Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sister Visit!

I've had the most amazing time with my wonderful sister visiting!! It is very rare that I find myself in a Disney park without a special event ticket these days. So having a guest meant we got to go to all the parks and just play!! Plus the weather was pretty gorgeous this week! And with perfect timing... It's suppose to go back down to a low of 30 this weekend!!

My sister and her beau had a great time I hope, because I sure did! I'm usually a little nervous to meet new people of importance, but he is so nice, makes you feel at ease and totally comfortable! So it was great! I hope they liked my main man as well, because I sure do!

We started the visit at Epcot and had a fun time on Soarin', The Seas with Nemo and friends and mission space! We get a fast pass for test track and explored the world a bit with a delicious meal in Morocco!! If you haven't eaten at the quick service in Morocco you should definitely try it out! It's my favourite quick bite in Epcot and sooo yummy!

We had sushi in Japan later on that was good too but being a veggie roll pretty simple. They have awesome 'snow comes' here too though!

I should just blog about eating at Disney. I've been pretty much everywhere at some point and can tell you exactly where you can buy pretzels and which types in every park. It's sad. I just love pretzels...

The next day we did Magic Kingdom and it was HoT! Lauren my roommate came with us and it was a great day (despite super long lines we got on everything we wanted)! We ended up getting stuck on Pirates of the Caribbean for quite a while. Apparently the boat behind us got caught on something. They turned on the lights and off the sound, then had to reboot the whole ride! It was awesome! Lol everyone was in great spirits on our boat and we were in the auction scene so it was really neat! I think it's pretty cool to get to see rides with lights on, or get stuck- it's a different experience and a story to tell :)

That night we went to Raglan road for dinner at Downtown Disney! They have a phenomenal quinoa salad - unfortunately I switched it up and tried a different salad. It was still good, but not my quinoa! We laughed a lot and the boys got going on scotch discussions! Hehe

Sunday was a relaxing day, so I did some things around the house then we went outlet shopping! After shopping Francel and I went to a dinner with a bunch of Canadians who are sadly finishing their programs. It was a great time :)

Monday I had school and work, so The visitors were on their own at Hollywood Studios!

Today was our last day and we went to Animal Kingdom. The weather was totally overcast and it was drizzling (then sow pouring) but we had a great safari. When I say great.... The best ever!!! We saw so many animals it was ridiculous! And 3 LIONS!!!!! So great!

We're going to meet now for dinner at Boma, an African inspired restaurant at animal kingdom lodge! Should be yummy!

That's all for now! Although I may have some exciting news on the horizon...

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Today was an amazing day. Nothing significant happened. No surprises, no gifts. No news.
But maybe that adds to it's greatness?
The day started by laughing and joking while making breakfast with my boyfriend. It continued with church with two of my good friends. It felt like the pastor was talking just to me, which is a good quality. It makes the things you think or do seem like they happen to a lot of other people too. It was about results. Wishing things could fast forward so you can get your rewards sooner. It was in a way about the journey more than the ending. But not of life- of the things in our lives. Relationships. Careers. I like results.
Church was followed by breakfast at a casual cafe. Grandfather owned and worked in by the whole family. We had omelets and tea; laughed and chatted. I've been pretty homesick lately for the relationships I have there. Breakfast felt like home.
I continued to Starbucks where over more tea we chatted then individually worked. I did some readings and a quiz and got my dose of happiness from gaining knowledge and enjoying it.
Now I'm walking the dog, writing and listening to music. Soon the boyfriend will be home and we'll cook some dinner together.
It's just a simple day. Nothing spectacular happened. But it was exactly the day I needed. The type of day that makes life's little moments the ones that count.

Monday, February 11, 2013

My love

Dear Francel,

"What do you do for fun? Do you go out?"

That's how we started. Simple enough.  Our first date wasn't suppose to be a date.  It was a favour that turned into a dinner.  It was a dinner full of laughing and talking and smiling.  I remember thinking that I hadn't seen a cuter grin in all my life, and I had the biggest butterflies.  I was so nervous.
Our first actual date was to the movies. Your favourite.  I missed a lot of the movie wondering if you meant to bump my arm, or if you were going to hold my hand.  I still have my movie stub.
An incredible trail of amazing dates followed.  An amazing Italian restaurant where they lit my creme brulee on fire at the table.   Your shirt and tie made my heart skip a beat, as did the way you made me feel the entire night - special. I would tell someone about our day and even I couldn't believe how great it sounded when repeated.  And it really is that great.
There has always been something different.  Of course I was attracted to you, but it was so much more than that.  I had to be around you. It has always felt like finding someone who is suppose to be in my life.  I felt so instantly comfortable telling you all about my life, my dreams, my hopes.  And ever since you've respected and supported them all. I love learning about you too - about your ninja turtle and batman birthday parties, how incredibly important your family is and how hilarious you are (especially when you're over tired)! Sometimes I don't even know what we're laughing about by the end of it, but I know how great it makes me feel.
We've found favourite places together (Cali Grill lounge, Ghiradelli's free chocolate!), discovered new cuisine and decisively decided I need to work on my bowling skills and you on your mini-golf ;)
When you took me to California Grill it took my breath away.  Not the restaurant but you. You take my breath away.  But I got scared.  I was falling in love.
I was so scared to love you.  Love has never worked out before. Now I know nothing in the past ever worked out because I was meant to love you. No one has ever treated me the way you do - when you open the car door on non-special occasions, when you pick up on things I'm excited about and make them happen (This is 40!), when you truly listen to what I say and how I feel, when you support my goals, when you stand up for me, when you pick me up when I fall and helped me turn around that issue. When I can walk in the room and your face lights up with the biggest smile and you pull me into your arms - just the sight of me makes you happy? Just the sight of you makes me happy.
It hasn't all been butterflies and happiness.  We've dealt with some hard things as well.  But those strengthen us, they add to the authenticity of our love, and our life together.  A very wise man told me that if we didn't have struggles we wouldn't fully be able to appreciate the good times.  You were right.  For as many lows as we've had, we have gotten through them together, and we always will.
You made my holidays.  Being 3300 miles away from my family and friends is tough. The holidays make it tougher.  Osborne Lights. Making egg nog. Grinchmas. Be Our Guest Restaurant  Mickey's Christmas Party. The Rose & Crown and Candlelight.  California Grill lounge with Holiday Wishes. Your love is astonishing.  And the thing is, all of these things were breathtakingly beautiful, fun, incredible and amazing - but the best part of all of it, the part of all of it that matters, is that I got to do it with you.
I can't even start to describe New Years Eve. I had never been so sure that I wanted to spend a year, the rest of my years, with someone as  I was when 2013 began.
Ice cream at home. Cooking at home.  Baking at home. Watching our favourite shows.  Watching movies from our childhood.  Me watching your scary movies, you watching my girly movies. Bowling. Mini-golf. Walking around the mall. Slushy mango wine. Breakfast in bed.
Spending the night in with you is one of the best dates we ever have.
I love you. I'm in love with you. I will love you for the rest of my life.  You have had a larger impact on me in our time together than I ever thought possible.  You make me want to be a better version of myself, you taught me to trust, to open up and to allow myself to accept your love in return.
I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for showing me a real relationship. Thank you for loving me- flaws and past included. Thank you for laughing at my dorky jokes. Thank you for making me feel like I can conquer the world with one hand when you're holding the other.
I am absolutely in love with you, and I cannot wait for our future together, and all the incredible adventures ahead.
Forever you'll be my always,

Sunday, February 10, 2013


When it rains it pours world, and I'm just letting you know this storm doesn't seem to be letting up anytime soon.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Three girls. Brought up in the same home, with the same values, same parents, same town, same chances. You could argue that it wasn't all the same- that the shift in world events, place in the family, and economic turns raised us differently. But those aren't the real things that shape you I feel, they are factors, but in general, we began in very similar places.

We were all encouraged to do our best at everything we tried. We were encouraged to finish what we started and do well in school. We were taught to speak well and present ourselves well. We were taught honesty, trust, love and the importance of family.

Yet we are all completely different.

I am the loud one. Apparently. The showboat. The entertainer. The comedian. The dreamer?

Carrie is the quiet one. This I know isn't true. But to the world I guess, the quieter one. The analytical one. The explorer. The world changing one.

Kim is the one who broke all the barriers so Carrie and I could do whatever we wanted. She is the lover, the family first, the artistic one. She's done everything and tries everything at least once. She has great drive once her mind is set.

How are we so different? Yet we are also very much alike. We share a bond stronger than almost any possible to create. We can be placed anywhere together and have the greatest time. Kim and Carrie are just as funny as I am. Kim has travelled around the world as Carrie has. I can set my mind on something and follow it until it happens too. We all have our strongest tendencies, or the qualities the outside world would notice first - but we also have a vibrant web of interlocking characteristics that make it so blatantly obvious our bond is stronger and tighter than most. Sisters. It's one of the worlds biggest blessings.

We are different though. Kim has a blossoming career and incredible family 5000 miles away from Carrie who is pursuing a masters degree 3000 miles away from me chasing my Disney dreams.

Our lives have pulled us to three opposing sides of the continent. Three girls who grew up with the same values, family, home, environment - stretched across North America by their dreams. Distance in miles does not calculate to distance in heart. I know my sisters are always with me. We've grown up but not apart. My big sisters will always be my sources of inspiration, sources of pride and sources of wisdom, love and friendship.

How do you tell someone the impact they have had on your life? How do you tell them that everyday, although miles apart, you still call upon everything they have taught you through the years to accomplish what you're doing? We don't get to talk everyday like we did when we lived together. We don't get to know exactly what's happening all the time. We don't get to share White Spot or watch HGTV/TLC or bake or workout together.

My dearest sisters. My Kimbob and Carebear.

(I once got Kim a pooh bear glass for Christmas and wrapped frozen juice mix to go with it... Stored it in the freezer until it was time to open gifts. I thought it was a brilliant gift at the time.... Gotta love little sisters eh?)

I hope you two know how much I truly appreciate you. How much I love you and look up to you. If I didn't have such incredibly strong woman to look up to I wouldn't be me. Your constant support, your encouragement, your tough love, your friendship - it leaves me speechless. And as the family talker - you know how hard it is to make me quiet ;)

I miss you so entirely. I'm so proud of the way you live your lives and the things you're accomplishing. There are few bonds as strong as the three little girls from Fedoruk Road turn Roy Creek Road who grew into three beautiful women from Vancouver, Halifax and Orlando. Distance is nothing. I love you two!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Being Aware

Life can slip right past us.  That's where the idea for a 2013 Jar of Happy came from.  That's a work in progress name, it make be changed. But the premise (thank you pinterest) is to have a mason jar, and every time something fun happens, you do something enjoyable, you write it down and put it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, New Years Eve 2013, you pour the jar out and remember all the amazing things you did that year.

Of course you're going to remember your birthdays, your anniversary, big special events - but I'm trying to write the smaller day to day happenings that bring a smile to my face.  The things 333 days from now I won't recall.  Such as earlier in the month: I had been talking for 2 months about going to see This is 40. I thought it looked awesome! So one night Francel surprised me by having it so we could watch at home and got cold stone ice cream! Movie and ice cream night? Awesome! It was so fun and relaxing getting to watch at home - and ice cream is a big treat!

Would I remember that 10 months from now? Probably not.  Will I be excited to relive how we couldn't stop laughing at things that weren't even funny most of the movie now that I jotted it down and tossed it in the jar? Yes.

I hope I can keep it up.  Jot down your happy moments and toss them on a container.  New Years Resolution.  Track your happy :)

Speaking of New Years Resolutions.  We're going to break them into smaller goals.

True Fact:

Smaller goals are easier to reach and make the large goal less daunting.

Most people set goals in January and bail on them by February.  I'm setting a few in February and hopefully will succeed at them by March.  Month goals - yearly goals are scary.

This month is a little different that most months in that MY SISTER IS COMING TO VISIT!!!

Carrie is coming to see me the last week of February and I cannot wait!  I am also moving this month so packing everything up once again.  Hopefully it'll be the last move for a while.

But alas, my goals for February:

Money: Don't spend it.
How we accomplish this: Don't eat out.  Pack lunches. No unnecessary purchases.

Health: 5 vegan days a week.
How we accomplish this: Dairy is pretty easy to avoid when you pack your own meals. Meal planning

Exercise: 5 workouts a week. At least of them as AM workouts.
How we accomplish this: 5 out of 7 isn't that bad a way to start.  Support is key too. Thank goodness for that fit loving boyfriend.  I'd like everyday to be a morning workout eventually, but we're taking baby steps.

Time Management: Try it!
How we accomplish this: Don't procrastinate.  Set aside time and use it wisely.  I am super good at planning in my planner, I just need to follow it.

So those are my February goals.  I'll let you know how it's going in a week.

Oh and when it works guess what we're motivating ourselves for?