Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not much to sayyy

Well all i've really been doing is serving, serving and serving. I work all the time and it's kind of frustrating sometimes because the morale isn't the best at the restuarant. It's been a bit better lately except one certain person, but people don't really help each other as much as they should. Also i had a bunch of money stolen from work, which is my fault for having it there, but still sucks. I guess that was the small town girl coming out, trusting people. Anyways i have now bought a really big lock. I'm really really excited for a upcoming trip though!!!! I have 6 MIDs, 2 1015s and a PM and then i get to go!! I'm not really sure what else to talk about, i've been pretty sick lately, i have the worst cough that won't go away for the life of me. Because of that i've been taking it easy lately, not really going out much and trying to take care of my health. We had a really fun Christmas in July gathering last night though that my husband Craig and sister Kelly put on with their friend Emily. It was fun but made me sad about what real christmas will be like. It'll be tough being away from my family and our traditions and all the little things we usually do together. But we'll make the best of it here. I'll probably work. haha. Anyways, that's all i really have, i went and watched the beauty and the beast musical the other day and the indiana stunt show then it was alyssa's last day so i went and met her jaime and jadrian at magic kingdom and we rode big thunder mountain (my fav!), pirates and then went to the Polynesian resort and had dinner at Kona Cafe. After dinner we watched the magic kingdom fireworks, Wishes, on the beach at the resort with the music playing. It was really nice. Alyssa is from Qualicum Beach, and is an amazing girl i'm really going to miss. From the very start we kind of had this island connection and got along so well. I'm hoping i'll get to see her when i get back to Canada.
I'm off to downtown disney for dinner and a movie and a wee bit of you!

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