Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memory Lane + Disney Challenge Day 4!

I thought today we would take a little trip down memory lane with a few shots of childhood Disney!  I'm even going to let you see my super awkward stage! Yikes...
Dancing on water?
This is back when I thought spending the afternoon at the pool wasn't wasting precise Disney park time.  Now I cannot even fathom the thought of 'going back to the resort for a swim,' it boggles my mind.
 Every trip we took to Disneyland we also got a different hat! This is my favourite that I got (if you can't tell I'm the one with the beauty bangs and huge purple triangle on her head), and it is still at home, in my closet in my weird Disney shrine shelf.  That's a story of it's own and when I return to my parent's house in April I might let you see it. Maybe. 
 Everyone needs this picture at Disneyland.  He's the main man, and he's donned his Fantasia gear! This same trip we ran into a friend of my Mum's and her daughter and when we went to Minnie's house this little girl came into our photo. I never forgave her, always making angry comments every time we saw the picture about how she ruined it.  Part of me feels like I should let it go, but even know, I can't type that I forgive her for jumping in there and wanting to be part of our amazing sisterhood...I can't shrink us all down and recapture that moment sans strange girl! Gah! There was also a boy who came in our Donald Duck photo... those pushy kids even bothered me when I was little. I didn't understand why they couldn't wait their turns.  It's been 17 years...I should be over this. 

 This isn't a Disney picture, but we did usually head to Universal Studios 'that other park' on our SoCal vacations and this picture is probably the greatest ever.  We were in line for the Hollywood Backlot Tram Tour and Frankenstein came strolling up! He freaked out my Grandma and I remember giggling thinking about how he towered over her, but looking now...he's just as much taller than my Mum than my Grandma.  Funny how we remember things eh?

 First of all, that big brown dog is Fluffy, and he's my absolute favourite stuffy who has travelled everywhere with me.  I couldn't have fallen in love with a blankie or smaller stuffy that doesn't take up a quarter of a suitcase.  Nah, I wouldn't trade him for the world! (Yup, 21 and sappy about my Fluffy :) ).  Now to those hats! I hear people talk about fitting Medival Times into their holidays and I am taken back to that ridiculous evening that I think started me on my route to vegetarianism.  We were so jazzed up to go to Medival Times, and when we arrived we were seated in the Red section.  The food took a long time to arrive and was cold when it did. Also it was like a whole undercooked chicken body/rib cage! Not so great for a little girl who thought that animals all talked to each other and were our friends. The show scared me because I didn't want anyone to get stabbed by the big pointy sticks lances! Our Red Knight won though, which you would think would be unbelieveably exciting, which it was, until he said our section didn't cheer enough (I was going hoarse!) and picked a 'princess' from another section (read: good looking 22 year old blonde). We were soo mad! How could you say we didn't cheer loud enough? and then be a traitor a pick a princess from somewhere else? Grrrrr Medival Times!
Ahh the awkward phase! I definitely skipped a lot of years (and trips to Disneyland) but this was my first trip to Walt Disney World (and only trip before my first CRP) when I was 12 years old! It was an incredible trip, and the beginning of all this, as it was on this trip that I learned from a Canadian Merchandise Cast Member (who happened to be from a town 45 minutes away from mine where I use to play basketball..Nanaimo shout out!) all about the Cultural Representative Program! I only really just thought of all the younger kids I've told about the program whether it was while I was in Florida, or since I've returned, and if any of them will actually wait and apply for the program when the time is right.  I bet this cast member just thought I was another Canadian guest from back home asking, once again, all about how she got to work there.  And look at me now - soon to be a repeat! 

This photo is terrible. Absolutely terrible. However I am posting it because this is the Big Bad Wolf who wrote in my autograph book (that one right there in my hand!), and I quote "Aren't you a little old for this?" Crushed my little heart he did. Although you couldn't tell from that squeeky forehead. I don't think I'd read it unassuming.
I just thought this was a cute picture of my Mum and Dad. 
This is the last time we were all three in Disneyland together :)

and now for....


This is difficult. I don't usually think about the princes all that much.  I had to take this one to the world wide web, and after reading numerous opinions on the Princes of Disney (which, I will tell you, there are MANY) I have decided that my favourite is Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.  Not because he's good looking, but because he really seems to care.  When he hears Aurora singing he talks to his horse about it.  Which means he's a kind, caring, animal loving (unlike those Medival Times knights) guy - and who doesn't want qualities like that in a man? Also when Sleeping Beauty is sleeping he saves her BIG TIME!! A guy who cares about this horse, and loves it, doesn't just treat it like every other horse AND when I'm trapped in a sleeping spell he's willing to risk everything to fight a dragon to save me and the whole village? Sold! 

As a total side note it is my goal and mission to eat this:
As a current Vegan due to Lent I have decided that I won't eat any dairy until it's THIS dairy! So if you know where I can find this tasty treat, please let me know! Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack is the only Lent breaker! and Jimmy Fallon is amazing. 

3 days until the road trip begins, 2 days until my last day of work, and 1 day until my soon-to-be-brother-in-law's birthday! HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY GARETH!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friends + Disney Challenge Day 3

Jill and I at Le Cellier folding napkins during pre-meal!

Today was a great day! I went for coffee with Jill. She was my roommate for a month at the end of my contract in Patterson Court and I hadn't seen her since I left except for a few hours during a visit last July! To be honest I was a bit apprehensive about hanging out because we haven't really stayed friends in the last while. It ended up really great though and we hung out a lot longer than I thought we would! Time flew by. It was really nice. Jill is reapplying for the program as well so hopefully she will be returning to Florida next March and I'll see her down there!
Jill after a glorious day at Universal!

Speaking of which, here's a little tidbit you don't really find out until afterwards. Yummy Jobs doesn't allow you to reapply for another program until you've been home for 6 months, and you cannot return to the states on another Q1 visa until you've been out of the country for the length of your contract. For example I had a 12 month contract (minus a week) so I technically couldn't go back until March 17th of this year. However I vacationed in the states for about a week and a half in the past year and didn't leave from my contract until the 22nd of March, therefore I actually couldn't return on the visa until April 8th! I'll all good thought because I start in August! Weeee! Jill got extended on her contract so it was 15 months long, therefore even though Jill returned in December 2010, she cannot go return for another contract until March 2012. Just in case you're making some plans ;)
No Access to America until you wait a year!

Also I don't think I reported this yet but I have my first visitor already!! I haven't even booked my flight to Orlando and my dear friend Emma has booked hers from Australia!!! Emma was my flat mate in second year university as she was on exchange from Sydney, Australia. I haven't seen her since November 2008 (crazzzzyness!!!) and she is landing in Orlando November 5th!! So it's nearly 3 years to the day that I'll be seeing her and I'm out of this world excited!! Emma and I, as well as our other flat mate Heather were super close and I hope Heather comes down too! Although she's in grad school so I don't know how great a time November is for her. I can not wait for this visit! Such an incredible reunion!! YAY!

We named our floor Ustrali after the horrible stiff zip ups they sell where the As are under your armpits..

As seen here modelled by Emma!

and now for...


A heroine is defined as distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and strength. I feel like it is extremely obvious that Mulan is the greatest Disney Heroine. She disguised herself as a man saving her father's life, beat up tons of bad guys, proved to all of China that girls were just an tough and amazing, if not more so then men and got a hunky guy (after saving HIS life too!). Tiana works hard to follow her dreams, and would probably be my second choice, but really, I don't know how you can pick anyone besides...

She's so tough...!

GKTW + Disney Challenge Day 2!

Today was a really emotional day for me. I work at a country club currently doing banquets mainly, and today we had a funeral for a 3 year old boy, Matthew, who had Leigh's Disease. Leigh's disease is a rare inherited neurometabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system. There were only 2 children with Leigh's in Canada, and both have since passed away. Obviously I did not know Matthew, but setting up the room with him artwork, pictures and teddy bears was very hard. In every single picture this blue eyed blondie had the largest grin, and from the stories told by his family and friends he was a incredible sweet, loving, playful, mischievous boy. When putting out the teddy bears I noticed one looked very familiar, and then it clicked! It was Duffy! Looking again the tell tale Mickey prints were on the bottom of his feet. Matthew had, through the Make A Wish Foundation gone to Disney World! Which also means he most likely stayed at the Give Kids the World Village. It's all I've been thinking about all day since. The Village does incredible things for terminally ill kids who make it their wish to visit Central Florida. I am so, so excited to get down to Florida so that I can volunteer here. If you are on the program, on a summer program, waited listed for a program, applying for a program, thinking about applying for a program, or anything else like that, please consider sparing some of your time. Through Disney you can volunteer at numerous different places depending on what you're interested in. We get to work at the most incredible place in the world, with free entrance to parks and with Central Florida and beyond as our playgrounds. We are given such a huge opportunity through working for Disney, especially on this program, please, take even just one day out from parks, and beaches, and pools and all that stuff that is so much fun and volunteer. You will make a gigantic impact, and create a ripple that will grow into a wave. It will be worth it.

Now on a lighter note....


Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

Belle is beautiful, intelligent and has dreams and ambitions. She's not only with being the status quo and she wants adventure in the great wide somewhere! Belle sees inner beauty or ugliness and doesn't base her opinions on outer appearances. She also kinda seems kinda geeky, which I think is cool. Plus she gets to rock that gold dress! Belle is by far my favourite princess! I turn into a 5 year old when I see her at the parks! It's so exciting!

Monday, March 28, 2011

The 30 Day Disney Challenge!

So apparently it is the thing to do these days in the Disney blogging world...So I'm jumping on this band wagon and starting off today!

Day #1: Your favorite character

They had to start off with a tough one eh? After little to no consideration (because I didn't need any because it is quite obvious), my favourite Disney character is

One possible reason I love said donkey so much is that he holds an odd resemblance to another favourite creature of mine:

I wiki-ed Eeyore to see if they had another interesting to say about the fellow and I learned so much in the first two sentences that I quit reading it. Here it is:

Eeyore is generally characterized as a pessimistic, gloomy, depressed, anhedonic, old grey stuffed donkey who is a friend of the title character, Winnie-the-Pooh.

His name is a representation of the onomatopoeic phrase "hee-haw," which refers to thebraying sound made by a normal donkey, written in the Cockney dialect, which is characterised by h dropping in addition to the usual British r dropping.

I never knew all that letter dropping business before! The reason I love Eeyore however, is because he's this big cuddly creature who has those original 'puss-in-boot' eyes and you can't help but want to hug him tight and make him feel better! The poor guy has been having a series of bad days since 1926! I'd be a little pessimistic and anhedonic too if my house fell down for 85 years! He's a truly lovable, cute, friendly, caring grey donkey, and I love him! My favourite Disney character: EEYORE!

Who is your favourite Disney character?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Update and News! Part 2...

Alrighty then....
CHICAGO! I'll let you know the amazing things we do here once we've done them, but I'm hoping it involves this...
However I feel like it may involve more of this:

I can't even believe that! It looks like of frightening... but I'll try. I'll do my best! :D

When we are in Chicago there is a random high in the tempuratures (says the weather network!) therefore I have great hopes of jogging outside in one of Chicago's many super pretty parks. And don't worry Mummy, I will make sure to stay around lots of people and with Ashley. Yup, I'm dragging Ashley jogging...I don't know if she believes me when I tell her this or not. But with my half marathon coming up May 1st there is no way I'm going 10 days without runs! (and especially if I'm annihilate that pizza up there!)

April 5th: Driving through Indianapolis to Louisville to Elizabethtown (so excited for Elizabethtown!!) we are working out way to Nashville, Tennessee! Yeeehaw, welcome to the south!
April 6th: Exploring Nashville and Franklin! Ahhh to exciting to talk about!
April 7th: This day is going to be amazing, we're making our way through Chattanooga (how can you pass up on a place like that?) through Birmingham, through Montgomery all the way to Tallahassee! There are few things in the United States that I want to do more than see the deep south. I think that it is going to be amazing. I'm excited to stop over in Tallahassee as it is the place that the great and incredible Miss. L.M is from! I'm hoping we get to hear a little Seminole cheer!
Linda and I!
**I'm having mad dejavu about having written this post before...and as I write this I remembered that I did write it this morning...on my itouch. And I gave such better descriptions of everything! My bro-in-law has started calling me Luke, as in Modern Family Luke because sometimes my comments are a little random. I feel like this is that kind of moment. I knew I'd written all this before, and just spent a while looking through out posts for where I already wrote it....dang.**

April 8th: From Tallahassee we're south out of the panhandle towards the Gator Nation! before heading to the Gulf of Mexico for a little R&R! if we won't be getting any of that during this trip! haha. We're going to spend a little time in the Sunshine, 25 degrees Celsius doesn't sound so bad right about now :) and this doesn't look so bad either..
mmmmm white sandy beaches

April 9th-April 11th: Take me home, country road, to the place, I belong! Alright that was SUPER dorky, but this is the day we arrive in, you guessed it, Orlando! We're staying with some fantastic friends and I'm super excited to see them and catch up! We have lots of amazing people to catch up with, some fun activities planned, and a date here:
for lunch on the 11th! Yummmm, what's up maple creme brulee...prepare to meet a stomach that has been dairy free for 40 days! (This is why you start Lent early! and I failed hard at the no refined sugar thing so pretend I never tried that :P) I'm so stoked! Being at Epcot means I also for sure get to see this beauty:

April 12th: This is Ashley's program start date! YAY! I'm so excited for her! This is also the morning I hit the road to MCO and fly my way back to beautiful Vancouver, Canada! Via Montreal, because that's a completely reasonable route to take!
April 13th: Hopefully I will spend this day with my incredible niece or nephew!
April 14th-April 30th: Home Sweet Home! There really is no place like it. I'm going to spend this time with my family!! and some friends as well :)
May 1st: BMO Half Marathon!!!!! I'm so nervous/anixous/totally stoked for this! I've been running for a few months now and am really excited to do a race! It'd just like to finish well :)
May 4th: My 22nd Birthday! May the fourth be with you ;) you'll never forget!
May 9th: Back over to Vancouver as on
May 10th: I fly to Orlando!!! Yes that's correct, back I go...for University!!!! Yes, it's true, I am a University of Central Florida, Rosen College of Hospitality Management Student!! I want to go to university so badly, and more precisely I want to go to this university to study this subject with these professors in this location. I can't even pretend to contain my extreme glee over all of this!
International Student Orientation is May 12th, then Knights Orientation is May 13th, I can move into housing May 15th and classes start May 16th until June 26th..
June 27th: Fly home to Vancouver and Carebear! ... and the rest of my lovely family! and friends!
July-Mid-August: Prepare for my lovely sister Kim's wedding August 13th! I'm a bridesmaid! Weee! as well as prepare for WORKING AT WALT DISNEY WORLD starting AUGUST 16th!
August 15th: Catch red eye flight to ORLANDO! ...which I haven't booked yet. but will!

So there you have it...nothing that big happening between now and August so I don't really need to post until then.... See you in 5 months!

I know you're stoked, so stick around, ask me any questions you'd like about me, about the CRP, about UCF/Rosen, about the road trip, about Disney World secrets! (gasp!), about anything, and I'll answer them the best I can. You can even ask for halloween costume inspiration because clearly, if you read yesterday's post, you'll know it's what I'm best at. Kea003@live. ca! I'll leave you with what I'm planning to wear this October:


Friday, March 25, 2011

Update and News!

I took this lovely snapshot myself! And without pulling over in the "Do not pull over here" spot!

Well first of all I'm sorry for falsely promising an exciting post the other day and then writing nothing. Also if you make that apple sundae don't over do it with the syrup and you should add toasted shredded coconut! Yummmm!

Now for an email from Kristen:


Once again Congratulations on being offered a role representing Canada on the Cultural Representative Program at Walt Disney World! I hope you are still very much excited for the adventure you are able to take to Walt Disney World. I just wanted to touch base with some information to assist you between now and your arrival of August 16th.

Arrival Date of August 16th: This arrival date is the date you will want to arrive in Florida, and is the day your housing will be ready. If you do decide to arrive earlier than this date, you will need to provide your own accommodation. However, you will not be starting work on the16th, so please do not feel you need to arrive earlier. Instead, when you arrive you will have the 16th of August to get use to the Florida weather, meet your new roommates, and meet all the other people around the world arriving to Disney with you. You would then start orientations the following days. For the orientation you will need to wear professional attire and this can be what you wore to the interviews. So do pack at least one professional outfit for Florida.

End Date of August 10th, 2012: This is the day you will need to check out of your housing. You do have 30 days to travel after this date, and there will be many students around the world who I am sure would love to have you as a travel buddy!

Background/Police Check: This document is currently the most important for you to be concentrating on. However, this document does not need to be an advance check, instead you will want to visit your local police department to have the form completed. Once you have this form done, you will need to scan and email it or fax it directly to me. Please do this by June 1st.

Step by Step Guide: To assist you in the adventure to Florida, Yummy Jobs has put together a Step by Step Guide that will answer many questions, such as about visas, police checks, and everything in between. To access this document, you are now able to log into your profile and view the “Documents” tab. Please be sure to read the Canadian Guide, as the other countries will vary in information.

Visas: Walt Disney World is currently working on these documents for you, which you will have about 2-4 weeks before your arrival to Florida.

Program Assessment Fee: As mentioned during the interview, you will need to pay the program assessment fee ($100 US) before your arrival to Florida. This fee acts as a deposit to reserve your room. You will be receiving an email from Walt Disney World regarding this fee about one month before your arrival to the US. You will not be able to pay this fee until you receive this email, so do keep an eye on your inbox in July!

And if at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself. I will be here to assist you Every Step of the Way!

Have a Great Day,

Kristen Thornton

Yummy Jobs

I have noticed a lot of people asking if they have to arrive before their arrival date, and as Kristen pointed out above, you don't! The day you arrive you don't have to do anything but check in at Vista Way, and then they drive you over to your apartment (either at Patterson or the Commons) and you have the rest of the day to shop, meet people and do whatever you need to do. I won't be arriving early, I will be flying out the night of the 15th though red-eye style so that I can arrive in the morning and not crazy late. Plus as anyone who really knows me knows, I really like red eye flights, as well as layovers! I love layovers in random places and tend to take the most layover/stopovers I can get (as they also are usually the cheapest!). I also need to be at the front of the plane on the aisle. As you saw with my trip to Toronto I will never sit in a window seat again, and the thought of the middle seat? Where are you suppose to look when you're sleeping? So awkward! Plus I just like getting up and not feeling trapped in there by other people. Phew.

Now for much awaited very exciting news!


There we go. You know that point in life when you have worked really hard and planned and dreamed and then all of a sudden you realize everything you've ever dreamed of is starting to happen and becoming real? That's the moment I'm having right now. And it's absolutely incredible. I have been very overwhelmed and stressed out the last couple of months and now it's as if I have taken a huge deep breath, let it all out and can see everything coming together. Here's the run down:

March 25th: That's today! A good place to start I figured... I returned home from an 8 hour day of work and have to work on packing up my room a bit more before going to bed for my shift tomorrow morning. I work tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that's good!

March 27th: This is my sister's due date for my incredible niece or nephew! I wouldn't normally share such an intimate moment but my sister and brother-in-law allowed me to be at their midwife appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat and it was such an incredibly moving and momentous occurrence. I will admit I was moved to tears, I'm so amazed at this life growing inside my sister and the immense impact it will have on all of our lives, and already has had. I've never had a maternal instinct in my life but this whole experience has changed me and just thinking about meeting this little Munchkin gets me all verklempt. I'm going to buy it every single Disney thing ever ... don't tell Gareth! :) hehehe. I guessed the baby would be born yesterday (Thursday the 23rd) and I was wrong. Someone had to be the number 1 loser though, and I'm glad to claim the prize.

This is the halloween costume my niece or nephew will be wearing come October 31st, I don't care if it's a girl and Chewbacca is a boy. This is the costume her pug Lily will be wear to accompany Munchkin:
I dare anyone to try and say that is not the greatest combination of halloween costumes ever! I've actually been planning this since I found out my sister was pregnant. It doesn't even have to be halloween! So exciting!

March 31st: Gareth's birthday! yay!

April 1st: My last day of work at Hollyburn!! Yeeehaww! This is actually a really big boxing fundraiser (I'm pretty sure) and should be a somewhat interesting last shift!

This is the background on my computer currently. Or it was until it mysteriously got changed to a picture of Mr. Ryan Kesler, of Vancouver Canucks hockey, who may I say, is lovely.

*~*Precursor to Road Trip Itineray: This is all approximation and may not be reliable at'll just have to wait and see!*~*

April 2nd: Jet setting off to Winnipeg this morning (after a layover in Saskatoon which I'm Super Excited for as it'll mean I've been to every province besides the Maritimes!) and arriving to my dear friend Ashley and her car for the beginning of our road trip!!! Ah, I'm actually super excited about this trip. We are driving down through Minnesota with such notable locations as Grand Forks, Fargo, St. Cloud (which I'm going to pretend is in reference to the Zac Efron movie) and Minneapolis (where my sister things I'll get lipped for my fake Minnesotian accent) to Wisconsin where we're staying in a little town called Eau Claire! Eau Claire is a Tree City, which means they have to celebrate Arbor Day and have a tree planting program and so I'm hoping it's pretty! Also it's suppose to be a great place for young people, and I like to consider myself youthful. It seems like it has a lot of factories/plants though as well, we'll see!

April 3: Pardeeville! Population: 1,982. LOVE IT! I'm so excited for this stop because this is actually a pretty special location...I won't say why now, but if you know, you'd want to go to! haha. I will mention that the town's biggest event is it's Watermelon Festival. Ohhhh small towns :) Departing Wisconsin we head towards the home of the President.. the Windy City it's self...CHICAGO! I can't believe I get to go to Chicago! It's so exciting! We're going to eat deep dish pizza, visit Hyde Park, watch some Blackhawk hockey (Ashley is a diehard Jonathan Toews fan, I'm scared I'll get kicked out of town if I say I'm from Vancouver), and hopefully do an amazing driveby past HARPO STUDIOS!! AHH! OPRAH!

This is not a picture of Oprah (I wish!). This is Janice. She is a secret clue as to why we are making a certain pit stop on the road trip.

how do my blogs always end with Oprah? I actually got super distracted and sent Oprah a letter. With that I need to you will find out all about Chicago plans and beyond tomorrow!

Spoiler Alert: I'm going to be a Knight!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yummy Snack while watching Oprah!

This is not what I was actually going to blog about today, and I will put up a real post in a wee bit, but I just had to post this. I was craving something sweet, like a baked good or something yummy like that, but I can't because pretty much everything has some kind of dairy in it. So based on inspiration from I sliced up a granny smith apple into thin pieces then tinier wedges. Then I mixed together a bit of pure maple syrup and some almond butter. Then I topped the apples with a few almonds, tossed the sauce with the apples and almonds and voila! Apple Sundae!!! It's honestly the yummiest thing evvveerr!!!! I'm so content and stoked right now, and as I ran and did a work out class this morning I don't even feel bad about the syrup. You should make this, right now. It'll make your day :) Now back to O...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Accepted Times Two!

I interrupt our regular programming to bring you this message from our sponsors:
(aka ME!)
You may notice a countdown to the right there, as well as a spot just under it that says "Follow by email." If you want to, you can type your email in there and instead of having to check all the time if I've updated, apparently it will email you when there is a new post! Exciting!

Also if you have any questions - whether you're about to start the program yourself and want to know more about it, or more specifics, or if you have any questions about me, if I keep mentioning someone or something and you don't know who or what it is, you can email me or leave a comment at the bottom of the post! Email me at: and I'll respond as fast as my little fingers can type! If there are lots of questions I'll even make a post of it. Feel free to ask anything :) Now back to regular programming...

May love and laughter light your days,
and warm your heart and home.
May good and faithful friends be yours,
wherever you may roam.
May peace and plenty bless your world
with joy that long endures.
May all life's passing seasons
bring the best to you and yours!

On my way out the door to my first ever Zumba class this morning I found this email in my inbox:

Good morning Kathryn!

I have some great news for you, you have been successful in your interview with Disney cruise line last week so congratulations!

You have been chosen for “Assistant Dining room Server”

Please stand by and I will get back to you as soon as I have more details on when we will start your process with your medical and criminal background check.

Let me know if you have any questions!

It was a pleasure meeting with you!

Eric Theriault

CEO-Co-Founder/Director of Recruiting

Cast-A-Way Cruise and Resort Hiring Agency

Exciting!!! It's nice to be accepted, especially after I didn't think the interview went so well. However I most definitely am going to do the Cultural Representative Program at Walt Disney World and am sooo pumped for that to begin!! Maybe sometime in the future I'll do a cruise line contract :)

In other news I did a Zumba class this morning because I bought LivingSocial deal for 10 classes for $20 dollars, and usually they are $10 a class so it was a pretty baller deal! I can also take spin classes with it, but they all seemed to be full. I was super nervous going, as I am not a dancer at all, but it was really fun. The beats are great, the instructor, Inna, was amazing, and I found myself smiling at points which doesn't happen that often when working out.

I got my sweat on a bit, and then the run/walk 4 miles home made for a pretty great workout. My sister Kim's baby is coming pretty soon so I'm going to spend the rest of the day making a few different meals I can freeze for when they are tired out by the newborn, as well as some of the yummiest Energy Bars I've ever had!! They are great for on the go and are packed with yumminess!

Almond Butter Energy Bars

1 cup Crunchy Almond Butter
1 cup Brown Rice Syrup
1 cup Liquid Honey
4 Tbsp Molasses
2 Tsp vanilla (extract works!)
1 cup chopped dried apricos
1 cup dried blueberries (or currants)
1 cup sliced almonds
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1/2 cup flax seeds
1/2 cup sunflower seeds
5 cups Bran Cereal (like Raisin Bran...I use Nature's Path Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch Cereal)
2.5 cups Quick Rolled Oats

1. In a large saucepan, over low heat, cook almond butter, rice syrup, molasses, honey and vanilla until blended.
2. Add apricots, blueberries, almonds, sesame seeds, flaxseeds and sunflower seeds and mix well.
3. Add cereal and oats; mix well.
4. Pour mixture into two 9 inch square baking pans (or a 9x13), lightly greased (I didn't do this). Place down with clean damp hands to compact evenly.
5. Let stand for 30 minutes, until firm, then cut into squares.
6. Freeze 1/2 the batch for next month. (I didn't do this either...they are toooo delicious, eat them!)

Right now I'm just trying to figure out summer university things and get everything together hopefully.
Here's a little Disney tidbit for you. This is my absolute favourite Disney World Commercial. I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that I cry every single time I watch it. Perhaps because her curly locks remind me of mine when I was little, or because of her determination to be just right and do it herself. Or because this is how I hope every little girl feels when she goes to a Disney park.