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Update and News!

I took this lovely snapshot myself! And without pulling over in the "Do not pull over here" spot!

Well first of all I'm sorry for falsely promising an exciting post the other day and then writing nothing. Also if you make that apple sundae don't over do it with the syrup and you should add toasted shredded coconut! Yummmm!

Now for an email from Kristen:


Once again Congratulations on being offered a role representing Canada on the Cultural Representative Program at Walt Disney World! I hope you are still very much excited for the adventure you are able to take to Walt Disney World. I just wanted to touch base with some information to assist you between now and your arrival of August 16th.

Arrival Date of August 16th: This arrival date is the date you will want to arrive in Florida, and is the day your housing will be ready. If you do decide to arrive earlier than this date, you will need to provide your own accommodation. However, you will not be starting work on the16th, so please do not feel you need to arrive earlier. Instead, when you arrive you will have the 16th of August to get use to the Florida weather, meet your new roommates, and meet all the other people around the world arriving to Disney with you. You would then start orientations the following days. For the orientation you will need to wear professional attire and this can be what you wore to the interviews. So do pack at least one professional outfit for Florida.

End Date of August 10th, 2012: This is the day you will need to check out of your housing. You do have 30 days to travel after this date, and there will be many students around the world who I am sure would love to have you as a travel buddy!

Background/Police Check: This document is currently the most important for you to be concentrating on. However, this document does not need to be an advance check, instead you will want to visit your local police department to have the form completed. Once you have this form done, you will need to scan and email it or fax it directly to me. Please do this by June 1st.

Step by Step Guide: To assist you in the adventure to Florida, Yummy Jobs has put together a Step by Step Guide that will answer many questions, such as about visas, police checks, and everything in between. To access this document, you are now able to log into your profile and view the “Documents” tab. Please be sure to read the Canadian Guide, as the other countries will vary in information.

Visas: Walt Disney World is currently working on these documents for you, which you will have about 2-4 weeks before your arrival to Florida.

Program Assessment Fee: As mentioned during the interview, you will need to pay the program assessment fee ($100 US) before your arrival to Florida. This fee acts as a deposit to reserve your room. You will be receiving an email from Walt Disney World regarding this fee about one month before your arrival to the US. You will not be able to pay this fee until you receive this email, so do keep an eye on your inbox in July!

And if at any time you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself. I will be here to assist you Every Step of the Way!

Have a Great Day,

Kristen Thornton

Yummy Jobs

I have noticed a lot of people asking if they have to arrive before their arrival date, and as Kristen pointed out above, you don't! The day you arrive you don't have to do anything but check in at Vista Way, and then they drive you over to your apartment (either at Patterson or the Commons) and you have the rest of the day to shop, meet people and do whatever you need to do. I won't be arriving early, I will be flying out the night of the 15th though red-eye style so that I can arrive in the morning and not crazy late. Plus as anyone who really knows me knows, I really like red eye flights, as well as layovers! I love layovers in random places and tend to take the most layover/stopovers I can get (as they also are usually the cheapest!). I also need to be at the front of the plane on the aisle. As you saw with my trip to Toronto I will never sit in a window seat again, and the thought of the middle seat? Where are you suppose to look when you're sleeping? So awkward! Plus I just like getting up and not feeling trapped in there by other people. Phew.

Now for much awaited very exciting news!


There we go. You know that point in life when you have worked really hard and planned and dreamed and then all of a sudden you realize everything you've ever dreamed of is starting to happen and becoming real? That's the moment I'm having right now. And it's absolutely incredible. I have been very overwhelmed and stressed out the last couple of months and now it's as if I have taken a huge deep breath, let it all out and can see everything coming together. Here's the run down:

March 25th: That's today! A good place to start I figured... I returned home from an 8 hour day of work and have to work on packing up my room a bit more before going to bed for my shift tomorrow morning. I work tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday so that's good!

March 27th: This is my sister's due date for my incredible niece or nephew! I wouldn't normally share such an intimate moment but my sister and brother-in-law allowed me to be at their midwife appointment to hear the baby's heartbeat and it was such an incredibly moving and momentous occurrence. I will admit I was moved to tears, I'm so amazed at this life growing inside my sister and the immense impact it will have on all of our lives, and already has had. I've never had a maternal instinct in my life but this whole experience has changed me and just thinking about meeting this little Munchkin gets me all verklempt. I'm going to buy it every single Disney thing ever ... don't tell Gareth! :) hehehe. I guessed the baby would be born yesterday (Thursday the 23rd) and I was wrong. Someone had to be the number 1 loser though, and I'm glad to claim the prize.

This is the halloween costume my niece or nephew will be wearing come October 31st, I don't care if it's a girl and Chewbacca is a boy. This is the costume her pug Lily will be wear to accompany Munchkin:
I dare anyone to try and say that is not the greatest combination of halloween costumes ever! I've actually been planning this since I found out my sister was pregnant. It doesn't even have to be halloween! So exciting!

March 31st: Gareth's birthday! yay!

April 1st: My last day of work at Hollyburn!! Yeeehaww! This is actually a really big boxing fundraiser (I'm pretty sure) and should be a somewhat interesting last shift!

This is the background on my computer currently. Or it was until it mysteriously got changed to a picture of Mr. Ryan Kesler, of Vancouver Canucks hockey, who may I say, is lovely.

*~*Precursor to Road Trip Itineray: This is all approximation and may not be reliable at'll just have to wait and see!*~*

April 2nd: Jet setting off to Winnipeg this morning (after a layover in Saskatoon which I'm Super Excited for as it'll mean I've been to every province besides the Maritimes!) and arriving to my dear friend Ashley and her car for the beginning of our road trip!!! Ah, I'm actually super excited about this trip. We are driving down through Minnesota with such notable locations as Grand Forks, Fargo, St. Cloud (which I'm going to pretend is in reference to the Zac Efron movie) and Minneapolis (where my sister things I'll get lipped for my fake Minnesotian accent) to Wisconsin where we're staying in a little town called Eau Claire! Eau Claire is a Tree City, which means they have to celebrate Arbor Day and have a tree planting program and so I'm hoping it's pretty! Also it's suppose to be a great place for young people, and I like to consider myself youthful. It seems like it has a lot of factories/plants though as well, we'll see!

April 3: Pardeeville! Population: 1,982. LOVE IT! I'm so excited for this stop because this is actually a pretty special location...I won't say why now, but if you know, you'd want to go to! haha. I will mention that the town's biggest event is it's Watermelon Festival. Ohhhh small towns :) Departing Wisconsin we head towards the home of the President.. the Windy City it's self...CHICAGO! I can't believe I get to go to Chicago! It's so exciting! We're going to eat deep dish pizza, visit Hyde Park, watch some Blackhawk hockey (Ashley is a diehard Jonathan Toews fan, I'm scared I'll get kicked out of town if I say I'm from Vancouver), and hopefully do an amazing driveby past HARPO STUDIOS!! AHH! OPRAH!

This is not a picture of Oprah (I wish!). This is Janice. She is a secret clue as to why we are making a certain pit stop on the road trip.

how do my blogs always end with Oprah? I actually got super distracted and sent Oprah a letter. With that I need to you will find out all about Chicago plans and beyond tomorrow!

Spoiler Alert: I'm going to be a Knight!

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