Sunday, March 6, 2011

News! Just not for me...

At my Disney World CRP interviews, as I previously mentioned, there were also people interviewing for the ICP - International College Program. They go down just during their summers to work for the Mouse! They were told they would have to wait 2-3 weeks for their interview results...and found out yesterday!!!! That's right, they only waited ONE WEEK!
This news has got all the CRPs going crazy hoping they (we) will hear sooner than the 3-4 weeks we were quoted.
Here are my well thought out thoughts... hahaha
-Most likely all the decisions have been made. All the interviews are done, and I'm assuming Jeni and Shandon have decided who is going down, who is waitlisted, and who isn't accepted.
-The ICP interviewees were easier to place because they all go down the same day, or the same few days, however they would take more work in that they have to be placed in numerous work locations all over the Disney World.
-The CRP interviewees (us) would take longer to find start dates for, however we all work in the same 3 locations within the Canada pavilion therefore that wouldn't take as long.
-Jeni and Shandon have to return to Orlando, go into work on Monday and start processing all this information in their computers. As well as talk to staffing and figure out all the dates they need different amounts of people for.
-I have no idea when they are going to contact us. I just know if it's Friday, I am going to be on an airplane and out of cell phone territory from 1pm eastern time on. That gives Kristen 4 hours to call or email me and give me news that I won't be able to see until 11:45 Friday night...which means I wouldn't be able to respond all weekend until she's back in the office Monday! Ahh!
-I think that we won't find out until the week after this one coming up...that's my prediction.

If you are wondering why I'm going on an airplane Friday it's because I have to fly back to Vancouver...from Toronto!! Yes, I am going to Toronto on Monday (in two days!!) for a Disney Cruise Line interview!!! I'm very excited! It's my back up if I don't get a CRP contact. I am excited about the cruise ship in an entirely different way than the CRP. It's hard to explain. I know that it would be way way harder, and way more work, but I really think that I can do it, I know I can. Stand up for Canadians and prove we do have strong work ethic ;) So wish me luck with that!

I'm also really excited because I get to see my sister Carrie!! She's the greatest person, I look up to her so much and I'm inspired by the incredible way she lives a healthy life. She's so fun to talk to, hang out with and just be around and I'm ecstatic about it! I also get to see my wonderful Aunties!! and cousins!! AND hopefully a few dear dear friends! It's such a silly short visit, and I'm sad I won't be able to see everyone that I want to! It's tough having so many incredible people you love all over, however it is also humbling that people would want to drive, travel and change plans just to see me. It really means a lot to me to know there are people that I don't get to see often but who truly care that much. Thank you all so much.

I'm off now to sleep, then work tomorrow :) I'm so excited to find out what is going to happen, I'm kind of majorly stressed about a lot of things, but I know that 3 months from now I'm going to be in a totally different place with totally different stresses and feelings and I'm so excited to find out where that is and what I'll be doing!! Sorry there aren't any pictures in this blog!! I'll get better I promise! I'll try to take some while in TO!!! :D

19 and a half days until we hear from Disney!

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Sam said...

haha and look at that, i'm sure you have a million different stresses now! Getting accepted by Disney is not one of them!! :)