Thursday, August 4, 2011

Travel Insurance? Check!

Travel insurance was the last big thing I really needed for my trip (besides packing...which we're pretending doesn't actually need to happen. :)

Travel insurance was a bit of a stress-er for me, but not nearly as bad as some of the UK girls arriving with me who were lied to about coverage and found out after buying it that it wasn't good enough! And then don't get refunds! I would be sooooooo disappointed/angry!

With my travel insurance I went with BCAA because that's who I had it with last time and it seems like a fair price, I guess. I ended up calling twice and going into the office twice because I am overly eager/indecisive. The one guy on the phone made a very good point when he said "We always hope insurance is a total waste of money."  So true, but not really what you want to hear when you're shelling out the cash for it.  Obviously I don't want to get sick, but I also don't want to hear I'm wasting my money - it's a tricky little spot between a rock and a hard place.  My main concern with getting trip insurance after deciding to pay the extra $50 for a Zero deductible (if I hadn't I know I would have gotten sick or broken, but now that I have I will be perfectly fine.  I also thought that since I'm training for and running a half marathon while I have this there is a slightly higher chance of clumsy me twisting an ankle or falling on my face) was whether to get the multiple trip insurance or the singular trip insurance.

The man on the phone had me convinced of the year plan for $285.00 and that I could pay it two months up front and then $25 a month, which sounded fine and good, and if I had to come home because something happened then I would be okay.  He failed to say that I absolutely HAD to come back to Canada every 120 days!
The lady in the office said that if I got the single trip, but had to come home anytime before 30 days before the end of my insurance, than I could cancel it, get money back, and start a new one for the remaining time.  This seemed like the best option and I went for it.
The man on the phone also originally priced my single trip about $60 higher than the first lady on the phone did, and only after I asked about it did it get corrected.  :S

All in all I think my insurance will be fine, and most likely I won't need to use it.  However it was a bit more running around and confusion than I thought it would be.  It ended up being $207.37 for the 4 months, it could have been cheaper by 5% if I booked online but for some reason I had it in my mind that they would need to mail it to me and I leave too soon for that.  Only know have I realized I probably could have just printed it all.... oh well!

Today I worked for a co-worker of my Mum's helping pack up a lady's home for moving.  Yes, to avoid my own packing, I helped someone else pack.  Ohhhh my.  It did make me feel the urge to go home and throw everything extra away though - we collect so much unnecessary things over the years. I guess I will attempt the beginning of packing now, I have a list of what I have in Orlando, a partial list of what I'd like to bring down, and so much other stuff everywhere!

I have a few goodbye dinners/hang outs planned in the next few days as well as am going to a wedding on Saturday which will be fun!  Tomorrow was suppose to be my last day of work, but I can't help it and said I would work on Monday as well. It's just a bit of office work, so should be a good little distraction/time away from all the craziness lately!

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