Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My World!

I've been starting too many blog posts with apologies lately.  So I'm going to skip the I'm sorry (even though I really am!) and just say that I've been a little busier than I imagined!! When I pictured my time at home I imagined suntanning by the pool, running, hanging out with my sisters, parents, grandparents and some friends.  In general, I pictured relaxation and summer.  Unfortunately there hasn't been that much summer here! It's been about 15-25 degrees (when I say 25...it was that for like 2 hours one afternoon!..it's currently 17 degrees here...and 31 degrees in Orlando! Gah!) and I've been so busy! So here it is...a lovely picture run down of my weekend in Tofino with my dear friend Holly, my week in Vancouver with Kimmy and then a wordy description of what happened after that.  This is also an opportunity for me to show you a bit of what it's like where I'm from...tree-y, beautiful and breath taking!
Cathedral Grove!! This is featured in the O Canada movie in the Canada Pavilion...and not far from where I live!

Kate + Trees = <3

My camera doesn't capture how beautiful it is.  It is just so peaceful and tranquil. 

Now that is a BIG tree!

And here it is!! Holly + Me + BIG TREE

Home <3

On the drive to Tofino! 

Not a bad driving route!

We're getting closer!

It's a mountainous drive from the east coast to the west coast of Vancouver Island


This is just from the highway...the highway gets this pretty a view! Crazyness!

We've arrived!  Holly's good friends were nice enough to allow us to stay with them
for two nights! Their place was beautiful including a big tree up the middle and this
incredible painting!

This is how real surfers now if the surf is going to be awesome!
...I may have made that up. We were just a block from the ocean though!!

Ahhhh Paradise!

The wind was whipping the top of the ocean through the air (aka mist)  creating a great look!

After arriving we went for a walk on the beach, had some tea at the bakery and explored!

Signs of things to come...

...the next day we went...

..surfing!!! That's not us out there, but it was the next day!
Thank goodness for wetsuits! It was windy but a ton of fun!

We also went for incredibly delicious sushi at the place where Holly's friend works!
Holly!!!! She is such an incredible friend :)

Me! Wearing Amy's shirts...another incredible friend :)

Couldn't you spend forever here?

This is the car of my dreams! I've always wanted a convertible but I don't want one like an
eclipse or something like that, I want a VW Cabriolet!!
They are cute and fantastic and wonderfully amazing!!!!! 
This is where we rented from! 
Bye Tofino!

Just in case you forgot what country we were in ;)

True North Strong and Free

BC Ferries! Most people hate them (they WAY overcharge!), some people think they're a hassle,
I think they're fun! Yes they are overcrowded sometimes, yes it's annoying when you want to
sit alone and strangers come sit with you, yes the food lines for overpriced
not-so-delicious-unless-you're-away-from-it-for-a-long-time food are ridiculous, but it's an incredibly beautiful
trip across, and I think the nostalgia of it really gets me.  The ferry either means you're going somewhere exciting,
or finally coming home! 

The passage to Vancouver

Passing another ferry

Almost in Vancouver

The view from the home Kim and Gar were staying in in West Vancouver!
The Ocean and UBC!

We spend the day trying to find bridesmaid dresses! Man oh man it was frustrating!
However this little beauty from Whole Foods brought my stress level down.
I could eat a Whole foods salad every single day. 

Seeing this ice cream made me think of my good friend Jordan! When we were younger we use to buy this ice cream
(which is so insanely delicious!) and sit in different places around town and just laugh, chat and have fun.
Honestly though, if you see this ice cream somewhere, eat it!

Bumblebee cupcakes at Whole Foods! We were looking at ordering cakes for the wedding here
and got to sample their vegan chocolate cake that had layers of vegan mousse in it! Oh my goodness!

The next day we ventured to IKEA where Kim + Gar spent a long time putting together a new kitchen!
I spent the time pretending I lived in the different fake 'houses' they have set up in IKEA.

Then we went downtown to pick up a suit.  We happened to pass this little gem...
A girl with a huge snake offering chances to hold it and take a picture for $5!
No thanks...

Everyone heard about the riot, here is one of the boarded up windows and messages of love from real fans and Vancouverites.

Lions Gate Bridge! Every time I drive over it I think about running over it again instead.

Zoomed view from the house!

The Disney Wonder cruise ship comes in and out of Vancouver on Tuesdays.
I may have woken up at 6am to catch this baby going into dock for 7am.
And I almost missed it!

It's so dorky, but it just makes me so soo excited!

On our drive out to Abbotsford we saw this....
only in Canada would you find a hockey puck stuck in a car window!
(It's right to the right of the Baby on Board sign)

Beautiful Flowers!

Back home I found these cards when looking for a birthday card for a friend.
Cards FOR your dog and cat? Really?? Really?????
Oh my.
Once I got back from Vancouver I got a job! I wasn't originally going to work while I was home but there have been some unexpected expenses, so I'm cleaning yachts for a few weeks.  It's actually not so bad - it's outdoors, the views are beautiful, and it's nice being able to see the difference you've made literally in front of you.  The only thing is the days seem to be very long!  So I've been working and trying to get everything together for Disney! There is so much planning to be done! Planning for the wedding, planning for Disney and planning goodbyes with my friends and family! It's so bitter sweet leaving home.  I love my family and friends and it's weird thinking how long it'll be before I see them, however it's also the most exciting thing ever!

I have to admit I'm a little scared about my year at Disney, but for different reasons.  I'm nervous about moving there, and meeting all the new people and hoping that people like me and I make friends. I'm nervous about starting working and memorizing the menu and not disappointing anyone including myself.  I'm scared that the year is going to go by so fast that I'll miss things. I'm scared I'll become complacent and not go to the parks all the time, or fully take advantage of all the opportunities given to me.  I'm scared the holidays will go by and I won't see all the decorations.  I'm scared I won't save as much as I need to.  I'm nervous about what I'm leaving behind and what I'll come back to.  But at the same time I'm so, so excited. I'm excited to be in Orlando and I'm excited to work for Disney again. I'm excited to get to wake up everyday and go to a job I love. I'm excited to do behind the scenes tours and ride everything! I'm excited for Dole Whip! I'm excited for the half marathon! I'm so excited to see fireworks everyday. I'm excited to hang out with old friends and new ones. I'm excited to suntan all year. I'm excited to work, and work hard. I'm excited to learn more about wine and pairings. I'm excited to ride rides, pose with characters and discover things I don't even know exist.

I know there will be ups and downs, and I know some of my fears are silly, and some of my hopes won't work out, but I also know it's going to be an incredible year. And as long as I focus on seizing the day and working hard to make the most of everyday, then at the end I will be able to look back and know that it was everything I could have hoped for and more.

And lucky for you guys...you'll be there all along the way, so you can keep me working hard at doing all the amazing things over on my bucket list! 3 weeks guys! We're almost there!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Month!

I have seemingly dropped off the planet...however that is not so! I have just been mucho busy lately! I went to Tofino for the weekend, Vancouver for the week, then to a dear dear friend's wedding yesterday!! I have many photos and more details! So stay tuned, I shall update properly sooon...but for now I will leave you with two interesting facts:

Fact One: I start a new job for two weeks starting tomorrow!

Fact Two: I start working for the Mouse ONE MONTH TODAY!! That's right, less than a month until I'm on the plane to MCO! Can. Not. Wait!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Just 2 Arrival Groups Away!

That's right! There are only two arrival groups between now and my lovely group of August 16th-ers!! I'm clearly over the moon about this fact! It's also exciting some people have been hearing on the waitlist this week! So if you're on the Canadian waitlist, don't lose hope! Apparently Kristen said that Merch in Canada is understaffed, and Food and Beverage surely always needs someone! Also a girl declined her contract a week or so ago, so you never know! Waiting is stressful and frustrating, and it's hard to get on with your life when things are in limbo, but as soon as you hear, that will all disappear and you'll just be plain elated! Promise!

In other news I got my grades back from Rosen College/ University of Central Florida and I officially got all As! Yay! I feel so smart! haha. Just to point out my total geekiness! It shows the difference between enjoying what you're studying and studying what you think you might enjoy - but then not. Deep down I guess we all knew I'd end up in hospitality, and a lot of people told me to go here and there and take it, but I don't think I would be happy doing hospitality somewhere else.  It's a case of the perfect thing to study in the perfect place! Yay!

Incredibly delicious biscottis my amazingly talented sister made!!

Yup, I ate that entire bag of ketchup chips...what?! I won't be having any for at least another year!!

Doesn't she kind of look like a sea otter?
Lily = <3

Outside of my Disney Package!

Inside of my Disney Package! It included a sheet about driving the US from Canada,
an over view of the program, living while on the program and learning on the program.
It also had a copy of some housing and work contracts as well as my start date!

Just in case you're a boy and want to know how to grow your hair ;)

The Disney Look Book! Ahh!
Tomorrow I'm going to Tofino for a few days with my dear friend Holly! Then Friday I'm off to Vancouver with my sister Carrie to hopefully buy some bridesmaid dresses!!!! Until then my friends! Stay happy!! And enjoy the Sunshine of Summer - wherever you are :)

PS - I just saw a news story about a dog which went missing in Montreal a year ago.  It was found over 3400kms away a year later in Kamloops!!! How incredible is that?! And the family couldn't afford a plane ticket so the international SPCA flew the doggy home! All together now - Awwwwww!!!