Monday, March 23, 2009

Last Canada Blog! Wow..

So i'm just going to give you a quick rundown of my weekend in Toronto/Kingston. It's been pretty busy and amazing being here. I love my TO family and getting to see my cousins grow up has been the most incredible thing these past couple years. Being the youngest I've never really been around little kids and they are just so crazy amazing. It's really good timing for me to fall in love with kids because i'm going to be surrounded by them very sooon. So on we go...
Thursday Auntie Mary and I went to the Art Gallery of Ontario and it was pretty coool. Lots of interesting art and lots of creepy wierd art. :) then aly came up from St. Cathrines and we tried to find her a dress for her athletic banquet (to no avail). We saw one of the canadian idol judges at the mall which i thought was really cool just because it was like 'you are on my tv, now you're in front of me.' i'm going to have to be careful in Florida. The Chief from Grey's Anatomy ate in our resturant the other day and Britney Spears bought popcorn and if we react to their celebrity at all we can get in huge trouble/terminated!! haha. ohhh dear. I'm not actually one of those celebrity nuts, it just seems so wierd to see them in person.
Friday Aly left and i went to Kingston to visit Queen's. I met up with a couple friends and we went to ritual at clark hall pub since i'd never been. it's this engineer tradition on fridays after you finish class to drink at clark (even at 11 in the morning). I definately had my fair share, but i figure i won't really be drinking for quite a while (i'm under 21) so it was a good last effort. hehe. then we went to dinner for my really good friend Casey's Birthday. i was a surprise and she was so shocked it was really cute/exciting/made my day! Dinner was good and it was great catching up with everyone. That night i felt a little woozy so Emma and i stayed in and alison came over and we talked and watched girlie things. it was fun. Saturday we went for breakfast at Windmills with annemarie, kevin, josh, emma and casey. then i caught the train back to toronto where we celebrated my Auntie Deena's friend Jane's birthday! it was really fun and we had awesome sushi!
Sunday we went to the Ontario Science Centre. I love all those things you get to play with and the kids were having a great time. Kira has gotten so independent and Savy is just so much fun! Last night we were all playing and dancing and it was awesome. Being accepted by my cousins makes me so happy! Little kids can be brutal if they don't like you or don't want to be around you, and Savy and Kira just jump on me and want to play and hang out and its so nice.
Today I checked into my flight, went and looked for some shorts (success!) and am just going to do some laundry and repack before getting Savy from school and having a little cousin time. I can't believe tomorrow is Florida. I've been waiting forever and it's been such a rollercoaster these last 6 months I'm soo excited for it all to begin! I'll try and update on the amazingness of florida as soon as i get the chance:) I'm kind of still waiting for it to hit me. I'm about to be a Disney Cast Member!


Kim said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!! Have a safe flight tomorrow and post your first FLORIDA blog asap! I can't wait to hear :)

Grumpy said...

Sounds like a good time. Maybe a little too much fun?