Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2 Weeks!!!

To be honest when I think of the term "2 weeks!" I think of Canadian Throw Ins at Disney.  If you've been there before you know what I'm talking about.  If you haven't you should hope someone in your arrival group isn't single. haha.

I actually leave in just under 2 weeks!! 2 weeks from now I will be at my apartment in the Commons or Patterson, probably unpacking! So crazy! My flight actually leaves Monday evening (wooooo Red Eyes!) and I need to start packing!

I'm leaving home next Wednesday morning to head to Vancouver for my sister's wedding! I can't believe it's finally here! I'm so excited for them and know that they are absolutely right for one another.  Lately I've been trying to write my speech for their wedding, and although lots of jokes were made along the way, (Growing up Kim was 6 years older than me, she still is!  I thought this was absolutely hilarious and we laughed for a longggg time about it, mainly because it is something that I would just say without thinking. Whooops!) in the end I'm just so honoured to be a part of the day.  I'm also super nervous. Giving speeches really freaks me out, and if I'm following the speech giving tips, I'm not allowed to get drunk first! Maybe one or two to calm the nerves though eh ;)

This last week at home also has me thinking a lot about my family.  They are so unbelievable.  The more I go out into the world, the more I see that not everyone has the close knit relationship with their family that I do.  I know sometimes I get insanely corny and sappy, but I'm going to miss them so much!

I'm also going to miss my friends here.  I do have many friends all over the globe it seems and I love them of course, but my friends that I've grown up with have a special little nook in my heart.  They got to live through my awkward phase with me! (and still are ;) ).  I love love love these girls and it's going to be such a long time before I see their beautiful faces again! As we grow up and move out into our different ends of the earth it's not always easy to stay in touch and keep up with everything going.  Two of my closest friends have long term boyfriends I've never met and I wouldn't be surprised if they both marry them one day.  I hate to say it, but thank goodness for Facebook, the internet and email - it makes staying connected a little bit easier.  Flying or driving to Orlando to visit me also helps :D

Speaking of visitors! Man o Man! It seems like every other day someone new is telling me they booked a flight to Orlando! Cale is the first visitor, (he was in my arrival group on my first program!!) he arrives September 4th, then Matt and his girlfriend, then Jill, then Emma, then hopefully Maria. All in a row. I know I'm forgetting someone too! haha  And then everyone in the next year! It's nice with the old cast members coming down they know other friends there as well so it's not as stressy making sure I have days off to hang out.   I'm so excited for Emma's visit because I haven't seen her since March 2009 and she's coming all the way from Australia! The only problem is it's within my first 90 days so technically I can't book days off! I'm hoping it'll be somewhat like last time where you're able to switch shifts a bit.  Plus Emma is so bubbly and fantastic after meeting some friends once she'll be able to hang out with them while I work no problem! haha.

I can't believe it's almost here!!!

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