Thursday, August 25, 2011

Disney University Food Core Cafe

Yesterday morning we had a Food Core training course at Disney University.  It was another very early morning and to be honest about 95% of the class had difficulty staying awake.  It was also mainly about Food Safety which is an online course that usually you would take yourself.  I think being able to click through the slides myself and do the little activities would have kept my eyes wider awake.
Tamara and I got to left class early because we had already done the majority of the e-learning classes.  We also got given work shoes during this class.  I hope they are comfortable and don't ruin my feet as my real work shoes (SAS shoes) are the most comfortable shoes on the planet and I wish we could wear them. Oh well!
After class Tamara went home to do some chores/shopping and I waited for Chelsea to finish.  We ended up popping over to Magic Kingdom and grabbed burritos for lunch! If you know me, you know how much I LOVE burritos! It was yummy but huge!
We came home and as my Italian roommate moved out two days ago they changed our locks and I had to get a new key.  After a wee nap (okay, I napped for two hours...and it was beautiful) we went back to Magic Kingdom! We started off with some dinner at Pinocchio's Haus (kids meals!) then cruising the Caribbean with Jack Sparrow followed by a huge drop into a briar patch.  We then rode through a haunted mansion, boated with children of the world, went to the 'opry' with our avourite Disney characters and finished off with ice cream on Main Street! (Tofutti for this kid!) It was pretty darn fun!

Today I had a much needed glorious sleep in.  I've been up before 6:30 all week and doing things all day so it felt amazing to sleep in.  Today is my first seating shift in Le Cellier and I'm pretty nervous about being in there again.  Should be interesting. I'm going to whip up a smoothie and some flash cards before catching the bus!

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