Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memory Lane + Disney Challenge Day 4!

I thought today we would take a little trip down memory lane with a few shots of childhood Disney!  I'm even going to let you see my super awkward stage! Yikes...
Dancing on water?
This is back when I thought spending the afternoon at the pool wasn't wasting precise Disney park time.  Now I cannot even fathom the thought of 'going back to the resort for a swim,' it boggles my mind.
 Every trip we took to Disneyland we also got a different hat! This is my favourite that I got (if you can't tell I'm the one with the beauty bangs and huge purple triangle on her head), and it is still at home, in my closet in my weird Disney shrine shelf.  That's a story of it's own and when I return to my parent's house in April I might let you see it. Maybe. 
 Everyone needs this picture at Disneyland.  He's the main man, and he's donned his Fantasia gear! This same trip we ran into a friend of my Mum's and her daughter and when we went to Minnie's house this little girl came into our photo. I never forgave her, always making angry comments every time we saw the picture about how she ruined it.  Part of me feels like I should let it go, but even know, I can't type that I forgive her for jumping in there and wanting to be part of our amazing sisterhood...I can't shrink us all down and recapture that moment sans strange girl! Gah! There was also a boy who came in our Donald Duck photo... those pushy kids even bothered me when I was little. I didn't understand why they couldn't wait their turns.  It's been 17 years...I should be over this. 

 This isn't a Disney picture, but we did usually head to Universal Studios 'that other park' on our SoCal vacations and this picture is probably the greatest ever.  We were in line for the Hollywood Backlot Tram Tour and Frankenstein came strolling up! He freaked out my Grandma and I remember giggling thinking about how he towered over her, but looking now...he's just as much taller than my Mum than my Grandma.  Funny how we remember things eh?

 First of all, that big brown dog is Fluffy, and he's my absolute favourite stuffy who has travelled everywhere with me.  I couldn't have fallen in love with a blankie or smaller stuffy that doesn't take up a quarter of a suitcase.  Nah, I wouldn't trade him for the world! (Yup, 21 and sappy about my Fluffy :) ).  Now to those hats! I hear people talk about fitting Medival Times into their holidays and I am taken back to that ridiculous evening that I think started me on my route to vegetarianism.  We were so jazzed up to go to Medival Times, and when we arrived we were seated in the Red section.  The food took a long time to arrive and was cold when it did. Also it was like a whole undercooked chicken body/rib cage! Not so great for a little girl who thought that animals all talked to each other and were our friends. The show scared me because I didn't want anyone to get stabbed by the big pointy sticks lances! Our Red Knight won though, which you would think would be unbelieveably exciting, which it was, until he said our section didn't cheer enough (I was going hoarse!) and picked a 'princess' from another section (read: good looking 22 year old blonde). We were soo mad! How could you say we didn't cheer loud enough? and then be a traitor a pick a princess from somewhere else? Grrrrr Medival Times!
Ahh the awkward phase! I definitely skipped a lot of years (and trips to Disneyland) but this was my first trip to Walt Disney World (and only trip before my first CRP) when I was 12 years old! It was an incredible trip, and the beginning of all this, as it was on this trip that I learned from a Canadian Merchandise Cast Member (who happened to be from a town 45 minutes away from mine where I use to play basketball..Nanaimo shout out!) all about the Cultural Representative Program! I only really just thought of all the younger kids I've told about the program whether it was while I was in Florida, or since I've returned, and if any of them will actually wait and apply for the program when the time is right.  I bet this cast member just thought I was another Canadian guest from back home asking, once again, all about how she got to work there.  And look at me now - soon to be a repeat! 

This photo is terrible. Absolutely terrible. However I am posting it because this is the Big Bad Wolf who wrote in my autograph book (that one right there in my hand!), and I quote "Aren't you a little old for this?" Crushed my little heart he did. Although you couldn't tell from that squeeky forehead. I don't think I'd read it unassuming.
I just thought this was a cute picture of my Mum and Dad. 
This is the last time we were all three in Disneyland together :)

and now for....


This is difficult. I don't usually think about the princes all that much.  I had to take this one to the world wide web, and after reading numerous opinions on the Princes of Disney (which, I will tell you, there are MANY) I have decided that my favourite is Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty.  Not because he's good looking, but because he really seems to care.  When he hears Aurora singing he talks to his horse about it.  Which means he's a kind, caring, animal loving (unlike those Medival Times knights) guy - and who doesn't want qualities like that in a man? Also when Sleeping Beauty is sleeping he saves her BIG TIME!! A guy who cares about this horse, and loves it, doesn't just treat it like every other horse AND when I'm trapped in a sleeping spell he's willing to risk everything to fight a dragon to save me and the whole village? Sold! 

As a total side note it is my goal and mission to eat this:
As a current Vegan due to Lent I have decided that I won't eat any dairy until it's THIS dairy! So if you know where I can find this tasty treat, please let me know! Ben & Jerry's Late Night Snack is the only Lent breaker! and Jimmy Fallon is amazing. 

3 days until the road trip begins, 2 days until my last day of work, and 1 day until my soon-to-be-brother-in-law's birthday! HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY GARETH!


ariella's-disney-blog said...

Ohh I can't wait to try that ice cream either! I wouldn't be surprised though if you couldn't find it until you got to America. I still can't find the Stephen Colbert flavour here and it is the first thing I buy on my first Walmart Trip lol.

Kate said...

I was looking at that flavour too!! We'll have to have an ice cream party with all of Ben & Jerry's best! Or... the Kitchen Sink at Beaches and Cream! Your start date is getting so close!