Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday to Saturday

This is going to be short and fast because i don't have too long but i want to get it done.
Tuesday I had off. I went to the pool with Cassandra, then went to Kristens and the three of us plus Craig all hung out. We went to wendy's then came back and watched Laguna Beach for way too many hours. Megan and some other people came home afterwards and we all hung out until we went to Jenn's throw out. I'm pretty sure I've talked about Throw outs, but it's when the person is leaving and they give things and titles away. It was really sad because it was unexpected. Jenn's an incredible girl and was so vivacious and fun and I really wish I'd gotten to know her better. She threw down the best friends title to Cassandra and I, symbolized by stuffies of the characters from Madagascar. So i guess we have to be friends now. haha. It was definately an emotional night.
Wednesday I worked until 5 seating and then it was Craig's birthday so we went to McDonalds and then to Kristen's. Then from there we had Throw In where I was flag girl. I don't really know the point of it, except that i waved a Canadian flag. The real flag girl, Chelsey was in New York. I got a little sister Sam at the Throw in too. Mainly I just help her out if she has questions and advise her in her life choices. haha. I've never had a little sister - exciting.
Thrusday I didn't work until 4:30 which was good because I wasn't feeling so hot. I was popcorn stocking and since the regular cart is getting reno-ed it was kind of wierd stocking the new one. It has an unreal front row view of Illuminations though as well as a few of Off Kilter, the canadian celtic rock band, so that's amazing. After work i hung out at matt's with some canadians.
Friday, yesterday, I was PM seating. It seemed kind of rushed and sketchy and the computers went down for a bit, but by the end everything was caught up and good so it was fine. when I got home I just cleaned my room (it was awful) and then started to learn my menu for serving. We have to be able to speil the entire thing! Then Lise, my roommate, came home and we talked for a while before sleeping.
Today was my culinary day so i spent it in the Kitchen. It was nice getting to know the kitchen cast members a bit better plus they were really impressive. they work sooo hard! I got to taste anything I wanted and had way too much foood! Lots of desserts and sides. I got lipped for being a vegetarian working in a steakhouse. It was good times though.
Now i'm just chatting with Amers, Jenn and Kelly on Skype. Amazing.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Monday was really fun. I went to the bank with Cale and Heather where Cale opened an account and Heather and I went to Property Control/Cast Connection. I got a colouring book/pencil crayons for $2. it was exciting, i know i'm 19 but i like to colour! It's relaxing and i'm pretty good at it haha. Then the security gaurd wouldn't let us on the bus to MK (unfriendly!) so we walked back to Disney U (where the bank is) and this really nice cast member (heather or cale what was her name?) drove us to the front of the park!!! I couldn't believe it, a lot of cast members are kind of like Canadians, super friendly and willing to help out. It's awesome. Once we got to the Magic Kingdom we had a quick lunch (vegetarian chili yumm) and then rode heather's fav...haunted mansion. I always think someone is going to jump out at me, even though they aren't, but it happened once! ahh. lol. then Cale had to peace to work so Heather and I watched the parade.

it was so cute. Carrie called right when Mickey was going by, she has the best timing. haha. After the parade we got fast passes for big thunder mountain (my florida fav) and the cast member gave us splash mountain ones. We went and rode pirates, saw jack sparrow, looked in some shops then rode BTMR and SM. we didn't get wet and i didn't hold on. i'm getting so brave these days:) hahaha. We rode the train around the outside of the park and then did It's a Small world. I kind of maybe....fell asleep during the ride. Heather had to call my name haha. it was onlyfor a second or 2 but i was tired haha.Those sooothing child voices sang me right to sleep. and i actually like that ride! Then we met up with Sasha and Rebecca, rode pirates and buzz lightyear (Rebecca blew us all out of the water) and then had dinner at the Plaza! I had this veggie sandwich with pesto and real mozzarella and cheesy foccacia! it was so good. then i had an ice cream sundae with crushed pineapple and strawberry sauce! man, life is goood! We went to fantasyland after this and rode Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan and Snow White. They don't really have that many rides in fantasyland here. Oh Heather and I did philharmagic sometime earlier too. when i was raining!

Oh and Dad i found the Randy Paush plaque but it was raining so i dind't want to whip out the camera! Back on track... After fantasyland we watched the fireworks! This was the first time i actually stood and watched the whole thing and they are really good!!! They still don't compare the disneylands 50th (the ones dedicated to the rides) but they were still really amazing! Everytime i watch fireworks i think of my Mum, because she loves fireworks, and i get sad because I miss my family but incredibly happy that they supported me in coming here and that i get to watch fireworks whenever i want! It's mind blowing! Then we went home and i went to Girls. It was emotional because it was Jenn's last girls. We had fun though and hung out the the italian guys. Everyone else were playing this hilarious game called dizzy bat which is awesome to watch.
I'm going to be late for work if i type anymore, so i will do Tuesday to today later or tomorrow! It's been a crazy eventful week! and my computer is dying! ahhhh i'll add mre pics later!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Bad...a Week at Once

So this week has been really crazy and full so I will do my best to remember everything.
Sunday - Sunday was my day off and it was nice. I slept in then went to the pool to suntan. Unforunately I suntanned too long and burnt my back pretty badly. Oh and the lovely behind the legs area which makes bending of any kind really nice. Oh dear. Then I went to Epcot with Cassandra (she was going to work) and I watched O Canada the movie. It's so good I don't get tired of it, but it does make me miss home. They show Victoria and Cathedral Grove and then i get emotional haha. Afterwards I started walking around the world but felt really sick so I got a some water and sat, I think i got a bit of sunstroke because then I was crazy tired, ill and just wanted to sleep. However sleeping hurt alot because I have really cheap sheets that were like sandpaper against the burn. lesson of the day: wear sunscreen. or flip over.
Monday - I picked up a overtime shift working PM cash on the Popcorn cart. I just remember there being a lot of drinkers around the world ending in Canada that night. A younger looking guy also came up and asked if we ID'd, I said yes, and he walked away. haha. If you ask it's the first thing we're going to do silly boy. Of course I would have ID'd him anyways, but that was just a bit ridiculous. When I got home I went to Girls and we had a pirate scavenger hunt. It was fun and I get to know some of the canadians better.
Tuesday - I trained as PM seater with Heather again being trained by Rebecca. We were alot moer on our own this day and I started to get more comfortable speiling. I forget what I did in the evening, probably went to Matt's or something like that. Nothing fancy!
Wednesday - I was trained by David as Greeter. This is teh person who checks in all the reservations and gets to say 'Unfortunately we are fully booked for the evening' about 10 thousand times. It's not the guests faults they don't know, but Canada is known as the second best restuarant in Walt Disney World after Victoria and Albert's which is an intensely posh/expensive dress code restuarant at the Grand Floridian, so we book up 90 days in advance - the farthest ahead you can make reservations. So as a tip for any of you coming to Florida - if you want to eat here book ahead! We do take some walk ins sometimes but it's totally random and luck of the draw. Also I would encourage not showing up until your reservation time because we often run a bit behind in the busy times (some people sit forever after dessert) and even if someone with a reservation time 20 minutes after yours has checked in 30 minutes before you, you're still going to be sat according to reservation time. However if we're running on time or ahead people could be sat ahead - so really it depends on the time of day. Did that make sense? haha. Just make a reservation so I don't have to kindly reject you. Greeter is also the position that people get mad at when there reservation time comes and goes and they are still waiting. At Disney it's apparently suppose to be Priority Seating not a reservation, so that your name is put in line at your reservation time, not that you will be sat at that time. Something like that. Anyways teh day went okay except I had one angry guest because his firt name was Alan, and another partys last name was Allen, so when it was called out the other family answered. Not knowing this we thought he had been sat and he waited longer. In the end everything worked out fine, but you're definately the first line of assault when anything goes wrong or the wait gets too long.
Thursday - I was Stocker trained by Tyler. He tried to pawn me off to all the other trainers before finally accepting that he had to do it. Stocking isn't very many peoples favourite positions and I can definately see why. The beginning half of teh shift is awful and you want to cry and go home. But by the end it's a lot better and you feel kind of better about it all. Pretty much your duty is to keep the side stations stocked with cutlery, napkins, and plates (wine glasses in the evening) and to prepare the bread. It sounds really easy but if the dishwashers aren't going as fast as you'd like or you're bussing a table as something runs out or there aren't any clean wine glasses it is all your fault. It's not really, but it's where the blame goes first. It actually wasn't so bad with Ty because there were two of us doing everything. However
Friday - I stocked by myself. The first half wasn't going so well and i really felt like I wasn't doing a good enough job. I tried to bus as many tables as I could inbetween cultery runs, bread and dishes, but it kind of really got to me. When I went on break I was pretty unpleased with life, but after a break/some food I was feeling a little better about things. The last half of the day went pretty well I think and by the end I almost tricked myself into thinking i didn't mind stocking. Its the only job of the one's i've done that actually has you doing things constantly. It also makes you plan out what you're doing and what's next and then what. Plus I'm getting to know some of the servers better by being in the resturant which is nice because they make up a huge part of our staff and on popcorn i would only ever see them walk by.
Today and Yesterday I was a seater. yesterday I worked until 5 then came home and kind of just took it easy. It was really nice to get some sleep. Today I traded shifts with Robyn so she could spend the day with her boyfriend who is visiting from Canada. She took my Tuesday shift. I was seating from 11:30 until 8:45 so pretty much through both meal periods. I feel comfortable seating every province now except my PEI fact is a little bland still. If anyone from there reads this tell me something cool about your province! Some of the facts they have for us to say aren't the most exciting so I like to branch out:) It was a pretty good day though a bit long and after working 7 days straight I'm soooo excited to have a few days off! yessssss. Tomorrow I think I'm going to MK with Heather (after the bank and property control) then Rebecca and Sasha are meeting us there for dinner at the Plaza. Sounds like good times to me. I haven't beeen to MK for more than a few hours in the evenings so far so it would be nice to see the day time parade or something like that.
I'll try to update more frequently so I can remember more of what I did. It's all just a big blur! I'm having so much fun though. I love it here:)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The end of the Week

Wednesday started off sketchy because I got a text from my Francis at work saying apparently i was really late. Then Jeff, our manager, called me and said i was suppose to be in at 2:30. However I checked the hub (where our schedules are online) and had checked the printed out schedule the day before and they both said 4:30 so i didn't know how i was suppose to know that I was in at 230! I started to panic a lot and had to get a cab to work because the bus was going to take tooo long. I was freaking out thinking horrible things about being so late, once i got to the park i ran all the way back stage. When I got there I talked to Jeff and it ended up that one of the other managers had put in my time wrong on the daily sheet and I was actually suppose to be there 4:30. So i ended up out $20 and half an hour early. It wasn't my favourite moment. Then since it was busy Jeff decided to set up a second beer/drinks only cash, which was me! There were a lot fo us on the cart and it ended up going pretty well. After I cashed out I went back up and helped David close everything down and he drove me home. Dave's one of those really genuinely nice people that you can just tell right away he's a good guy. He told me all about the cool things he's done so far and where he's gong next.
Thursday was Social Security Day so we got up at the lovely hour of 5:30am and trudged to the bus to take us. We just had to apply for numbers so it didn't take long but there were quite a few of us. After that Cassandra, Cale and I picked up our cheques from Epcot and rode Test track then Mission Space. Mission Space is the coolest ride ever. It simulates going to mars and feels like you're going forward but really it's so good. Cassandra didnt agree as she felt really sick afterwards. I'll definately do it again:)
Then we went home, got a wee bit of sun until Matt and I went to Florida Mall to get something for his girlfriend Brittany. Apparently they don't have Abercrombie in Nova Scotia. It was a HUGE mall and there was even a store that had this big wave thignin it that you could boogey board on. crazzzy. I didn't really buy anything (had some really good veggie chili though!)
Afterwards we went home and chilled with some other canadians for a bit. Good times.
Friday, yesterday, I opened the popcorn cart all by myself. hah. It was good, Dave came in not long after, then Sasha and Heather and Todd and it was pretty quite (as it was good friday) so it was pretty chill. I hadn't worked with Sasha before, she's really awesome too. Once i got home I chatted with my family for a bit (they speaker phoned me!) then Cassandra and I went all the way to downtown disney for ice cream. I dont know why haha. But it was really yummmy! Then we went and hung out with canadians again who'd just had a BBQ.
Today was my first day in the restaurant training as an AM seater. Heather and I were trained together again, and we had Rebecca! She's so nice too! Pretty much everyone is awesome haha. I was so nervous seating because you have to spiel a greeting and say a fact about the province/territory that you seat the party in. My first couple weren't so good but as the day progress I got better at it I think and sat quite a few tables in BC which is fun. They always seem to come out best:) haha. Tomorrow I have the day off so I'm debating between getting up and going to a park really early (bad idea because of lots of ppl) or sleeping in and tanning and chilling for a bit. I was suppose to have Monday off as well but picked up a popcorn shift doing PM cash, which means I get to watch Illuminations :D I love it. and i love all the happy people watching it too.
Happy Easter Weekend! I hope you're all having an incredible time, and to my fam - I miss getting to be with you this weekend, but I hope you have the best time anyways and know that I'm thinking about you :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday - Tuesday

So Sunday doens't really get to be talked about because I didn't really do much. I had the day off so I slept in, cleaned my really messy room, put up some pictures, caught up with a bunch of people from home and generally didn't do much. When Cassandra got off work we hung out for a while.
Monday I trained on stocking with Ty again. Heather trained too so there were a lot of us on the cart. It was really fun though because Craig and I were handing out stickers, finding out what people know about Canada (apparently we're socialist), and just generally having a grand time. We did do some popcorn shovelling, keg runs and such as well. When you bring the keg through people stare at it and salivate it's funny. and they make witty comments such as 'you can just leave that here and i'll watch it for you,' it's kind of like at Thrifty's when people would say that if something doesn't scan it's free. To them hilarious, to me the 100th time i've heard that in the last hour:) No its an incredible job and i can't really believe that i get to do it.
Today was my first day on my own (i've earned my popcorn ears) and i was PM cash. The parks are crazy busy at the moment because of Easter so we had lots of lines, and the usualy rush right before Illuminations was nuts. and we didn't have enough popcorn made in the beggining to keep up with the rush so it took a bit to get through, well and for some reason people kept ordering multiple buckets - that's a lot of popcorn. I think lots of people leave tomorrow so they were trying to finish up their dining plans.
Oh Monday night was also my first girls which was nice because I got to hang out with a lot of canadians that I haven't had the chance to yet. Then it was an international party at SOB (sun on the beach) so most of the countries were all there including most of my roommates:) It was fun. I got a free box of truffles at the end (i don't know why they were giving them away..and don't worry they were fully wrapped lol) so that was cool until we opened them and they were gross. lol. always the way it goes:)
I love it here. i love it here. i love it here. For every crazy guest or luny cast member there is an incredible child (i heard the best donald duck impression by a 6 year old girl) or funny joke (craig kills me) or friendly face that makes it all completely amazing. I'm meeting some awesome people and really feeling at home. Today I've been here two weeks...but really it feels like so much longer, in the good way. The only thing missing is all my family/friends from come visit!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half of yesterday in Pictures...and words.

Yesterday I locked myself out of the house for the first time. No one was home. The front desk gave me a key for an hour so at least now I know the procedure for when I do it again...unfortuantely there are no pictures of this endeavour.
This is the Commons Clubhouse. I know I should take pictures of my apartment I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So for now...the outside of the Clubhouse including the bus stop that takes us everywhere:

First Cassandra and I went to Animal Kingdom:

Where we went through Asia:

To Everest:

Then we were hungry and went to Resturantosaurus in Dinoland. I had a veggie burger and the smallest drink they had. It was GINORMOUS! It's like if you go to Wendy's and order a Biggie. We were both in shock of the size so i took a picture:

Next we met Pooh:

And Tigger:

then we found lilo and Stitch:

Then we went on a few adventures:

We found some Bears at Camp Minnie Mickey:

Then headed over to Epcot:

We saw a few dancing princesses in the gardens:

Then met up with Matt to ride some segways:

We then toured the world stopping to say hey to our fabulous Canadian friends. Afterwards we had dinner, hung out and then went line dancing at Cowboys. yeeeehaw.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Popcorn Close Plus

Hey! So 2 days ago I trained on closing popcorn along with Heather again. Tyler trained us and it was so much fun! Kristen, Craig and Kelly were also working, so there were a lot of us and we got to have fun because of it. We danced to marching bands that went around the world showcase and gave out lots of stickers. Illuminations started at 9 and there I was standing beside a wonderfilled 3 year old boy and his dad watching this incredible fireworks and it hit me that this is my job! It blows my mind. I'm so greatful and happy right now! I know there are going to be long days but right now it's all good. After work we went out to Bennigan's and had a great time with a bunch of people.
Yesterday Cassandra, Matt and I went to Typhoon Lagoon. I burnt my shoulders pretty nicely. It was really fun though, they have this crazy wave pool that every 60 or 90 seconds or something like that it lets out this huge wave! It's pretty unreal! haha. It also has this crazy waterslide rollercoaster thing that you sit on the tube but and go down the slide but then it also pushed you up hills as well. It was really fun and cool because the 3 fo us could go together. Then we snorkeled through a reef with lots of fishes and sharks and mantarays. Overall a good time except Cassandra lot her sunglasses. Afterwards Matt got to go to a Magic game (basketball for those who don't know their sports teams) playing the Cavaliers (sp?) and Cass and I went to Cici's for dinner. It's this $5.99 all you can eat pizza buffet and I felt so sick afterwards! We ate tooo much! lol. Afterwards we went to Magic Kingdom, rode Space Mountain because it's closing soon, then went to Downtown Disney because the Virgin store is closing so apparently thre are crazy deals (we didn't see too much we wanted on our budget hah) and then we got some ice cream, came back to the Commons, went to Cale's for a bit then home. Lise (my roommate) had just gotten back from Daytona so we talked for a bit then went to sleep as she had to work at 7 this morning. She's leaving in a month and we get along really well. It'll be wierd living with someone else, she's so easy going and nice! Today I think we're going to check out some Animals at the kingdom then to epcot then to universal to see MC Hammer! Yes that's right, im' going to MC Hammer. wow. I have tomorow off as well, but will probably take it easy then work Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and have next sunday/monday off.

I haven't taken any photos lately so those were just some randoms. The guy in the picture with me is Cale, it was his first trip to the Magic Kingdom. I'll try to bring the camera today!