Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friends + Disney Challenge Day 3

Jill and I at Le Cellier folding napkins during pre-meal!

Today was a great day! I went for coffee with Jill. She was my roommate for a month at the end of my contract in Patterson Court and I hadn't seen her since I left except for a few hours during a visit last July! To be honest I was a bit apprehensive about hanging out because we haven't really stayed friends in the last while. It ended up really great though and we hung out a lot longer than I thought we would! Time flew by. It was really nice. Jill is reapplying for the program as well so hopefully she will be returning to Florida next March and I'll see her down there!
Jill after a glorious day at Universal!

Speaking of which, here's a little tidbit you don't really find out until afterwards. Yummy Jobs doesn't allow you to reapply for another program until you've been home for 6 months, and you cannot return to the states on another Q1 visa until you've been out of the country for the length of your contract. For example I had a 12 month contract (minus a week) so I technically couldn't go back until March 17th of this year. However I vacationed in the states for about a week and a half in the past year and didn't leave from my contract until the 22nd of March, therefore I actually couldn't return on the visa until April 8th! I'll all good thought because I start in August! Weeee! Jill got extended on her contract so it was 15 months long, therefore even though Jill returned in December 2010, she cannot go return for another contract until March 2012. Just in case you're making some plans ;)
No Access to America until you wait a year!

Also I don't think I reported this yet but I have my first visitor already!! I haven't even booked my flight to Orlando and my dear friend Emma has booked hers from Australia!!! Emma was my flat mate in second year university as she was on exchange from Sydney, Australia. I haven't seen her since November 2008 (crazzzzyness!!!) and she is landing in Orlando November 5th!! So it's nearly 3 years to the day that I'll be seeing her and I'm out of this world excited!! Emma and I, as well as our other flat mate Heather were super close and I hope Heather comes down too! Although she's in grad school so I don't know how great a time November is for her. I can not wait for this visit! Such an incredible reunion!! YAY!

We named our floor Ustrali after the horrible stiff zip ups they sell where the As are under your armpits..

As seen here modelled by Emma!

and now for...


A heroine is defined as distinguished by exceptional courage, nobility and strength. I feel like it is extremely obvious that Mulan is the greatest Disney Heroine. She disguised herself as a man saving her father's life, beat up tons of bad guys, proved to all of China that girls were just an tough and amazing, if not more so then men and got a hunky guy (after saving HIS life too!). Tiana works hard to follow her dreams, and would probably be my second choice, but really, I don't know how you can pick anyone besides...

She's so tough...!

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