Friday, April 1, 2011

Bday Celebration + Disney Challenge Day 5!

It was my dear soon-to-be-brother-in-law Gareth's birthday today! After much super obvious sly question asking about Gar's favourite dessert I asked him Mum to send over his favourite childhood cheesecake recipe and ended up with this:
It was a no bake cheesecake, and my bro is Irish, which explains that beauty shamrock!

We went out for a lovely dinner/hockey game watching with my sister and Gar's good friends Damien and Angie! It was great fun and not only did the Canucks win, they clinched the President's Trophy...aka top in the whole league! What's up NHL! Good thing I...

now for the...


Since Mulan is the greatest Disney Heroine, I have to chose a guy. And clearly this guy is my favourite.  He may not be the best looking, but that's not what being a hero is about.  He is completely unassuming, kind of awkward, totally self-concious but with a heart of gold.  He would do anything to help others and even though he's been brainwashed, deep down he knows what is true and good.  When he saves Esmeralda from burning at the stake he truly kicks butt! You got it, my favourite Disney Hero is...

Sorry for the short post! Tomorrow is my last day of work at Hollyburn, I also have to finish packing my room!!!! (ahhhh!), finish packing my bags for my trip, finish my Canadian taxes, finish my school budget, visit the phone store, and figure out the bus/skytrain to the airport for Saturday morning early early! I can't believe it's actually time for all of this to start happening! I'm going to do my best to update while on the road, but it may be a huge one/two parter upon my return.  

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