Monday, March 7, 2011

To Toronto We Go...

Where shall we go?
It's currently 5:49am. and I am wide awake....well as wide awake as one can be after sleeping on a bench in the airport from 2am-5am waking up every hour. The fact that this place
is directly behind me isn't helping the situation. I'll have you all know I showed great self restraint and did not give in to my Starbucks addiction. I packed some dried apricots, almonds and carrots (thanks Kimmy!!) and a coffee mug for water myself so I didn't have to buy any food today, and although that grande soy chai tea latte with extra foam is currently calling my name soooo badly, I'm not giving in.

I thought I might explain a little bit why I'm going to Toronto...for a Disney Cruise Line Interview! "But Kate," you may be thinking, "you already interviewed for the Disney Cultural Representative Program?" That's true, however, I might not get the CRP, therefore I'm interviewing for the Disney Cruise Line as well! Either job would be incredible, and a totally different experience, so let's hope one of them wants me!! My Cruise interview is tomorrow, March 8th, at 9 am downtown Toronto at the Marriott Courtyard. It's somewhat the same format as the CRP interviews, where there is a presentation for about an hour in the morning, and then they give interview times throughout the day! Hopefully mine will be early! I'm nervous about the experience, there is a lot more crazy paperwork and such that I have to have, and I'm not sure if I have it all! Ahh! I think I do, just waiting on a reference letter from my dear friend/old manager Ashly!
Mmm Churros!
I'm also excited about Toronto because I get to see my lovely sister Carrie! She's kind of the best thing that's ever happened to this world and it makes me so sad to live far away from her so I'm very excited to spend some time catching up!! I also get to see my uber cute little cousins Savita and Kira which is nice, my Aunties!!! and a few of my friends I hope! It's a really short visit so I'm not able to see everyone that I love in Ontario. I know I already wrote about all this in my last post...sorry I'm repetitive...but it's 6am :P excuses excuses

Just to rid myself of the frustration of it, I'm going to tell all of you that American taxes are a lot easier than Canadian taxes!!! I did my American ones in a snap, and figured my Canadian ones would be easy too. Boy was I wrong!! I have to fill in all these different forms for moving for work so many times, and to account for the whole living in America thing, and a word for those going down on the program: Keep all your receipts! Keep everything!! It's a good thing I'm a pack rat (honestly I'm going to end up on that hoarders show when I'm older...except it's going to be spread between my parent's, sister's, and Auntie's house as well!) because I have all my receipts from moving and flying and such it makes it easier, but if I threw things away I'd be in trouble! Good ol' tax season :)

That's all for now, I'll be on my way to Edmonton soon and then after a few hour layover on to Toronto!! I love flying. I'm super weird and anal about the way that I have to have an aisle seat as close to the front as possible...and don't like taking off, or when you land and they brake...and I don't like sitting beside people who want to talk... but besides that, flying is soo fun! Especially in first/business class ;) It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, man oh man, luxury! I can't even imagine those Air Emirate flights where they have full on showers on the plane!!! So yes, I love flying, I'm very excited, and I did not pack for the snow and cold weather I know is waiting for me in the east. Why you may ask? (Especially Mum, I know you're shaking your head), and the answer is: I brought layers! I just didn't want to pack those clunky boots. Sorry I didn't have the guts to tell you on the phone I wasn't going to bring them :D Love you!!

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Anonymous said...

I am also waiting to hear about CRP and check your blog probably every day to see if anyone has heard anything haha ahhhh this wait is KILLING MEEE!! Fingers crossed for this week , and goodluck in Toronto!