Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The end of Week 1

Soooo I'm not too sure where i left off...going to Traditions? alright.
So after waking up beautifully early we got to Disney University and piled into classes. We learned so much about company history, the incredible parts of being a cast member (magical moments etc), the service basics and a lot of legal things. Overall it was pretty good, Anthony and Amanda - the trainers - were really nice and good at their jobs. It was cool getting to look at photos all around the building of young walt, different attractions, artistic renderings etc. It's an incredible building. Then 9 of us (some cans/brits) went to Universal to see Kelly! wooo! I hung out with Matt and Cassandra mainly until Matt got lost for 2 hours! it was so crazy and intense because there were thousands of people and he doesn't have a photo. Sunday we had food and beverage basics training. It was a lot of e-learning. We had to take an alcohol serving test and i passed! yeeeyah. Afterwards Heather and I went to hollywood studios were we rode a bunch of rides (TOT, rockin roller coaster, great movie ride etc) and saw some shows. It's her favourite park.
Monday we had training at epcot with our coordinator of training DJ. It was a lot of online courses.
Tuesday, we had Discovery Day at Epcot where we learned the history of the park, how it got from Walt's vision to what it is today, toured the park by foot and boat, road Spaceship earth (the ride in the huge ball), and then learned about culture a bit. After lunch we did some more safety training and got our costumes! yay costumes! haha. actually it was sooo unfun getting them. The sizes are a couple sizes bigger than you'd normally wear so it was harsh the things they made us try on. plus well, you will see a lovely picture of my costume soon i'm sure! After that cassandra heather and i went to downtown disney for a bit just looking around.
Bonus day! Yes, because I am soo bad at posting you geta bonus day to the rest of week one, the first day of week 2! and guess what?! it was my first day in the park!!
Today I started training on the popcorn cart with heather. We were trained on AM pcart by Tyler who is super nice. It went pretty well overall I think. I got into one really long conversation with a man and his daughter from Chicago. They were really nice and friendly and had an adorable puppy named buttercup who can stand on it's back legs and dance - how cool is that?! It was awesome getting to actually talk to and interact with guests and people visiting from Canada lovveeeee saying they're from Canada. And a lot of americans who live in the northern states tell you that as well. Like proximity makes them coool too haha. I kind of sunburnt the top of my forarms and because of the way the costume is it's just that little square that's bright red. awesome! A couple of us hung out at Matt's for a bit tonight and then Cassandra and I were going swimming. Tomorrow I don't start until 2 for the first time and it'll be bizzare sleeping past 6am. thank goodness!


Grumpy said...

The dream is really getting real, now. Glad you finally updated, but I can totally see how busy you've been. Love the sunburn! :^)

Lets see some pictures!

Kimber said...

ya let's see some pictures!!! love your blogs though! well done - keep it up!!!