Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 5/Top 10/Canada Day Eve!

Top 5 Things I will Miss about Orlando:

5. My own space! I’m not going to lie, it’s hard going from living alone (or with roommates) to living with your parents again. I love them to death and am so excited to see them, but it is an adjustment.
4. Earl of Sandwich, Panera Bread & Café Tu Tu Tango! I didn’t go often, but having the chance to go if I really wanted to made me happy! They’re soooo good!
3. Sunshine! I know it’s going to be warm eventually in BC (it’s warmish, just cloudy) but I will miss walking out the door and feeling the intense warmth on my skin
2. School! I loved going to Rosen College so much and I cannot wait to return!
1. Disney! Could number one be anything else? I cannot wait to start again! I love love love my Mouse boss!

Top 5 Things I won’t Miss about Orlando:

5. Humidity! When you walk outside and automatically look like a hot sweaty mess
4. Thunderstorms! Mainly while wearing white
3. Tourists! It’s nice having a little break from some certain tourists who overwhelm Orlando in the summer
2. Thin Walls! Yelly noisy music at 9am isn’t my opportune wake up call
1. Skype! It’s an incredible creation, but I’m so excited to get to see my friends and family IN PERSON!!

Top 10 Things I’m excited about in Courtenay:

10. Being in Canada! I’m so excited to not have every time I say ‘eh’ pointed out to me and not have to explain to people that Canada is NOT always cold!
9. Running Outdoors! It has been way too hot in Orlando, so I’m very eager to hit the pavement in Courtenay because treadmills just don’t cut it.
8. Farmer’s Market! Courtenay has a fantastic farmer’s market that I absolutely love!
7. Weddings! 3 weddings in 4 weeks? Yeeeyahhh buddy!!
6. Canada Day Weekend!! My family plus some family friends will all be together for the whole weekend to hang out, swim, laugh, drink and have a merry ole time!
5. Wedding Planning! I’m so excited to get waist deep in planning, organizing, and creating for Kimmy!
4. Relaxation! I’m so exited to lay out by the pool, bake, cook and read.
3. Kona and Lily! A German Shepard and a Pug walk into a room – Kate’s heart melts.
2. Friends! I have the most amazing friends, the more I travel and live far away the more I realize just how incredibly rare a connection like ours is from a young age.
1. Family! Oh course!! These people make my life complete <3

It’s my goal to also try and learn the Canadian Anthem in French while I’m home, and try to put together some ‘Canadian’ things for when I’m down south.  Here’s hoping for some mad huge Canadian garb discounts after July 1st! This is my first time in 3 years not celebrating the Fourth of July.  Last year I got to set off fireworks with my fantastic cousins in Muskoka which was fun! I also just recieved this email from Kristen at Yummy Jobs: 

We here at Yummy Jobs would like to wish you a wonderful Canada Day tomorrow! 
And just think… next year you will be able to join in the celebrations at the Canadian Pavilion on this special day for Canada.

We hope you have a great holiday and are looking forward to being your country’s ambassador for Walt Disney World and being able to share with the guests of Disney why Canada Day is special!

Happy Canada Day Eve Everyone!!

I'm going strawberry picking :D

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