calamari Salad with Olives and Smoked Paprika), Scandinavian (Swedish Meatballs with Lingon Berries..sounds like Ikea!!), and *Canada* (Apple Ice Wine) booths! They also list a few desserts (OMG White Chocolate Macadamia Mousse with Dark Chocolate Pearls!) and a news about a new HGTV event.  As well as mention this:

Cranberry Bog!!! Apparently with Ocean Sprays sponsorship there will be a Cranberry Bog at the Food and Wine Festival...I do hope it's the whole World Showcase Lagoon !!! :D
Here is The Disney Food Blog link again: Click Here!!!!

In other news it is definitely thunderstorm season!! Oh my goodness! The lightning and thunder lately has been crazy!! It lights up the whole sky and the lightning forks are so huge and defined! Definitely a time to stay inside :)