My Bucket List

~ Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. ~
-Greg Anderson

So this was my list of what I wanted to do on my last program...I didn't get it all done, but I did do a lot! On this page I'm going to try and make a new list for my new program! Some things will be the same, some will be different and some I won't even think of until I'm there!  If you have any amazing ideas of things I should do while I'm in Florida definitely let me know!!   They are in no particular order :)

Save for University!!

This is the Rosen College of Hospitality Management.  Over the past year I've studied for and written my SATs, gotten my Canadian schooling assessed by the World Eduction Service, and got accepted in the University of Central Florida - Rosen College of Hospitality Management for a four year degree in Hospitality Management!  This has been a huge dream of mine since I was a child, and it's something I never thought was possible.  Now I'm super close to having it be real, and I'm beyond excited!

Pay off Debt!
Maybe not the most exciting accomplishment adrenaline wise, but something that will mean a lot to me!!  I would love to have my debt/loans paid of my December/January.  That would be beautiful!! It all depends when I get into service and how hard I work...aka it all depends on me! 

Ride Every Ride At Walt Disney World!
I thought I got close last time, but I don't think I quite rode everything! I know I for sure didn't ride the Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom, and I slept through all of Ellen's Energy Adventure at Epcot so I don't know if that counts... This Year I will Ride Everything and see every attraction/show.  Except "It's Tough to be a Bug"....I really don't think I can ever do that show, I've tried, but no dice! So it doesn't count :) 

Run the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon
Because I didn't know my start date until this week I didn't know if I would be able to run this race...turns out I can!! The Wine & Dine Half Marathon is October 1st this year and it looks like a super cool event! Check out this description:
Start at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex running down Victory Way and then west on Osceola Parkway toward Disney's Animal Kingdom® Park. Make your way past the Tree of Life, Expedition Everest™, Dinosaur® and then race back to Osceola Parkway and head toward Disney's Hollywood Studios™. You will enter the park in the shadow of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™, run down Sunset Boulevard through Pixar Place, past Toy Story Mania!, then through the Costuming Tunnel in the Backlot on your way to Lights Motor Action! for your big debut! Race through the Streets of America, past Star Tours and Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular on your way to Epcot®! The course will wind through the idyllic village of Disney's Yacht & Beach Club Resorts and lead you to a finish just outside of Epcot®! 
How insanely cool is that?!! Plus at the end of the race you get admission to a exclusive Food & Wine party at Epcot from 1030pm-3am! That's a lot of time for food and drinking! It's $35 dollars for non-racers to come with you (yay for friends!) but I'd say definitely worth running 13.1 miles for! Plus it'll be a good warm up for....

Run the Walt Disney World Marathon!!
Just pretend that medal says '2012'! This is the big guy that I've been aiming for and running for and preparing for!  I figure if you're going to run a marathon you might as well run the happiest one on earth! This race is the first weekend of January (the marathon is January 8th!) and some of my dear friends from home (aka Alyson Schmidt the marathoner) have said they will come down and run with me!! I'm actually trying to talk Aly into running the Goofy Marathon - that's the half marathon on January 7th and then the full marathon January 8th! (Does Goofy = Crazy?) Along the race course there are characters, parade floats, and you run through all 4 parks! Check this out  (click here!!) to see the course map! It's going to be a huge challenge but such a great thing to cross off the bucket list! I'm excited! and probably won't be able to walk afterwards.... :D

There is a ridiculous video of me dancing with huge Candyland cards while here - Amazing
I am currently sitting here in my VolunrEARS shirt thinking that I didn't really do much to deserve it. On my last program I worked on the day Canada went to the soup kitchens, but did participate in the Disney Bowl-a-thon.  To say the least - I could have done a lot more. Last program it was all about me, this program I'd like to be able to do a lot more for others. Especially at the Give Kids the World Village.  It's an incredible place where children with life threatening illnesses and families can stay and experience all the attractions (including Disney World!) in the Orlando area.  Please click on this link to read more about Give Kids the World Village! It's awe-inspiring and amazing.

 Behind the Scenes Tours!
Most magical Disney thing I've ever done! It was absolutely incredible (HM Backstage Tour)
As a cast member Disney offers you some of the coolest opportunities! One of which is the chance to  take behind-the-scenes ride tours!  There are very few spaces on these tours however and last time after trying a few times I gave up.  This time however I will not be giving up! I saw they have tours of the Haunted Mansion, The Tower of Terror and the Great Movie Ride but I'm pretty sure there are other ones as well! Soo Fancy! Sounds goood!

Key West
How could you not want to go here?? It is a location that I always wanted to visit, and many of my friends did but I never made it.  This is the one trip that I'd really really like to go on during my program.  So, so gorgeous!

Go to NASA
And this is what I expect it to look like!! I think it would be super cool to see a spaceship or rocket launch into the sky, and to just see it up close would be really cool, and to go into the Kennedy Space Center! As much as I'm not a 'space' fan, I think the whole launching thing is super fancy and being related to Neil Armstrong kinda makes me have to go.... *cough-i-dont-really-know-if-we're-related-cough*

Air boat in the Everglades
This is quintessential Florida to me.  And I've never done it!! 
I want so much to cruise through swamps and dodging 'gators!

Take A Picture with Every Character
You can meet A LOT of characters are Disney World. Especially during the holiday celebrations when even more come out! There are some that are always out and easy to get pictures with, and some that have the longest lines ever that it's annoying to wait, but this time, I'm going to do it. I don't care how old I am, I can still get my picture with characters! 
A Side Note: When I was 12 I went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party with my Mum.  I had an autograph book and got my photo taken with the Big Bad Wolf.  In my autograph book he wrote 'Aren't you a little old for this?' It broke my heart.

Universal Season Pass
!Completed May 17th, 2010!
There is no way you can live 20 minutes from Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and not have a seasons pass!! Especially when the Florida resident rate gets you a pass for an entire year is like $30 dollars more than a one day 2 park ticket! Plus they are sweet concerts for Mardi Gras and during the summer! And the Mummy is the greatest indoor rollercoaster! And I've only been to Harry Potter World once, and once is never enough!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party
!Most recently completed September 14th, 2012!
This is the greatest extra ticket ever! Go to this party if you can! The parade is phenomenal and only runs during the event, you get to trick or treat for both yummy candy treats and yummy healthy treats, and there are so many villians that you would never get to meet otherwise! And the fireworks are fun! I'd like to go attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party a few times if I can :)

Mickey's Christmas Party
!Completed a few times Christmas 2011!
There are few things I love more than Disney and Christmas, so when they are mixed together I'm there!

New Laptop
I love my laptop.  I've had it for 4 years and it has come many places with me and seen many things.  It is missing a few keys, latches and extremely full but it's my baby none the less. However as I finish my Disney Program and venture full force into university, I need a laptop with more space, all it's keys, and the ability to close properly.  Also the new (yet actually super old) Microsoft Word would be nice. Mac or PC? Only time will tell. My guess is PC though...I enjoy the ability to right click ;)

There are some smaller items on my bucket list as well that I will hopefully do a few of a few times:

1.     See the Opening Show at Magic Kingdom
2.     Stay for the "Kiss Goodnight" at the Magic Kingdom
3.     Watch Illuminations and Wishes in the same evening
4.     Enjoy a Dole Whip
5.     Ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as many times as possible in one day
6.     Get a 999,999 score on Buzz Lightyear Astro Orbiters
7.     Ride Carousel of Progress with a group of people who enjoy singing along! (at 3am on Leap Day!)
8.     Play the whole game in the regular queue for Space Mountain
9.     Be sung to by the Dapper Dans
10. Get my photo taken with the "Mayor" of Main Street
11. Be a parade Grand Marshall (at ANY park....coolest thing ever!!)
12. Take a picture holding the huge bundle of Disney Balloons
13. Meet Mickey and Minnie at their new home on Main Street
14. Meet the princesses at their temporary home on Main Street
15. Watch the Trolley show
16. Ride in the horse draw carriage on Main Street
17. Become a honorary citizen of the Magic Kingdom/Main Street
18. Be the only people (or next to only people) on Main Street
19. Watch Dream along with Mickey
20. Watch all the parades at Magic Kingdom in one day (all the different ones, not the same one numerous times)
21. Watch Magic, Memories and You
22. Watch Wishes from the hub
23. Watch Wishes from the middle of Main Street
24. Watch Holiday Wishes!
25. Watch Hallowishes!
26. Dance with the Country Bears in Frontierland
27. Celebrate an anniversary at the parks (6 months at Magic Kingdom)
28. Celebrate my birthday at the parks (Magic Kingdom!)
29. Experience a character breakfast
30. Seat in the VIP section for the Christmas Parade (with Amanda because she can convince anybody!)
31. Enjoy a fresh pineapple spear on a hot Adventureland day
32. See the Enchanted Tiki Room how it's suppose to be - withOUT "new Management" in WDW!
33. Meet Woody and Jesse beside Splash Mountain
34. Help Kim Possible Save the World
35. Finish a kitchen sink from Beaches ‘N Cream..with help!
36.  House of Blues Gospel Brunch – I love brunch and gospel sounds pretty fun too!
37. Mickey’s Backyard Barbeque!
38. Blizzard Beach
39. A water slide on Disney property (they kind of scare me not going to lie)

To be Continued...
It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."—Walt Disney