Wednesday, June 1, 2011


You didn't think I forgot that I start WORKING AT DISNEY WORLD in just 2 months and 15 days did you?! I think about it pretty much every second of every day....I'm. SO. EXCITED!!!

In my spare down time I've been a huge geek and looking up vegan trip reports.  I clearly have not been very vegan while at university (hello Jimmy Fallon ice cream!! Alright, besides that I haven't been so bad) but I find it really interesting all the incredible signature dishes chefs will make you if you're vegan.  I did just find out my favourite chef ever, and a favourite to pretty much any Disney vegan who knows what's up, is Chef TJ, and he is now at the Grand Floridian at 1900 Park Fare and the Grand Floridian Cafe instead of Ohana. He was the main reason I loved Ohana, as it's a hugely meat-entric meal, so we'll have to see next time how it goes.  BUT all this food talk is not the reason I'm writing about the CRP, this email is:


In the next 2 weeks we will be mailing your visa documents to you, at the same address that we sent your welcome pack to.  If your address has since changed please do let me know by Thursday, June 2nd at 11am EST (8am PST). 

As a reminder as you hold a Canadian Passport you will not need to attend an embassy appointment.  Instead when you receive your visa document from Walt Disney World, you will be all set!  When you travel to the US and go through the US immigrations at the airport or border, at that point you will receive your visa stamp in your passport.  You will just need to present your visa documents, white I 94 card (included with your visa document) and Disney Offer Letter and politely inform the immigrations agent that you will be working in the US.

If you do have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to ask.

Have a Great day!

Kristen Thornton
Yummy Jobs

Hot diggity it's all so real!!! I didn't tell you all, but I received my Welcome package at my house in Canada and my Dad opened it over the phone and told me what was inside.  It sounded pretty identical to my first welcome package, but I'll snag some photos when I return home in July.  I'm so excited to have my visa, and this email makes me feel like if there was a problem they would have already told me, so as soon as it arrives we should be all set to go! 

Honestly it has been a little hard being down in Orlando and not being part of the Disney Community.  Not in the sense of missing living in the Commons, but when people talk about Disney I swell up in pride, and then realize I technically probably don't count as employed by them as I have a contract, it just hasn't started yet.  I miss being able to just stroll into the parks and people watch, see the construction change daily and watch fireworks/parades.  I know I'll be doing all of that soon enough, but it's like there is a HUGE WALL, and I use to have access to the ladder, and I will soon again, but right now I'm left at the bottom hopping up and down trying to peak in. I.Can't.Wait!

I got this email last week:

Greetings Kate,

Many thanks for your police check.

Have a Great day!

Kristen Thornton
Yummy Jobs

So that is all taken care of as well!  Now I just need to book a flight, buy health insurance and mid-July pay the housing fee. YAY! 

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