Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Bad...a Week at Once

So this week has been really crazy and full so I will do my best to remember everything.
Sunday - Sunday was my day off and it was nice. I slept in then went to the pool to suntan. Unforunately I suntanned too long and burnt my back pretty badly. Oh and the lovely behind the legs area which makes bending of any kind really nice. Oh dear. Then I went to Epcot with Cassandra (she was going to work) and I watched O Canada the movie. It's so good I don't get tired of it, but it does make me miss home. They show Victoria and Cathedral Grove and then i get emotional haha. Afterwards I started walking around the world but felt really sick so I got a some water and sat, I think i got a bit of sunstroke because then I was crazy tired, ill and just wanted to sleep. However sleeping hurt alot because I have really cheap sheets that were like sandpaper against the burn. lesson of the day: wear sunscreen. or flip over.
Monday - I picked up a overtime shift working PM cash on the Popcorn cart. I just remember there being a lot of drinkers around the world ending in Canada that night. A younger looking guy also came up and asked if we ID'd, I said yes, and he walked away. haha. If you ask it's the first thing we're going to do silly boy. Of course I would have ID'd him anyways, but that was just a bit ridiculous. When I got home I went to Girls and we had a pirate scavenger hunt. It was fun and I get to know some of the canadians better.
Tuesday - I trained as PM seater with Heather again being trained by Rebecca. We were alot moer on our own this day and I started to get more comfortable speiling. I forget what I did in the evening, probably went to Matt's or something like that. Nothing fancy!
Wednesday - I was trained by David as Greeter. This is teh person who checks in all the reservations and gets to say 'Unfortunately we are fully booked for the evening' about 10 thousand times. It's not the guests faults they don't know, but Canada is known as the second best restuarant in Walt Disney World after Victoria and Albert's which is an intensely posh/expensive dress code restuarant at the Grand Floridian, so we book up 90 days in advance - the farthest ahead you can make reservations. So as a tip for any of you coming to Florida - if you want to eat here book ahead! We do take some walk ins sometimes but it's totally random and luck of the draw. Also I would encourage not showing up until your reservation time because we often run a bit behind in the busy times (some people sit forever after dessert) and even if someone with a reservation time 20 minutes after yours has checked in 30 minutes before you, you're still going to be sat according to reservation time. However if we're running on time or ahead people could be sat ahead - so really it depends on the time of day. Did that make sense? haha. Just make a reservation so I don't have to kindly reject you. Greeter is also the position that people get mad at when there reservation time comes and goes and they are still waiting. At Disney it's apparently suppose to be Priority Seating not a reservation, so that your name is put in line at your reservation time, not that you will be sat at that time. Something like that. Anyways teh day went okay except I had one angry guest because his firt name was Alan, and another partys last name was Allen, so when it was called out the other family answered. Not knowing this we thought he had been sat and he waited longer. In the end everything worked out fine, but you're definately the first line of assault when anything goes wrong or the wait gets too long.
Thursday - I was Stocker trained by Tyler. He tried to pawn me off to all the other trainers before finally accepting that he had to do it. Stocking isn't very many peoples favourite positions and I can definately see why. The beginning half of teh shift is awful and you want to cry and go home. But by the end it's a lot better and you feel kind of better about it all. Pretty much your duty is to keep the side stations stocked with cutlery, napkins, and plates (wine glasses in the evening) and to prepare the bread. It sounds really easy but if the dishwashers aren't going as fast as you'd like or you're bussing a table as something runs out or there aren't any clean wine glasses it is all your fault. It's not really, but it's where the blame goes first. It actually wasn't so bad with Ty because there were two of us doing everything. However
Friday - I stocked by myself. The first half wasn't going so well and i really felt like I wasn't doing a good enough job. I tried to bus as many tables as I could inbetween cultery runs, bread and dishes, but it kind of really got to me. When I went on break I was pretty unpleased with life, but after a break/some food I was feeling a little better about things. The last half of the day went pretty well I think and by the end I almost tricked myself into thinking i didn't mind stocking. Its the only job of the one's i've done that actually has you doing things constantly. It also makes you plan out what you're doing and what's next and then what. Plus I'm getting to know some of the servers better by being in the resturant which is nice because they make up a huge part of our staff and on popcorn i would only ever see them walk by.
Today and Yesterday I was a seater. yesterday I worked until 5 then came home and kind of just took it easy. It was really nice to get some sleep. Today I traded shifts with Robyn so she could spend the day with her boyfriend who is visiting from Canada. She took my Tuesday shift. I was seating from 11:30 until 8:45 so pretty much through both meal periods. I feel comfortable seating every province now except my PEI fact is a little bland still. If anyone from there reads this tell me something cool about your province! Some of the facts they have for us to say aren't the most exciting so I like to branch out:) It was a pretty good day though a bit long and after working 7 days straight I'm soooo excited to have a few days off! yessssss. Tomorrow I think I'm going to MK with Heather (after the bank and property control) then Rebecca and Sasha are meeting us there for dinner at the Plaza. Sounds like good times to me. I haven't beeen to MK for more than a few hours in the evenings so far so it would be nice to see the day time parade or something like that.
I'll try to update more frequently so I can remember more of what I did. It's all just a big blur! I'm having so much fun though. I love it here:)

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