Sunday, August 9, 2009

Canada, My Canada...

Yes! I'm in Canada! Well to be exact i'm at my grandpa's house on his crazy nice MAC because coming home i have learned i clearly don't update my blog enough! I arrived here on Wednesday around 330pm and got picked up by my Mum, Dad, Sister Carrie, Uncle Sean and cousin Arek. It was a shock to see so many people there, and after travelling about 10 hours i was kind of tired and out of it. Then we drove over to my grandparents house where i surprised my Aunties/cousins!!! I somewhat live with them when i'm at school in ontario and we're super close and they had no idea i was coming so it was really fun to see their shocked expressions! We all hung out and had a big dinner. Then i went home and got to see my puppies! It was so nice to see the house and sleep in my own bed. The more i sleep in a real bed the more i'm tempted to buy one in florida. haha. we'lll seeeee. Thursday we tanned by the pool, swam and generally just hung out. it was good times! Friday we got some things done like going to the bank, and getting everything ready for the reunion the next day! Oh i got to see my friend carly thrusday as well and then Friday i saw Jaquelyn on break at MudSharks so that was exciting tooo!!! I didn't really tell many people i was coming home, mainly because i wanted to see my family and all the relatives that were visiting and kinda lay low. Saturday we went tot eh farmer's market in the morning, which is always so much fun. I loveee the market! Such a great vibe. Then we came back and got ready for the big BBQ. We had all the family that travelled in, plus all the family from the valley for a huge dinnner outdoors. There was soooooo much foood and drinks and it was fun. It was really nice having everyone together:) Once most of the guests left carebear, kimmers, mummm and i played scattegories (so much fun!) and the felllas drank outside listening to tuness. Being here has made me realize how im never really around adults anymore, and even though i have a tendency to misplacing things, i've become a lot more independent and in charge of my own life. which is goood i'm thinking. haha. Today we had a huge brunch at grandma and grandpa's which brings me to now. Auntie Barb and John left to head back down island and Kimmy and Gareth have to leave later as well. Tomorrow i'm spending most of the day with different friends, tuesday a mix of family, friends and getting things together, and wednesday i head back to vancouver to hang out with Amy! perhaps Lara, and then Kimmy and Gar for dinner and the airport! Visiting home is definately wierd, but also fantastic.
Thinking back to where i left off with work, things have gotten better. We're still working crazy amounts of days and MIDs, but people seem to be getting better at helping out and being kind. There are some great new people arriving and i'm getting to know the ones that arrived in the last month or so a lot better. It's hard to get to know all the new people when you're a server because you don't really get to spend time with them at work and then there isn't that much time outside of work to do things. So it took a bit longer but i love them! My roommmate Patricia left on wednesday and i just found out that my friend Courtney is moving in! She's from Barrie, Ontario, is underage like meeee, and also a vegetarian like me! Seems like things could go pretty well:)
I'll be sad to leave home, but I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of florida life. I know in like a week i'll be missing my family again! Loveeeeeeee u guys:)


Anonymous said...

hey you're fantastic

Grumpy said...


Hows about an update here! Nuttin' fer a month. Come on, eh, you must be up to sumpin'. It's kina hard to follow what ain't movin'!

A Disgruntled Grumpster!