Sunday, March 15, 2009

Packing is driving me crazzy!!!

but this post isnt about packing, my next one will be. this is about me last week in BC!it started with a really nice dinner ou with my 'brother' Nik because I'm going to miss his graduation in June. It was a really fun night, we dressed up and went to a pretty restuarant and then watched saving sarah marshall. I love that movie, it's just so funny! Monday and Wednesday were my last workout classes with my Mum, which is sad because it was a great time that we always knew we got to hang out together. Wednesday was also my last day at Thrifty Foods! Yay! Don't get me wrong most of the people were really nice but it's just not a job I could see myself doing forever. It helped me practise my small talk and smiling for Florida though! Not that i really need practise smiling...there is kinda of always one plastered on my face...except this week! I should be so excited but I keep thinking of what I'm leaving not what I'm going to and it still just doesn't seem completely real! I am obviously super crazy excited, but I also love being about to see my friends and hang out with my family. I feel homesickness coming on! Anyways Thrusday was my last day with Willy, we went to Moxies and just talked for hours and we get along so well. Friday Kim and Carrie, my sisters, showed up from Vancouver and Victoria for a fabulous weekend of familyness! yay! haha. We hung out, got all my banking done (got out some american and put in all the rolls of coins i`d been saving!), and went out for dinner at the Old House. The server was kinda nutty but in a hilarious way and I couldn`t stop laughing, carrie and i shared the grossest/deliciousest meal of 3 appies. Then we came home and chattered:) Saturday the whole family went to the farmer's market which was really fun. We're just so darn cute! hahah. We came home and I went out to photocopy all my important papers that I can't lose. Then I started to pack. and it is so not fun! ahh. I won't tell you how it's going (as if you can't guess) but let's just say a lot of trimming down is in order. Saturday night Grandma, Grandpa and Breeze (their pooodle!) came over for my favourite meal - homemade mac and cheese! It was awesome! Then we had ice cream cake (with a really impressive mickey on it) and watched a slideshow with pictures of me and my family and friends. It was amazing and we were all in stitches because I seem to make a lot of faces which shouldn't be kept on film. it was a great night with the whole family and I'm going to miss them so much. Florida's my dream but they're the foundation that got me there. Now I'm sitting here with Lily, my sister's amazing pug snoring on my foot and I thought I'd leave you with a cute video Kim made of Lily! enjoy:)

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