Sunday, March 15, 2009

Packed! Last BC Blog :)

I'm actually packed! I'm sure there is something i'm forgetting and some really nice shirt i'm going to wish i had. the first time through one bag was 7 pounds over and the other was 9 and that's when i was really not having fun because i didn't think there was anything i could take out! then my lovely sister Kim (modelling those Minnie ears) came and went through everything with me and we cut out quite a bit, although some not very happily. Then we had a nice break from packing for the dinner. This morning I went to brunch with a couple girlfriends, got some lovely trashy magazines for the plane and then came back home to pack again! Kim and Carrie both helped this time and it went pretty well. I think. I hope. I tried both my scale and my mum's and both said they were about 2-3 pounds under so we'll see how they do tomorrow at the airport. That's always my most stressful part of travelling! yikes. I also checked into my flights and have aisle seats for both - score! and the second flight (from calgary to toronto) is in the 5th aisle! I love being near the front. Anyways, this is my last blog from Beautiful British Columbia, so i'll update from Toronto. 8 Days until FLorida...Bye BC!


Carly M said...

i loved the intermingled pics in your post, it really added the extra touch, very entertaining haha. im so sad i wont get to say by to you but im sure we will be talking MUCHO. love you good luck wiht your flights babbbbby <3

Grumpy said...

Love the blog and the pictures. Packing can be a challenge, no doubt. How kind of your sister to help out! And what a cute "Minnie" pug!

Keep up the good blogging. It will be harder to find the time once you're working and playing in that Florida sun.

The Grumpster