Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Moxies Dinner & the Face to Face!

So on Monday night a bunch of us decided to meet up for dinner to get to know each other. I was kind of nervous when I showed up but it ended up being really fun. I sat beside Kerry, who has worked on the Disney wonder cruise ship as well as done the ICP and she went to Queen's so we had a lot to talk about, as well as Kale on the other side who is in New York right now and going to a bunch of shows so we talked aobut Spring Awakening. It was really fun. Jessica from yellowknife and Megan from London were also at our table and super cool. Kale, Jessica and I all got Long Island Icebergs which were HUGE but really good and Kerry got a Raspberry temptation. Yes, boozing before the interview. haha. Plus dinners of course:) My salad was kind of gross but the soup was goood:) It was funny Megan asked to have the rest of her pasta wrapped up to go and the dish person accidentally threw it out so they made her an entire new one to bring home! sweeet. haha. There were so many of us we had 2 tables but I only got to talk to those at the other table a bit. They seemed pretty cool though too. Then kerry was going to teh subway stop right before mine so we traveled together and arranged to meet at Don Mills the next morning to share a cab to the hotel.


Kerry wanted to be nice and early so we planned to catch the subway at 7am, so i got up at 6, not a usual thing for me but I was surprisingly awake which was good. I got there around 7:10 because I forgot my papers and had to go back for them. oopps! We met up at Don Mills, which is the farthest subway station (had to switch trains twiceee) and got to the hotel around 8. There were a bunch of the people that we had met the day before already waiting, including Heather who I sat in the presentation with. She graduated Drama from York and seems really nice. That's the problem with meeting and starting to get to know all these people, they're so cool and I really want us all to get to go downa dn work together so much! It just adds another level of nerves to the waiting process now. Anyways, so we waiting and people started filling up the lobby, then we moved to where the room was. They signed us in and we filled out the application form (to joyful mary poppins tunes!). Then Roger started the presentation, he is hilarious. wow. haha. It was really fun to watch and he made jokes at Valerie, the reallly excited girl in the presentation. He asked three trivia questions, which i knew all the answers too but I didn't get picked. Heather answered the water park question and got this cool magnet thing with all the different feelings with mickey heads and then you put the little 'I feel .... today' magnet over top of the one you are feeling like. I don't know if that explained it well, but they have them for lots of things but it was a cool disney international progrma one. wooo. We sat in the front row:) haha. After the presentation they gave us our interview times and mine was at 11:00am! and it was 10:40! So I went and talked to Kristen who checked over my form, asked what I would like on my name tag (Kate Royston, British Columbia. hahaha) ohh i want a name tag soo bad they are sooo cool. Then I went in a waited. There were a brother and sister both trying out and they were pretty funny, i waited with them. Then Jennifer called us up. I was interviewed with a guy named Stephan. It was kind of wierd I've never been interviewed at the same time as someone before. She asked why we wanted to be in the program, what experience we have in food and beverage, where we've traveled, if we can speak other languages, to tell her about a time when something negative happened and how we used good guest service, made sure we understood about working hours, if we were okay living with other people, and finally to tell her one thing about our hometowns. Throughout the presentation they really stressed that we were there as canadian representatives and people would ask about our culture all the time and stuff, so i thought there would be more about Canada. Then she asked is we had any questions and I couldn't remember my question and he said he didn't have any, and i kind of froze so I just said how I've really researched and read about the positions and jobs alot and that it helps that i've been there and seen the location before and stuff. I wanted to ask if we could request being in a bigger apartment with more people or if it's just random. Darnnnn me. Anyways, so then we just shook hands again, I made some dorky comment about her nametag and it was all over. Wow. All this waiting and preparing and I didn't even nail it. My answers were mediocre and it was kind of frusterating afterwards because I thought of all the right things I should have said. So we will just have to wait and see I guess. I'm nervous that I'll have been okay, and at the beginning of the day and she'll forget me or something. Then I shared a cab back to the subway station with Zim, and came back to my aunt's for Diwali. Best holiday...such gooood food. Rather christmas-esque. So that was my we just wait 2-3 weeks for eternal happiness or ....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Tomorrow's the big day!

Wow, I can't believe it's actually here. There has been sooo much going on in my life lately that I've barely been able to be ecstatic about this interview!!! I've been stressy though haha. I'm pretty nervous just because I've been waiting for this for soo long! I know that most people say that the phone interview is the hard one and that the face to face is really fun...but common, how can you not be freaking out! Tomorrow determines if I get to live in Florida for a year! I've been trying to snooop past questions and going over answers, as well as brushing up of my trivia, though really i'm only in the know about california so we'll see how the florida questions go. Tonight some of us are meeting at Moxie's out by the hotel for dinner so that we'll know a few people tomorrow, which will be nice. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008