Sunday, April 5, 2009

Half of yesterday in Pictures...and words.

Yesterday I locked myself out of the house for the first time. No one was home. The front desk gave me a key for an hour so at least now I know the procedure for when I do it again...unfortuantely there are no pictures of this endeavour.
This is the Commons Clubhouse. I know I should take pictures of my apartment I just haven't gotten around to it yet. So for now...the outside of the Clubhouse including the bus stop that takes us everywhere:

First Cassandra and I went to Animal Kingdom:

Where we went through Asia:

To Everest:

Then we were hungry and went to Resturantosaurus in Dinoland. I had a veggie burger and the smallest drink they had. It was GINORMOUS! It's like if you go to Wendy's and order a Biggie. We were both in shock of the size so i took a picture:

Next we met Pooh:

And Tigger:

then we found lilo and Stitch:

Then we went on a few adventures:

We found some Bears at Camp Minnie Mickey:

Then headed over to Epcot:

We saw a few dancing princesses in the gardens:

Then met up with Matt to ride some segways:

We then toured the world stopping to say hey to our fabulous Canadian friends. Afterwards we had dinner, hung out and then went line dancing at Cowboys. yeeeehaw.

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Kim said...

wowzers - how is it riding one of those funny things?! LOVE your pictures! Looks like lots of fun!