Thursday, May 21, 2009

And the rain rain rain falls down down down..

So it's been raining like crazyy!!! Yesterday I was on popcorn so i was expecting to get a call telling me not to come in. However it never came as it was wierdly sunny in he morning. I went into work, worked for 20 minutes and then we had to close down...because of rain! We went backstage, folded napkins for a bit and then Christina, our manager, told us to close up the cart for the night. It just so happened to be pouring at this point so we got absolutely drenched!!!! Amanda and I ran around the corner to go back on stage right as a huge lightening struck the building and the kitchen lost power. it was crazy. Although we missed it all because we were getting soaked. So i clocked out about and hour and a half after i got to work which was kind of annoying. I came home hung out with cass, patricia and ashley then went to jaime's with meesh and matt and chelsea and alyssa then to buffalo wild wings with more people. I'd never been, it was alright, they had kareoke which was interesting. Today i work at 330 until 930 then have 4 days off!! It'll be nice. Anyways, just a short update but at least i did one! haha. Mum and Carrie arrive in 11 days! and i go into food running may 31st! yay!

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