Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Quick Toronto Update

Hello hello!

I'm in Toronto currently staying with my fabulous aunties and cousins. I got in late monday night after a really long seeming day of flying. Yesterday I was a total waste and slept in most of the day then just read, caught up on emails and played with the cousins. They've changed so much in the last 4 months it's crazy! Kira just talk talk talks and Savy is soo much taller! Today I helped out at my Auntie's office for a bit then went to Spring Awakening! I saw it on broadway when I was in New York last year, and completely fell in love, so I just had to see it again! The cast was all different except for the main guy's best friend. They were all pretty amazing and it blew me away again!!! I could see it everyday and still love it. For those who don't know Spring Awakening is a musical about teenagers and there coming of age/exploration sort of thing. It's based off a play written in 1891 Germany but with more rock-ish music and is just amazing. I'm a big fan - as you can tell! After that I met back up with Auntie Mary, got the girlies from day care and we went for Sushi! It was fabulous and is always an experience dining out with kidlings. Tomorrow Aly is coming up from St. Cathrines later in the day for the night then Friday she heads back and I head to Kingston. I'm surprising Casey (one of my best ktown friends) for her champagne birthday (turning 20 on the 20th!) so we're going out for dinner and such. I'm betting that she doens't read this, but I may ruin the surprise...oh well! When I return Saturday it's one of my aunt's friend's birthdays so we're celebrating, then Sunday we're going for brunch, the science centre and Monday's my last day! I'll probably update how that all goes before I fly away Tuesday morning for Florida! I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe it's here. It's like living in a dream. As long as i can rearrange my bags so i don't have to pay for a overweight one again...i feel like i'm going to be wearing a lot of clothes on this flight to orlando...

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Heather said...

If you look like the stay puff marshmellow guy when you get on the plane due to wearing multiple layers of clothes. Do I have permission to laugh and take a photo?