Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I'm currently typing this from my apartment in the Commons!!! How exciting is that?! I am in a 2 bedroom apartment that looks over Mickey's Retreat's soccer fields!  To be honest it was a bit surreal arriving and didn't feel real, even through the Wal-Mart shop.  I went with this lovely girl Linsey from Scotland and picked up some hangers and groceries.  Then after coming back and unpacking a bit Linsey, Tamara and I went to Downtown Disney for dinner!! Tamara is from Comox which is the town right beside mine and we have some mutual friends so that's cool.

We ate at Wolfgang Pucks in the bar area (it was a 45 minute wait for the dining thanks!) and all three of us had pizza.  Mine was pesto and cheese and really yummy. It was thin crust and not insanely greasy so it didn't give you that 'I feel super grossy sick and shouldn't have eaten that feeling.'  Always a good feeling to avoid! So the meal was good and then we walked through Downtown Disney looking in a few stores including Goofy's Candy Factory/Store.  It is so crazy in there!! I can't imagine letting a child in - they would go nuts!

After coming home from dinner I unpacked a bit more of my clothes so I only have bathroom things and kitchen things left.  Then I was so tired from the red-eye flight and day that I went to bed around 1130.

Today we have lots of paperwork to do! It starts soon so I should be on my way!!

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