Sunday, August 7, 2011

9 Days!

Single Digits! Oh man!!!!

I can't believe it's coming so fast!

I have more to say but have made myself pack something before I tell you about the fun wedding I attended yesterday!

But I wanted to bring you this link:

The Disney Food Blog! It's actually a very exciting announcement for those planning to stay on property between now and March 2012! Hint: FREE DINING!!!

Also I have been working on my bucket check it out HERE and let me know if you have any Must-Dos to add to my list! So far I've only really covered Magic Kingdom!

Talk soon amigos!

PS- Packing is the vain of my existence. Gah!!! I only have 3 more sleeps in my own bed/house and am just about to go out for a lovely goodbye lunch with some girlfriends! Yay!

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