Monday, September 6, 2010

6 Months Later...

It's hard to believe it's been six months since I left Disneyworld. At this time I was stressing about leaving, packing, boys, friends, flights, UPS, everything. I definitely went though a hard time when I left Florida. It was wierd being about my friends and family from home because they couldn't know what it was like and I started every sentence with 'at Disney we,' which is never nice for the other person. I was also going through my first heart break, which as most people know isn't so easy. I also was moving to a new place in another new province with a new job. It sounds like the depression should have kicked in pretty hard, but I was okay. And now I'm even better. When I read that last message I wrote on March 19th, while I was staying at the Cabins, I can feel all the emotions seeping out of it. No wonder my Mum was concerned! However now looking back, a lot of those things that seemed like the end of the world have been reset to their actual size and things go on. I left the job I first had after Disney, and now I'm in Vancouver, where I really truly feel at home. I have incredible roommates (my sister Kimmy, her fiance Gareth and their pug Lily), and a job that even though I'm not fond of it, the people are so kind and I'm looking for something better. I have mended the friendships that I could with the people from Florida that I did wrong, and have forgiven those who hurt me. My heart is fully healed and doing well, I learned a lot of lessons about myself, love, trust, and guys from my relationship with Barry, and even though we were awful for each other, my only hope for him is that he finds someone who is right and works hard to make his life goals come true. A lot of the growing I thought I did in Florida, I actually did reflecting on it. I can honestly say that I am truly happy right now. Yes I have incredible stress about money for school, I'm boyfriendless, and have a somewhat crappy job, but I have a peace and calm inside me telling me that right now, as it is, life is good, and I'm happy. I am planning on reapplying to work at Disney, not to relive the experience but to further my career and love in the hospitality business. As I go through the process again I'll do my best to track it here, and I may eventually tell you about my Aunts visit (which was a lot of fun, we stayed at Animal Kingdom, ate breakfast with princesses and rode Dumbo soo many times!) or Klassy and mine's trip to New Orleans (it was absolutely mind blowing! The culture and history of the French Quarters gives you this feeling that there is so much to be thankful for and so much to celebrate and love) and I may even tell you about my last day of work (on St. Patrick's Day! We drank around the world).
If you are thinking of doing the Cultural Representative Program, all I have to say is don't think twice, don't hesitate, grab this opportunity by the horn and throw your entire self into heart first. It will make you cry, laugh, want to quit, never want to leave and if you're lucky it'll change your life.
Thanks for reading my blog and wanting to follow along on this journey that was the product of a lifetime of loving Disney, from the moment I first walked through the gates of Disneyland when I was 4 years old, to discovering the program when I was 12 years old, to the 5am drive home from Victoria to Courtenay when I decided not to wait and to apply right away, to the interviews, the waiting, getting accepting and to finally stepping off the airplane in Orlando and driving under the sign into the Happiest Place on Earth. I'm sorry I didn't always write as much as I should haveThank you all, and ttfn, because this isn't the last Disney has seen of me :)