Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A little More Details..

Sorry I didn't actually say anything in my post yesterday. I was beyond excited and thrilled and I couldn't really believe it, I still feel the urge to reread my acceptance letter in case I missed some fine print actually telling me to take a hike. But alas, it is real, and I, Kate Armstrong, will be a Disney Cast Member as of August 16th, 2011!! That's just 153 days and 7 hours ;)

Obviously I'm super excited I got in, it's sad though because a few of my really great friends, aka Sam, did not. She is one of the biggest Disney fans I know, and a hard worker, so it's too bad, but I think that she has some other really incredible things on the horizon :)

I was hanging out with my dear friend Amy (we dyed our hair!! I'm a red head... sort of! Don't worry Disney, it'll be gone before I start) and she sent me downstairs to get cupcake holders. I decided to just check my email real quick incase I got a message from my boss or family, and opened up both hotmail and facebook at the same time. Facebook loaded first and I saw an insane list of people saying they got waitlisted or declined! My heart started racing as I clicked over to my email and saw Kristen's name! I clicked on the email and all I saw was the big CONGRATULATIONS across the middle!! I quickly scanned the line saying I was to start August 16th and starting screaming haha. I hollered up to Amy and made her come downstairs and was jumping around like a crazy person!! I called my parents right away (thank you Amy!) and told them the news and then read the rest of the email! haha. It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Knowing everything that rested on this, I am soooo freaking pumped!!!

Then I went back on facebook and saw everyone getting either waitlisted or declined. It's odd because only about 6 people seemed to be accepted right off the bat. However then looking at the start dates it kind of made sense. They told us we were interviewing for dates between October and February, and the only dates given out as far as I've seen are August 16th (mine!), September 6th and September 20th! Therefore I think they waitlisted everyone they wanted besides the first few, and are going to figure out their dates in the next while and slowly but surely the majority will be hired. That's my theory at least!! It is nice though because a couple of my friends from my first contract (including my one time roommate!) got rehired so there will be some familiar faces around the place.

It's funny because if I had checked my email in order I would have recieved this message from Kristen first:

Greetings Kate,

In addition to our last email, if you accept your position for Walt Disney World they would need you to apply for a new passport as soon as possible as the US government is now asking for passports to be valid for the length of your program plus 6 months before they can issue any visa. As your program would start in August, are you able to see today what you would need to renew your passport to ensure it can be renewed before Walt Disney World starts the visa processing?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Have a Great Day!

Kristen Thornton

Yummy Jobs

I would have been sooo confused and excited and freaking out if I got that before my acceptance/offer letter! It was perfect that I was in Victoria because that is where the passport office is!! Sam, being the amazing friend she is, agreed to go with me, so we got my photos taken on the way, then had Orange Julius while we waited. Side note: Sam had never had Orange Julius before..this was insanely crazy to me. We waited about an hour while chatting and catching up and then went up to the lady and plead my case! My passport doesn't actually expire for a year and a half so apparently it's a weird time to try and get a new one, so I had to write a message why I needed it renewed now, and the lady was sooo nice about it! She was chatting and charismatic, I thought she was going to be scary! haha. The guy at the front table was :S They wouldn't mail them out for 10 days, so Sam is going to pick mine up for me and express overnight it to me so that I can still make my trip with Ashley April 2nd. If anything goes wrong with it though I shall not be going to America.... ahhh!!

Everything is going to be such a close call! My arrival date in Florida is August 16th. My sister's wedding date is August 13th (I'm a bridesmaid!) and if I do go to university for the summer my last day of school is August 6th! It's such crazy bizarrely perfect timing, especially because my end date for my program is August 10th, 2012...and university would start maybe 2 weeks after that tops? Such unreal timing. It'll all either work out perfectly, or not. hahaha.

Now I'm just on my way home to Vancouver! I hate BC Ferry prices, but I love the ride! I am soo unbelievably excited, I can't even fathom the year ahead! This is my dream coming true, I'm humbled and surprised but it just feels so incredible.

Thank you all for reading this blog, and I hope that I can provide some kind of help to those applying, entertainment for those just browsing, and just keep you up to date on my happenings. Thank you especially to my family, know that as I'm overly excited to be moving 3000 miles to the south east, I'm also sad that I'll be so far away from so many people that believe in my dreams just as much as I do.

And sorry for the lack of pictures in this one, I'll fill it up next time ;)

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