Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday - Tuesday

So Sunday doens't really get to be talked about because I didn't really do much. I had the day off so I slept in, cleaned my really messy room, put up some pictures, caught up with a bunch of people from home and generally didn't do much. When Cassandra got off work we hung out for a while.
Monday I trained on stocking with Ty again. Heather trained too so there were a lot of us on the cart. It was really fun though because Craig and I were handing out stickers, finding out what people know about Canada (apparently we're socialist), and just generally having a grand time. We did do some popcorn shovelling, keg runs and such as well. When you bring the keg through people stare at it and salivate it's funny. and they make witty comments such as 'you can just leave that here and i'll watch it for you,' it's kind of like at Thrifty's when people would say that if something doesn't scan it's free. To them hilarious, to me the 100th time i've heard that in the last hour:) No its an incredible job and i can't really believe that i get to do it.
Today was my first day on my own (i've earned my popcorn ears) and i was PM cash. The parks are crazy busy at the moment because of Easter so we had lots of lines, and the usualy rush right before Illuminations was nuts. and we didn't have enough popcorn made in the beggining to keep up with the rush so it took a bit to get through, well and for some reason people kept ordering multiple buckets - that's a lot of popcorn. I think lots of people leave tomorrow so they were trying to finish up their dining plans.
Oh Monday night was also my first girls which was nice because I got to hang out with a lot of canadians that I haven't had the chance to yet. Then it was an international party at SOB (sun on the beach) so most of the countries were all there including most of my roommates:) It was fun. I got a free box of truffles at the end (i don't know why they were giving them away..and don't worry they were fully wrapped lol) so that was cool until we opened them and they were gross. lol. always the way it goes:)
I love it here. i love it here. i love it here. For every crazy guest or luny cast member there is an incredible child (i heard the best donald duck impression by a 6 year old girl) or funny joke (craig kills me) or friendly face that makes it all completely amazing. I'm meeting some awesome people and really feeling at home. Today I've been here two weeks...but really it feels like so much longer, in the good way. The only thing missing is all my family/friends from home...so come visit!


Anonymous said...

glad ur having fun! miss you too!

Grumpy said...

I woulda commented sooner, but we all got kinda dirty in the mine and Snow White here made us take a bath.

I didn't take too kindly too that, I said, "A fine bunch of water lilies you turned out to be. I'd like to see anybody make me wash, if I didn't wanna."

Anyway, hmmph, the blog is pretty good for a blog, if you like blogs.

I don't know whay the gave her a popcorn cart though. I said that they get should get her "somethin' useful, like a broom," but who listens to me, anyway. Not that I care!

Oh well, back to the mine:
Heigh Ho! Heigh Ho!

"It ain't no trick to get rich quick
If you dig dig dig with a shovel or a pick
In a mine! In a mine! In a mine! In a mine!"
Where a million diamonds shine!

The Grumpinator