Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Yes I waited a little long to wish everyone a Happy Holidays, however it's been a busy, crazy, emotional, fantastic season and well, I dropped the ball! BUT I'm hoping everyone has a beautiful New Years, however they wish to celebrate it, and a 2011 full of love, laughter, imagination and Adventures!!!

So the update on Disney....I've been added to an email chain of applicants all introducing themselves, which is exciting! I remember it last year and then meeting all the people...getting accepted, and how good of friends I am with so many of them now. It's quite bizarre actually. I couldn't believe how many names I knew on the list! There are SOOO MANY REPEATS! It's completely freaking me out! It's super stressful having so many people know you're reapplying...and if I don't get it, I'm going to be super sad..and everything will know! Also it feels like there is no way they could take everyone who is reapplying, so either me, or someone I know who was great there may not get accepted again. Gah! I don't even like thinking about it because it just stresses me out a lot. It keeps making me think of everything I didn't do, everything I missed out on seeing, and everything I did that I absolutely loved!

I did get everything sent in for university so that is exciting!!! I am waiting to hear in the New Year whether I'll be accepted or not, and if I do it's to start in MAY! Ahh! So crazy. I also have a Disney Cruise Line interview in February. Soo many things! I want school to accept me the most of course, and then the CRP so I can postpone school a year and save save save :)

So that's the update. No word from Kristen yet on the actual dates of the interviews...but trust me, you'll be the first to know!