Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Raining & Speiling

Wow, Im' awful at this. I'm so busy! all the time Busy busy busy! I don't know why. So this past week i studied the menu a lot and then last wednesday I speiled to our manager Jeff. I was so nervous, he made me speil every single thing on the menu (except a few random things, like roasted mushrooms and asparagus, which are served just like that) so i was definately glad i studied so much. He passed me so then i just had to spiel to one more manager. Saturday I finally got the chance to speil to Janice and I was even more nervous because people said she was hard to spiel to and asked lots of tricky questions. However it wasn't soo bad and i passed her too!! So i'm going into Food running!!!!! It's really exciting. I think i'm getting put in in the first weeks of June and then you food run for 3 weeks, and then go into service training/serving! We aren't even suppose to be able to speil for 3 months so it's really exciting that im going to be serving before my 3 months even arrives. We are losing soo many incredible people in the next few months it's going to be really hard. I'm trying to spend as much time with them as i can and stay away from the crazy all consuming drama which is the Commons. Yesterday I had a class at Disney University with Heather, Todd and Ali, and on our way home we decided to eat at Le cellier. It was soooo delicious! I got the creamed spinach and put in on some plain kids noodles as the sauce (there aren't really many veggie options!) and it was absolutely fantastic!!! I'm sooo glad i caught Mercedes creating it a couple weeks ago. Today is also the first day of the new menu! We have switched out a lot of dishes, added an unreal dessert and poutine!! It'll be interesting to see how the americans react to the cheese fries and gravy thing. Although they do have chili fries everywhere here so it's kind of the same idea. I have a few days off at the end of these 9 in a row i'm working, so i'm looking forward to that. It's been raining like crazyyy lately! I was working popcorn the other day and we had to close early, so i got to clean the cart in pouring rain - just like home:) It's hilarious the army of ponchos that come out when it even just starts to look sketchy cloudy. I shoudl really take a photo. Carrie and Mum are going to be here in 13 days and i'm looking forward to it sooooo much! I made some dining reservations for us and i really hope they'll be able to eat at work so they can see what i do alll day everyday of my life here. haha. So I have to get going, but i'll try to update more. I know i type that everytime. but for reals! for reals! The beginning of 20 has been interesting so far, but i'm sure it'll just get better and better. Miss you all:)

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